Kasparaitis and Pock might be in and I’m apparently out of it


Turns out that the Rangers ARE looking to shake things up with their next outing, at least according to one report this morning that says both Darius Kasparaitis and Thomas Pock will play against the Penguins in place of Karel Rachunek and Sandis Ozolinsh.

How did I miss this? If it’s true, I’ll be honest: I have no clue. But maybe Tom Renney isn’t the one with his “head stuck where the sun don’t shine.” As I’ve always said, though, admitting you have a problem is the first step.

Anyway, more later…

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  1. This blog might be making an impression on Renney. I don’t think you are out of it at all Sam.

    I disagree with those who think Sam should go on the offense with Renney, that would just shut him down and break any communication between him and Sam. One thing Sam might do which I think will get Renney our message is to ask him a question starting with…..”The fans are perplexed as to what’s going on as a lot of them comment on my blog, do you read my blog Tom? If he says no, offer to give him the link to the blog if he’s interested in the fan’s concerns. That way you don’t create friction and hopefully keep your line of communication open. It makes you the good guy and myself and my bretheren here the bad guys. But who cares if Renney breaks communication with me and others here, he doesn’t talk to us anyway but it’s important that you do.

    What do you think Sam?

  2. Lenny —

    I don’t flatter myself to think Tom is reading my blog. The team has a PR staff, and if there is something of note to pass along to the coaches, they do (interestingly, the team does compile a daily package of stories we write, and that stuff I’m pretty sure does get read. Only occasionally has that clip package included blog entries, which is all sort of uncharted territory for everyone).

    As for my relationship with Tom, we’re both there to do a job, and if there’s a question to ask, I’ll ask it. He understands that. My earlier point is that it doesn’t mean he’s going to reveal everything you or I might want him to reveal. Two different things.

    Furthermore, I think if Renney dictated his decisions by public opinion, he would do A LOT of things differently.


  3. Lenny,
    I totally agree with your point. There are some very astute points made on this blog and it would be very cool to know that Renney is reading this, but even if he does, it would be bad PR for him to admit it, especially if he were to make some of the changes suggested on the blog.So on that note…
    Sam, can you ask him to bring Immonen up to center the 2nd line and put Prucha in a position to succeed?

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Renney would take that as an ambush and shut out Sam.

    Who knows, maybe some team will be dumb enough to trade for Rachunek or Ozo. A guy can hope, right?

    I am excited to see if Kaspar plays like Kaspar from last season or Kaspar from earlier this season.

    I am also excited to see if Pock plays like the Pock who played earlier this season, or the Pock who hasn’t played defense in a few weeks.

  5. Lowtide, Doodie,

    You guys got a point. See where Renney might think it’s an ambush. That’s why Sam got the job and I don’t.

    Sam, just do the opposite of anything I suggest and you’ll be fine. :)

  6. While im thrilled beyond belief that Renney is finally playing Pock, Im not a fan of kaspar anymore, simply because the guy cant skate worth a lick. Unless thats changed in his time off, he will be torched out there.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Inferno- can it be worse than ozo or Rachunek?

    let Kaspar stay at home and Pock join the rush. This way he doesn’t have to fear getting burned on the backcheck.

  8. I agree doodie (ok….so something about saying that made me feel like a 5 year-old, but…)…..they can’t play any worse than those two have….and who knows…may jumpstart the team a bit, and maybe most importantly….Hank….


  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Just to follow up on myself, remember Leetch and Beukeboom? Granted, this analogy may be faulty because Pock is no Leetch and Kaspar is no Beuk, and the NHL was different when you could hook people mlike crazy, but the stay at home rush pairing could still work very well.

  10. Inferno:

    I agree with you. My biggest fear about this combination is that Kaspar can’t keep up, the pair gets torched and Renney and his apologists all use it to say “see, Pock can’t play at the NHL level.” I guarantee if he goes -2 in the next game there will be someone on this board saying “see, I told you so – you guys who want the kids to play are all wet.” Or something like that.

    Lenny — I’m getting a kick out of your journalistic advice to Sam. Stick to softball my friend. Renney isn’t going to answer the hard questions, so it’s up to good reporters to dig for other clues either between the lines or through other sources to understand what he’s really thinking. All coaches are masters of deception with the press – I think it’s the first chapter in the coaches manual.

  11. guess I found out how to do strike-outs. The previous post should say “if he goes minus 2 in the next game…”

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Twin: I found the strikeouts by accident as well. Do you, or anyone else for that matter, know how to do boldface?

