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The last time Henrik Lundqvist was pulled from a game was………Dec. 3, 2005.

Do you think maybe he’ll get the night off in 2007?

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  1. Let’s just not make this a habit of Henrick being pulled every December 3rd.

    …C’mon Shanny, WE WANT A HAT TRICK!

  2. I hope Sather and Renney don’t make any changes. You wouldn’t want to “disrupt” anything so successful. (sarcasm alert)

  3. Lets see, youve got a shutdown guy in Witt doing a great job of containing Jagr.

    Youre the coach of the New York Rangers, at home, and get the last change do you..

    A)Continue to roll your lines regardless of who (witt) the islanders put out there…
    B)use the last change to your advantage to match more favorable combinations on the ice for your team…
    C)Stand around with a look of shock and confusion as a game gets away from you in the first period.
    D)Do both A & C

    Guess what renney chose.

    Sam, I know you love the guy, but even you gotta admit, hes not doing a great job, hes barely doing an adequate job. and for a supposed rebuild, we have NO, ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH in the ways of rookies playing for this team.

    Just terrible.

    and yeah, the goaltending was awful, but so was the D. Guess whose responsible for that?

    if i gotta choose between Malik, and Pock, im taking Pock eveyr time, at least he can learn from his mistakes and improve his game…..Malik is just getting worse and worse, did you see him play the 2 on 2 crisscross? thats hockey 101 folks.

  4. Tom Renney is a Hockey Canada x’s and o’s zealot.
    That’s what he is. He should be doing power skating for the BC U18’s, not coaching in the NHL. How could Kaspar be any worse than the dribble they roll out on defense?

    Believe me, this organization is STILL arse backwards, the youth they’ve drafted in the 1st round has been attrocious since the begining of time. Once Jagr and his buddies, and Shanny are gone (sooner, rather than later) they will be back to square one.

    The only bright lights are the D prospects, who can’t get here fast enough to replace this uber-soft, uber-slow core that they run on the ice every night.

    Obviously this sounds like a rant and maybe it is, but don’t let the sucess of the past year fool you. Me thinks tough times are still ahead for Ranger fans.

  5. I’m sure glad that Rangers mgmt. and ownership aren’t ridiculed like the Isles were this summer (another sarcasm alert)

  6. malik is obviously rolling…why would renney take him out of the lineup? isnt at least one stick foul and several turnovers a game good?

  7. 1. * Buffalo 26 ……..42
    2. * Atlanta 28 ……..38
    3. * NY Islanders 26 …31
    4. Montreal 25 ………33
    5. Carolina 28 ………33
    6. Toronto 28 ……….31
    7. New Jersey 25 …….30
    8. NY Rangers 27 …….30
    9. Ottawa 27…………29
    10. Washington 26…… 28
    11. Tampa Bay 27 …….28
    12. Boston 24 ……….26
    13. Pittsburgh 25…… 26
    14. Florida 28……… 21
    15. Philadelphia 27…. 20

    it’s close. even the Caps, Pens, and Bruins have games in hand and are right there in the hunt.

  8. Goaltending was disgraceful tonight. Sather has to start making moves to better the defense. It’s a joke.

    We need Ortmayer back terribly…So we can roll 4 lines. We need to get rid of dead wood like Ozo and put in Baranka.

    And so on and so forth. A lot of roster changes and so far Sather and Renney has done $hit to help it

  9. So, where are our champions of mediocrity tonight? Was this a “valiant effort” to come back from 4 goals down and make a game of it? Just a lemon in the goaltending department, where 1 out of every three shots fired at our net went in? Where Victor Kozlov scored four goals? Come out, come out, wherever you are.

    I was there tonight. Not only are the Islanders not a good team, they didn’t even play very well tonight. The Rangers were all over them all night, even early in the game – but a defensive breakdown here, another “I drop to my knees so you can go top shelf” there, and bang! it’s 3-0. Cullen? Couldn’t put the puck in the ocean. Ward had two wide open nets but did DiPi the courtesy of taking his time so the goalie could be in position and then softly shooting it into his chest. Betts? Stood there and waved his stick at Kozlov in the crease as Kozlov made it 5-3(the nerve of Kozlov, expecting Blair to take the body). There is absolutely no other team in the NHL that would ever play Ozolinsh, Malik or Rachunek, ever. Any other team would just promote from within to fill those slots.

