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If you hadn’t guessed it already, the Rangers are off today since they don’t play again until Thursday. This is part of the reason why any roster changes suggested on Monday might be forgotten three days later (“I never said that. Pock and Kasparaitis? Are you kidding me?”)

In the meantime, a quick word about the Rangers’ emphasis on five-game segments, which is something Tom Renney championed last year, and is doing so again in his second full season behind the bench.

The premise is pretty simple: if you’re looking at the long haul of an 82 game schedule, it might be difficult to maintain focus. But break it down into five-game mini-seasons, and each game suddenly takes on greater importance. With that in mind, some quick statistical breakdowns fresh from our research department at Blog Headquarters (also known as me):

The Rangers have won three segments so far this year, and lost two. They are now 0-2 in their sixth segment, which means they have to win Thursday to avoid dropping this one as well.

When I asked Renney what he looks for out of his segments, he said the most important thing is to show improvement from one to the next. To start this year, it appears the Rangers managed just that. After going 2-3 in their first, they went 3-2 in their next segment, and then 3-1-1 in the segment after that.

From then on, it’s been dicier. Though the Rangers are coming off their most impressive stretch at 3-0-2, that segment was preceded by a 2-3 spell, and have followed it up with this most recent 0-2 run.

Moreover, consider their goals forward and against by segment:

Segment 1: 21-23

Segment 2: 18-16

Segment 3: 15-15

Segment 4: 11-12

Segment 5: 16-10

Segment 6 (through 2 games): 7-11

I’m sure there are conclusions to be drawn. But bear in mind I was a lousy math student…

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  1. “On to more pressing mattters”, after you were talking about wrinkled shirts. Good one, Sam. such iron-y.

  2. Sam, I have a question about the All-Star game… how many players on each roster…. I cannot figure it out! If you have any answers, could you tell me? Thank you!!!!

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey, I just realized something- With Ozo and Rachunek out, do you think Cullen might see some time at point on the PP?

  4. Doodie, are they out for sure? I believe that, from what I heard, it’s a “possibility”… But if so, then Cullen might see more time on the PP, and possibly more goals too? Excelleeeeeeent!

  5. uhh, Nylander always centers the PP.

    IMHO the first unit powerplay should look like this.

    Prucha Nylander Jagr

    Shanahan Tyutin

    thats how i would do it anyway.

    Shanahan shoots like a mofo, it, in theor, should work great.

  6. Inferno-

    I think Jane meant playing the point on the 2nd unit as opposed to Ozo and/or rachunek. I think if both sit, you’ll see the second unit of Pock and Cullen for the 45 seconds they get on the ice. Nylander doesn’t play center on the 1st unit, Shanny does.

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