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As I said before, I’m not sure what can be read into the Rangers calling up Ryan Callahan other than that he’s obviously played well at Hartford — 15 goals and six assists in 21 games — and the Wolf Pack don’t play again until Saturday.


As of now, there are no plans to get him in the lineup, and it’s likely that he’ll be back in the AHL by the weekend. But as has been said countless time here before, it’s not like there are a lot of untouchables on the Rangers’ current roster.

“Something could derive from that, but we just wanted to get a good look at Ryan and make sure he’s up for some interaction with our guys and our practices and get a feel for what he’s about,” Tom Renney said. “He’s had a real good year. You never say never, that’s for sure.”

Of course, what’s most interesting about Callahan is that he was a complete non-factor in training camp, getting sent down even before the playing of the annual Blue and White game, and as a result, never even sniffing the lineup in the pre-season. I asked Renney if he felt he got a good enough look at the rookie during that period, and the coach sort of laughed.

“I guess I got the look I needed,” the coach said. “You make decisions based on what you view.”

And at that point, Callahan was lagging well behind the likes of other forwards Lauri Korpikoski and Brandon Dubinsky. But since then, he’s arguably been the Wolf Pack’s best player (by the way, how about some credit for yours truly, “who picked Callahan out of a crowd while scouting the Wolf Pack a few weeks back”: I’m not right often, but once in a while, I’m good for something).

Either way, as Callahan said, the training camp experience at least provided motivation.

“I thought I didn’t have the best camp. I was coming off knee surgery and I was trying to get my feet underneath me,” Callahan said after today’s morning skate. “I didn’t have the showing I wanted to but I was happy to get the experience. Obviously I went down to Hartford and felt I had something to prove a bit.”

So there you have it. Maybe he’ll never get past the morning skate phase, or maybe he plays Friday in Buffalo near his hometown of Rochester. It would make for a good story, although I’m not sure that’s what drives Renney toward his decisions. Too bad for me, I guess.

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  1. Immonen scored in his first game, Pock scored in his first game.

    Clearly, they should play Callahan tonight so he can get his first as well.

    Has nothing to do with me being in the house tonight. Nope, not at all.

  2. How’d he look Sam? Did he skate with anyone in particular? Like you said, it’s hard to read too much in to anything, but I wonder if the rangers are lookin for a guy in hartford to fill in a spot in the line up or something…. maybe a move is coming…. I guess we’ll see, but I’m still interested how he looked out there with the big club

  3. I wish the rangers would do this with more player…the ones that were doing good, or not so good…Like Jessiman, let him come up and pratice with the team, let Shanny helphim out, get guys like Falerdeou (sp) to take draws against Nylander and the other centers…basically, since Hartford is close to NYC, as long as the rangers are praticing at home, if teh pack has a few days off, call up a young kid for a day or two just to pratice. I think it would be good. NOW dose anyone,SAM, know if there are rules against doing that?

  4. hope he comes in and plays, doubt it will happen..

    btw, Falardeau was sent down to Charlotte, doubt he’ll be the next guy up here..

  5. plus, the Rangers have no mention of him coming up, so i dont think he’ll factor in the game today.

    Hope im wrong..

  6. Wildcard — Great question. I’m not sure there’s rules against it but I do know even logistically, it might not make sense. The Rangers already have a tough enough time working in the healthy scratches during practices, so to start inviting guys in just for workouts probably just crowds things a bit.
    Ice time is valuable, maybe not in the financial sense for the Rangers, but in that they need their practice times to be meaningful.

  7. maybe Callahan can practice the 5-on-3 since Jagr said that the Rangers don’t even practice it.

    and maybe Callahan can get tips from Pock on how to be on the roster but never play.

    or tips on what insincere catchphrases Renney uses to pretend he’s considering going with youth, but only as healthy scratches.

  8. my guess is that if Callahan gets to play at all, it will be to replace Prucha, because he seemed to be in Renney’s doghouse last game. It figures. Renney doesn’t want to exceed his youth quota, which is as close to zero as he can get it.

  9. my personal favorite Renneyism was from this summer when he said “we could be younger this year than we were last year….”

    This was after they signed Ward, Shanahan and Cullen and re-signed Roszival and Straka. A few astute writers wondered where these “younger” players were going to play but for the most part Teflon Tom skated.

    The quote really should have been “we could be younger this year than we were last year….but not if I have anything to say about it”

  10. Sam, here are some details of the Jagr contract from TSN.

    Darren Dreger

    11/25/2006 12:30:01 AM

    Jaromir Jagr scored his 600th NHL goal this week and continues to set the standard by leading the league in points.

    When motivated, this 34-year-old former Hart Trophy winner still exhibits game-breaking qualities. And based on the fine print of his multi-year contract with the New York Rangers, a love of the game isn’t Jagr’s lone source of motivation.

    If Jagr maintains his scoring pace and wins the Art Ross Trophy, he’ll trigger an additional year at $11 million, minus the rollback. In fact, if he wins the Art Ross, the Hart or the Conn Smythe, the Rangers are on the hook for the extra year.

    However, winning a major award isn’t the only means this 9-time all-star has to further cash in.

    If this season and next he combines to score 80 or more goals, or 180 or more points and New York wins two playoff rounds over the two year period, an eighth year is added at $8.6 million.

    We’re not done yet.

    If in his final season (2007-08) Jagr scores 40 or more, or collects 90-plus points and the Rangers win one playoff round, cha-ching. He triggers the 2008-09 season and fills his pockets.

    Of course, there is a chance he misses on all of the opportunities I’ve just uncovered.

