Callahan called up


The Rangers called up Ryan Callahan from Hartford to fill the previously unoccupied 23rd spot on the roster.

I’ll have more on this in a bit, but just a word of caution for now: don’t read too much into it. The Wolf Pack don’t play again until Saturday so the Rangers are simply using the time to get a better look at him. But he’s not scheduled to play tonight against the Thrashers.

Henrik Lundqvist gets the nod again. Back with more in a bit….

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  1. wow, this is quite shocking, but its smart of the organization.

    the complete opposite of what they did with Marc Staal who SHOULD have started with the big club, then been sent down after 10 games.

    he didnt even have to play, but practicing with the team for that amount of time would have done more for his development than playing in an inferior league.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Ditto for Sanguinetti, who has better numbers than Staal in the same league.

    If Callahan does play, which he probably won’t, I expect it to be for Hall, who has been in the Renney shithouse for a little while. He’ll want Orr and Hollweg because of what happened with Hotlanta the last time around. And we all know Hossa won’t sit. Longest shot is Prucha, but he would have to play Hall over Prucha, which I don’t think he would do.

  3. Practicing with the team does wonders for prospects. There have been a number of player who get called up, practice and then sent back down. When they return to Hartford, it’s like they have extra gas in the tank or something. Not saying that they didn’t before they were called up, but there’s just an extra something.

  4. I agree Jen, but then again, with 15G and 6A in 19 games with the Pack, I really don’t know how much else he can really improve and show to the club. I think he should be given some ice time, especially considering we have some guys on our 3rd and 4th lines with literally no production to show for their effort so far.

  5. Well one thing that was clear from the Buffalo Game was that the Sabres reek of fast hardworking young talent. Our big line brought some game, Shanahan too, but really what stood out to me was the speed and endurance of that young team.

    Having such a potent 1st line, and Shanahan is awesome but we won’t win a series against Buffalo without more production from the third and fourth lines.

    Prucha and Cullen work hard, the goals will come

    I like the idea of Hossa – Betts – Ward being developed as a true checking line. Having a defined role and executing it every night will do wonders for those players confidence and the teams success

    Callahan should be given a shot. Give him some ice time to make something happen on the 4th line and ROLL four lines

    Do it now, to see what can happen. Same goes for Dawes, Dubi, Korpi….any of those young hungry kids could potentially be the kid that stirs up some spirited offense

    Plus whoever is brought up, and this goes for some guys already here. Prucha, Hossa etc should be getting some time playing with Jagr, or Straka, Shanahan, Nylander. Those kids benefit from PLAYING alongside the masters. Thats how they will learn the best.

    I thought the Rangers played a good game against the Sabres and the Pens, but those two young teams sure look fast and their speed draws penalties against our somewhat longer in the tooth vets

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    BaHa, I have heard that quote attributed to both Franklin and Einstein, as well as Mark Twain. So, I’m guessing the true author is probably unknown. Although, I haven’t and am not going to, research this.

  7. Did Hall replace Prucha in the last game on the 2nd line? If he did that is some shithouse Renney has.

    Sanguinetti just sat a game after getting his A stripped by Owen Sound. He looks like he still has some growing up to do. Great player but not as mature as Staal who has never had that happen to him.

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