    It might as well be 2001, or 2002, or 1999, or 2003. Hmm, lets go out and sign the best checking line center available, a guy who’s got some offensive upside but is a great third line center, and put him on the second line, where he can center our 30-goal sniper from last year and one of the greatest goal scorers in history. Oh yeah, we already tried doing that with Bob Holik, he actually did much better than Matt Cullen (who hasn’t scored since October? September?) ever will. Lets sign a bunch of over-30, large, immobile and non-physical defensemen – oh wait, we did that too, Karpa, Ulanov, Quintal, etc. They continue the same pattern of stupidity and poor judgement. If Glen Sather were a real GM, he would have looked at last year and said “well, we did do much better than anyone thought, but that was largely based on the accomplishments of two individuals. We’re still a long way from competing on a regular basis.” Instead, he acts like they’re a player or two away from a Cup.

    The organization has huge problems from the top down. Even if we do have prospects that are worth anything, we’ll never see if they can actually play. And instead of actually drafting good prospects, we have Glen Sather, who picks up other teams’ garbage. I still maintain that Betts, Ward, Hossa – those are guys who would not be on any other roster in this league. None.

    And you want to know why those of us who “spew negativity” get so annoyed with those of you who are all “positive?” Because it is you – yes, you – who by your blind acceptance of everything this lousy organization does, enable it to continue to wallow in total mediocrity. Would you accept this kind of performance from your doctor? your attorney? Your mechanic? Why on earth is this good enough for you? In the last 66 years, the team has had approximately 4( yes, four) that would be considered notable – 1972, 1979, 1994 and 1997. That’s one out of sixteen for an original six franchise with all the resources in the world and the best fan support anyone could ask for. Last year was considered a good year. Thet team lost its last 9 games of the year to lose first place in the division, which they’d held for months, and then got swept by their most hated rivals. How is that good? Devils fans would consider a year like that an abject failure. And want to know why their organization is so good every year? Because the people in charge know that if they’re not, they’ll lose a ton of their fan base. But not us. Give us champions? Nah, give us mediocrity. It’s better than nothing.

  10. Peter

    That is absolutely right. This organization is going backwards. To lose at home to the Isles like that is pathetic. Of course no one will sit, ever. Why bother things are great.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Those of you who post here regularly know where I stand on things. I stood by Rachunek and Ozolinsh early in the season because of their potential upsides. But, a quarter of the way into the season, I’d say they’ve had enough of a shot and it’s time for them to go. Pock and Baranka desrve a lineup spot. Hell, I’d even take Kaspar instead of one of them.

    Malik is a harder sell. Some games he looks like a competent defenseman. Others he looks like Frankenstein. More importantly, I think Roszival plays best with Malik by his side, and Roszival has had some really good games since he got over that horrible play earlier this season. Still, I wouldn’t be heartbroken if he caught the ax, even though we all know he never would.

    There is trouble and it is 99% in the defense. People point to Cullen not being a good 2nd line center or guys like Hossa, Ward, Betts, etc. Forget that. We are among the league leaders in goal scoring and tops in the division. If you score 4 goals a game, you should be winning most of your games because you shouldn’t be allowing more than 3. The defense needs to be changed, now. At least get Pock out there. Play Kaspar one game, it can’t be worse than Ozolinsh or Rachunek, it just can’t. I thought that their play in November was a sign of good things to come. That was embarrassing tonight. Let’s hope it was an abberation and they can get things back on top.

    PS, two assists for Adam Hall. Let’s hope his production keeps up and that Prucha figures out how to score again.

  12. doodie

    I don’t want to sound like an a hole but Ozo and Rachunek have no upside. They need to be waived and the team D can move forward. ozo was on for 4 against tonight and Rachunek for 3. That seems to happen a lot in the past 6 games.

    Jagr and Nylander each got 25:34 tonight. Crazy crazy ice time and they won’t have anything left come April.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Ozolinsh had a big upside offensively. In the 19 regular season games he was a ranger last season he had 14 pts, which was a much higher per game output than the rest of the defense where scoring was missing last season. He just didn’t have it this season, which just makes him a huge liability.

    Rachunek played well in Ottawa and so there was potential that he could continue that play, but two years out of the NHL has obviously lowered his abilities. What bothers me is that they are still there after being given ample time to prove themselves, but instead just failing.

  14. I will say it again. Old players get old and young players can get better.

    its time to give someone else a chance.

    of course that would mean Sather had to realize and admit he made a mistake with noth Ozo and rachunek and sather isn’t big on admitting and correcting mistakes. he just lets them fester.

  15. Peter – I think there were more than 4 successfull seasons. The early 70’s were generally good (beat defending cup champ 3 yrs running). The Messier era 1 was generally good except for 93′.

    For those who bash Ozo and Rachunek – I agree with you that younger dmen should play instead of them.

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