    In the event that happens, then following next season Jaromir Jagr can just simply walk away.

    And as a parting bonus, he’d get $1 million.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    If Jagr maintains his scoring pace and wins the Art Ross Trophy, he’ll trigger an additional year at $11 million, minus the rollback. In fact, if he wins the Art Ross, the Hart or the Conn Smythe, the Rangers are on the hook for the extra year.

    Let’s hope it’s the Conn Smythe.

  12. Twin – Shanahan, Cullen, and Straka have the legs of a 20 year old. Ward has the personality of a 20 year old. And Roszival has the brain of a… 12 year old? I guess they actually are younger than everyone thinks.

  13. “”””””Thrashers defenseman Andy Sutton, who plays on the team’s top pairing, did not travel to New York for tonight’s game with the Rangers after injuring a leg when he collided with teammate Steve Rucchin in practice Monday. The Thrashers did not offer a preliminary diagnosis but expected to know more today. – Atlanta Journal Constitution “””””””””

    Sutton is the big Dman who plays against Jagr, so Jagr will have an easier time tonight if Sutton doesn’t play.

  14. The people who are so often harshly critical of Renney need to get out of their parents’ basement more often.

    Guys, in case you haven’t noticed, those awful vets like Shanahan, Ward, Straka and Roszival are team leaders. Shanny with his league-leading goal total, Straka with his all-around game, and Ward and Rozsival are two of our best defensemen. If we were playing kids from our struggling AHL franchise instead of vets who happen to be playing exceptionally well in the NHL, we would be 6-15. I’m sure Renney’s critics would be thrilled with the coach with that record.

    In the last decade there was a lot of whining from know-nothings about not playing kids with all the great potential. Then Brendl, Lundmark, Malhotra, Fata, LaBarbera, etc., went elsewhere and pretty much confirmed they were no great shakes.

    I’ve been following the team since the late 60s. Renney strikes me as one of the most hard-working, thoughtful, resourceful and articulate coaches we have had during that time and the team obviously responds to him.

  15. puckhead: in the past few days the Panthers sent down Radislav Olesz, former 6th overall pick, and Phoenix sent down Jeff Woywitka, a former first-round blue-chip prospect who was acquired from the Flyers. I guess those teams must hate kids as well.

    Or maybe playing in the NHL is not so easy and the vast majority of kids just don’t make it, and those that do take a lot of time.

  16. get a clue, pf. No one is suggesting that the top players on the Rangers be replaced with kids. Only that a few kids could break in replacing some of the lesser lights.

    “”””””””I’ve been following the team since the late 60s. Renney strikes me as one of the most hard-working, thoughtful, resourceful and articulate coaches we have had during that time and the team obviously responds to him.””””””””””


    Tom’s mom

  17. Just an update on total irrelevance–that is, Franklin versus Einstein. Larry Brooks was incredibly gracious in getting back to me, our sources simply disagree. Two geniuses could have come up with it centuries apart, no?
    You may now resume your normal programming.

  18. pf

    You are aware that the sabres had 6 rookies in the lineup vs the rangers and won.

    How about 1 rookie or is that just asking too much with the stellar play of all 12 Ranger forwards?

  19. Is Ozo going to sit tonight? He should after last game. Any kid would.

    Exelby isn’t playing tonight as well. So Hollweg will have to find another guy to hit. Try Hossa. I really don’t care which one :)

  20. right, tsalad. But here’s what he is hung up on, the Ranger record.

    so, let’s say that the Rangers had the exact same top players playing 25 mins. per game, but they had Korpikoski replacing Hossa, OR Callahan replacing Hall, OR Baranka replacing Bozo. would the record be one bit different? hell no, it would be the same.

  21. pf:

    I’ve been following the team since the 60’s as well so I guess I don’t need to get out of my parent’s basement. I’ve also played hockey for 20+ years and coached youth hockey for the past six. So save the name calling for someone else.

    I was simply pointing out that *Renney* is the one who said that the team *could* be younger this year. He said this even though anybody with half a brain could see that there was no place for any kids to break into the lineup. So, his comments were disingenuous at best.

    Renney coaches scared and hence over-relies on veterans for short term success at the expense of longer term goals, like introducing younger players into meaningful situations so that they are ready to step in if one of the vets gets hurt. Example is last year when he played JJ et al to death and they had nothing left at the end. He also appears arrogant and less than articulate when asked a legitimate question about his strategy (or more recently if he had made a mistake by cutting Callahan so early in training camp). He also displays a strange attachment to certain players like Hossa in spite of all the evidence that they can’t cut it at the NHL level.

    Your depiction of him as better than all the other coaches since the 60’s is really nothing to get worked up about. In that time, as you know, the Rangers have had lots of bad coaches. In fact the only two that come to mind who were worth anything were Herb Brooks and Keenan, and people have made the case that the ’94 team won the cup in spite of Keenan, due to his bizarre behavior during the playoffs.

    So yeah, I’d like to see some kids given some meaningful TOI to see what they can do. Gee, Buffalo somehow finds a way to insert youth into their lineup (6 first year players on a team that went to the conference finals last year), roll 4 lines and last time I checked they’re doing pretty well. But your Genius coach thinks that he’s smarter than Lindy Ruff. I guess we’ll just have to see which team is fresher when it comes to playoff time and which team has built a foundation of success that’s not just based on a superstar forward and a wonderful goalie.

  22. right, Twin. and the most absurd thing is that he claimed in the first post that we were somehow calling for Shanny and A. Ward and Straka to be replaced with kids, which is ludicrous. none of us ever said that, so he is delusional as well.

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