Immonen up


Jarkko Immonen is up with the Rangers and is currently on the ice for practice. It doesn’t look like anyone was sent down.

In other news, the Rangers are testing out the new form-fitting jerseys that will be standard next season. First impression: What was wrong with the old ones?

I’ll have more on Jarrko in a bit….

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  1. That is great news!!! If for nothing more than to give him the confidence he lost when the rangers sent him down after training camp, since he has been struggling in Hartford. Sorry Sam, looks like they saw your performance last night and after the empty net miss, decided to go in another direction!!!

    First post by the way, and this blog is the greatest thing ever, keep up the good work!

  2. now if he gets more than 2 mins. ice, i’ll honestly dance around….;-)

    i’ll let ya know what happens Friday morning!


  3. Finally this guy gets a better look, doubt it will be a ‘legitimate chance’ though, as per usual….

    as for the new uniforms…..I’m interested in getting a look…..sounds pretty shem to me though.




  5. Caps lock in the house.

    Anyway, I doubt you see Immonen on the second line. I too would be upset if he got next to nothing on the fourth line, but that’s what I’m thinking happens, and that’s if he even plays.

    This might be the second in a series of moves made to evaluate just what it is the Rangers have in Hartford. Mr. Montoya might be on his way up if this is the case.

  6. i concur, this blog is the dogs bollocks..

    haha, i truly enjoy having a constant source of rangers info/news/valeri kamensky to read about..

  7. Let’s see how Renney uses him before applauding this move. If he relegates Immonen to the 4th line and gives him 5 minutes or less, it’s a terrible move.

    But if he centers the 2nd line between Prucha and Shanahan,and keeps him there, it should be a very good move.

    Question is, who sits? The remaining forwards are Cullen, Hall, Betts, Ward, Hollweg, Hossa and Orr. I think it will either be Hossa or Orr. Probably Orr, since Hossa can kill penalties. If so, the best remaining line combinations I see are:

    Cullen-Betts-Hall for line 3 and Hollweg-Ward-Hossa for line 4. Hope I didn’t leave anybody out.

  8. Who says Jarko is even going to play?
    BTW, I’d like to see him alongside Prucha. Here’s what you do.

    Straka – Nylander – Jagr
    Hall – Cullen – Shanny
    Hossa – Immonen – Prucha
    Ward – Betts – Hollweg

    Sounds good to me

  9. jesus maybe renney is actually paying attention to the team like the rest of us are. immonen will not be on the second line get over that right away kids. he will however either replace betts on the third line or we’ll finally have a real fourth line so he can roll four lines which he couldn’t do before because the real issue is not having cullen as a second line center its the fact that we’ve been playing SHORT A CENTER ALL YEAR.

    add this to the news that boozeo/rachunekunt are going to be in the pressbox and i couldn’t be happier. problem is immonen will be fine defensively and may chip in a bit offensively but he still can’t skate worth anything

  10. Lenny:
    Those lines would be pretty delicious, just to see if Immonen could do well on the 2nd line. However, Renney will probably stick him on the fourth line somewhere and keep the ice time unbalanced. Oh well. Immonen did very well for the few games he did play last year; I was sure he was a shoe-in for the Rangers this season.

  11. Immo’s probably just here to “practice at the NHL level,” because that’s really a career boon. Probably will never see the ice…

    Sam, any observations on Lundqvist’s confidence? Upbeat? Bruised?

    How about Straka’s injury?

  12. The Immonen promotion only makes sense if he gets time. Why else would you promote a very talented young center who has been having a miserable year in the “duck and skate” league? I may not like the moves that Renney has made with personnel, but he has his reasons. So I have faith that he’ll do something positive with the kid.

  13. What i’ve read about the unis and the NHL Players who like them(because no matter what, we, the fans think .. it is the NHL Players opinions who matter here since THEY are the ones who will be wearing them and playing in them) … this isn’t like the NBA ball that was changed with little to no player input .. the NHL was going to chg the unis last season but didn’t because the first ones weren’t liked by the players …

    They are water resistant and they do not allow for much, if any, tugging .. from what I read they do not weigh players down because they do not get soaking wet as the current ones do nor do they get too warm as the current ones do …

  14. Hopefully they won’t be made of cotton and shrink after the first washing like Costanza and the Yanks

  15. if the unis are form-fitting, then what are the tough guys going to hold onto when they drop the gloves?

    dumb looking, and dumb idea.

  16. Lenny:
    ^But if he centers the 2nd line between Prucha and Shanahan,and keeps him there, it should be a very good move.^

    Nope, looks like the big dummy will be leaving cullen on the 2nd line as a winger, and demoting Prucha to 4th line duty.
    Cullen was a 3rd line player last year if I am not mistaken…I say leave him there, he hasent exibited anything to the contrary as of yet. At least Prucha can point to last year and say that he has a better track record.

  17. Richard Picciuto on

    The Rangers should have brought up two centers and put Cullen on the wing where his speed would do us some good. Immonen should be 2d line center with wings Cullen and Shanahan. Third line new center either with wings Prucha and Ward. Fourth line Betts centers with Hall and Hollweg. That way Hall & Hollweg can bash and have a true center. Since that won’t happen Betts remains 3d line center and Hossa comes to wing and Ward would center 4th line. Cullen and Prucha could be interchanged as 2d or 3d line wings, whoever is more deserving stays on 2d.

  18. Isn’t Callahan still up?

    Straka – Nylander – Jagr
    Hall – Cullen – Shanny
    Callahan – Immonen – Prucha
    Ward – Betts – Hollweg

  19. It’s about time Renney started shaking things up and realized this is not a team that is going to go that far. We may as well start breaking in some of the young talent and see what they have got. It’s also time to sit some of the folks who have not produced. Start looking at the numbers and change things up. One third of the season is gone and the Rangers are not a team going that far unless they get lucky and Hank plays like he did last year.

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