Who is this Potvin guy…


….and why does he inspire so much whistling?


I’m kidding, of course. Bear in mind you’re talking to someone who came of age during the heart of the Rangers-Islanders rivalry. Never mind where you were when Kennedy was shot. Where were you when Ken Morrow scored that overtime goal to beat the Rangers in the 1984 Patrick Division semifinals?

Seriously, it’s been a while since the Rangers and Islanders met for something as important as first place, but that could be the scenario tomorrow night at the Garden (the Islanders would need to win tonight in Pittsburgh for that to be the case. UPDATE: Islanders win, and are now a point behind the Rangers. Game on.). It should be fun, especially when you consider that these Islanders, on a number of levels, are the equivalent of what the Rangers were last year.

“They play hard. They play within their structure, their system. They believe in what they’re doing. They’re getting really good goaltending from both goaltenders,” Rangers coach Tom Renney said. “They have nothing to lose by working hard and paying attention to detail. So whether that compares to what we did last year, I don’t know. But it certainly sounds familiar.”

There will naturally be some new faces — not to mention the easy target of Tom Poti in orange, white, and blue. But it’s likely to have the same crazed atmosphere as always. That said, my old man had originally expressed an interest in scoring tickets for tomorrow. Then I told him the game was up against the Cowboys and the Giants.

“Oh,” he said. “Never mind.”

He’s my Dad, and I love him. But I can’t speak for him…

A few quick hits:

  • The Rangers had more than 200 guests from American Express today, and even in the wake of a tough shootout loss in Buffalo last night, the team did its best to put on a decent show. The highlight was Henrik Lundqvist stoning Petr Prucha on sequence toward the end. Speaking of which, Renney was evasive about his starting goalie tomorrow, but even Lundqvist acknowledged it’s going to be him. No surprise there.
  • Martin Straka (hamstring) and Jason Ward (ankle) both stayed out of practice today, but least in Straka’s case, it was likely just a precaution. He could be seen walking around the locker room without much impediment, and Renney seemed to be optimistic he’ll play tomorrow.
  • Either way, Ryan Callahan is still around, even with his Hartford Wolf Pack back on the ice tonight. If either Straka or Ward can’t go, Callahan will get a second chance after a frenetic but abbreviated NHL debut last night.

    OK, that’s all for now. Back with more tomorrow…

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    1. You’d be surprised how many of the people who not only participate in but start the Potvin Sucks! chants do not know the story.


      I would like to also add, Mr Potvin is the most biased announcer in the face of sports.

    3. when i was young i could’ve sworn that they were saying “rutgers sucks” and i was so confused as to why there was so much hatred for a jersey college at a rangers game

    4. Doodie Machetto on

      This is what wikipedia had to say about it:

      “On February 25, 1979, in a game against the rival New York Rangers, Potvin delivered one of his signature hip checks to Rangers center Ulf Nilsson; Nilsson suffered a broken ankle on the play which sidelined him for the season.

      Rangers coach Fred Shero said of the hit, “It was a hard check, but you can’t penalize a guy for hitting hard”.[1]

      Although the hit was legal, Rangers fans hated Potvin for it and created the Potvin Sucks! chant, which served as a response to Islanders fans’ chant nineteen-forty (1940), for the year of the last Rangers cup before 1994. To this day, almost 20 years after Potvin retired, the “Potvin sucks” chant shows up at every Rangers home game regardless of whether or not they are playing the Islanders. A recent Poll showed how most Ranger fans don’t even know what the chant means.[citation needed]

      Potvin joked about the chants at the Islanders’ 25th-anniversary Stanley Cup celebration, held in 2006, saying that what the Rangers fans were really saying was “Potvin’s cups.”

      I think 1940 is pretty much the most brutal chant I’ve ever had to endure as a fan.

    5. Anthony (Abev) on

      Sam, I looked for you today but you were either hiding or in disguise.

      Could I vote on my favorite moment from the skate today?

      Kasparaitus and Ortmeyer were the last two on the ice at the end. Darius was playing to the crowd with his imitation of the Shanahan empty netter @ SJS (other side of the ice off the boards into the net) Well it took him several tries but he knocked in a few.

      As Jed was skating into the lockerroom Darius challenged him and after some prodding and maybe a little booing from the remaining visitors he accepted the invitation.

      J-O flipped the first puck off the boards and skated towards the lockerroom with his stick in the air. The puck settled nicely in the net 180 or so feet away.

      I take it that Kasparaitus pairing with Pock doesnt bode well for his future? Maybe I should reverse the names?

      Callahan looks like he was reunited with some good friends from Hartford. He seems to get along very well with Orr and Ortmeyer.

      Ryan Hollweg looks like a scoring machine in practice.

    6. Wait, it wasn’t a regular practice today? What happened? Was it the skills competition for the All-Star game tryouts that was being held? I’m a little confused why there would have to be about 200 guests from American Express today and why the team had to put on a show for them

    7. We had a great time at the practice.

      I was really surprised that after being forced to spend the night in Buffalo and flying home this AM, they didn’t cancel the whole thing.

      I think they reordered the events so the guests skated first and the practice came after. The result was that the players left the ice instead of hanging out and schmoozing with the fans. Can’t blame ’em. The poor boys must have been exhausted.

      Hope they rest up tonight and come out flying tomorrow to fry the Fish.

      Oh, by the way, my new favorite chant is the one for Brodeur. “Uncle Daddy”. The fans in the Blues are priceless.

    8. The Potvin Sucks chant is a Ranger fan commentary on his boradcasting career. Hard to argue with that opinion.

    9. Good for Brooks. He must be reading our stuff from here and proboards. Or maybe, Sather has banned him from the buffet table. Either way, he is saying, somewhat belatedly, that the Ranger organization stymies the development of kids. We’ve been saying that for years, just check the posts from the NYTRF. Welcome aboard Larry.

    10. Brooks is exactly right, and he probably took a clue from this board. And, gee, what a surprise that the mgmt. sycophant immediately attacks the author.

    11. I came to New York in 1982 from London England and fell in love with the Rangers and the Garden with my first Visit. My company had tickets in the then Red seats however i quickly bought my own seats in the blue section to make sure id never miss a game.

      The Beat your wife Potvin,and Potvin Sucks chants had me on the floor laughing not to mention the throwing of fishsticks or eaven whole fishs when the Islanders came to play.

      Somehow Rangers fans always managed too to get tickets at the Islanders even though Islanders were the Stanley Cup Holders.

      Their fans were and are fickle ,once a Ranger always a Ranger !

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