  13. Inferno,

    Malik can’t skate either but at least Kasper can hit. Oldtimer Bill Chadwick would probably be hollering to Malik,”Hit him with your pocketbook!!”

    Next move is to bring up Baranka, Girardi, Callahan, Dawes and Immonen, release Malik, Ozo and Rachunek. Send down Orr, Prucha and Hall. Prucha needs to get his game back in gear and Hartford might just be the place where he can do that. That would make the lines:


    I think it’s a bad move to put any of the prospects on the 4th line since they need a good amount of ice time to continue their development process. Hossa, Cullen, Ward and Betts can handle the penalty killing and lines 1 and 2 can play on the PP.

    On defense:


    Last pair is weak. There’s Staal, Signetti and Sauer in juniors. Can they be brought up or must they remain with their junior team for the entire season?

    This makeup I suggest will have some holes in it but it should lessen the ice time for our big guys and make them stronger towards the end of the season.

    Worse case, if none of the callups work out, the team will not be any worse than they are now so what’s there to lose??

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Lenny, interesting ideas, and I disagree largely, but instead of nitpicking, I want to point out one LARGE hole:

    where’s Pock?

  15. Twin,

    My softball has been as bad as my journalistic abilities. So, that’s that! My best advice to Sam was the last advice I gave him. I think you’ll agree. :)

    Let us in on it guys, how do you do strikeouts? I get chills with that request since it reminds me of something I do a lot of.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    to do a strike out you need to put a dash (-) and then write whatever you want and put another dash.

  17. Doodie,

    “Lenny, interesting ideas, and I disagree largely, but instead of nitpicking, I want to point out one LARGE hole:

    where’s Pock?”

    Whoops, drop Kasper and insert Pock. The team is already better!

  18. I figured out how to bold once, but I forget…

    It was something unexpected though, like a standard character

  19. Sam I just wanna say that you do a wonderful job interacting with the fans. I hope that for once Renney does the right thing and gets Pock and Kaspar in the lineup.

  20. OK Doodie I’ll give you the *boldface secret, but you have to agree to come over to the dark side of the Renney haters. I know you can do it, I’ve already noticed some cracks in your “Defend Renney” armor. So, what’ll it be? ;-)

  21. “Who knows, maybe some team will be dumb enough to trade for Rachunek or Ozo. A guy can hope, right?”

    Already happened. Name of that team is the Rangers.

  22. there are always suitors for some players, but worse comes to worse, send em through waivers, and use the cap space to nab someone like lecavalier. obviously not going to happen, im just saying in an ideal world, thats what i would do.

  23. Sam wrote

    “But just understand that what a coach really thinks and what he says to the media might not always be the same thing.”

    Congratulations now you have arrived in the world of the beat writers….:)

  24. Come over to the Dark Side…

    Once you do, everything falls into logical order. You start to see the ulterior motives of all Renney’s actions. That all his moves are geared toward just making the playoffs again. That there is no “rebuild” and there never was. His extreme stubbornness in the face of logic. His mistrust of anyone with less than 3 years of NHL experience. His incompetence as a tactician.

    It all becomes clear…

  25. There goes the free ticket I was going to give you in March when we go to a Wolfpack game.

    For strikeout, was told -test- so i figured btestb would give us bold so my next test is *test*

  26. Aha!!!

    Some more tests: %test% @test@ $test$ ^test^ @test@ #test# &test&, ?test?, [test] test> [test[ ]test] (test( )test) (test)

  27. So far bold (*), strikeout (-) and underlining (+)has been found. Also superscript (^) and subscript tested, just forgot what subscript symbol was. Anybody find italics yet?

  28. Appreciate your effort *Twin You are a ^super guy with a -great horrible organization to be a +fan of, really gets you

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Twin, I’ve never been pro-Renney, just *not* (thank you sir) anti-Renney.
    I’ve been about giving his choices a chance to pan out, ie Ozo and Rachunek. They haven’t and so I want a change.

  30. *Twin*, is +that+ your example of how to practice Journalism??

    But don’t get on yourself, keep your chin ^up^.

  31. the salary cap went from 39 to 44 this year , and now Saskin says that it will go up again to between $46 and $47.5 million next season.

    attendance is down 1%, but (surprise, surprise) ticket prices are higher, thus more revenue.

  32. Rachunek played 19:32 and Bozo 19:04 on Sun.

    I bet that even if Pock or Kaspar gets to play, it won’t match the ice time of the dynamic duo.

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