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I’ll make this quick because it’s late, but it goes without saying there was plenty of talk post-game about the officiating, particularly the pick on Brendan Shanahan that led to the game-winning goal.

We even came up upstairs to review the video, and as someone who hates writing about referees, even I have to admit it was pretty blatant. Or as Tom Renney said, “You know at the beginning of the year at training camp we all get sent video on what certain calls are and how they’re going to be called. That was absolutely without question the best footage you can have for faceoff interference.�

Were the Rangers robbed? I wouldn’t go that far. Let’s just say for all of the positive work they did last night, they still were plenty sloppy, especially in the second period. Still, given the momentum generated toward the end, you can’t help but wonder how the result might have been different.

OK, that’s all for now. Back with more tomorrow. Until then, happy belly-aching.

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  1. sloppy at times, yes, but the reffind dictated what the rangers could, and couldnt do, and sadly that same level of dictation didnt come even close to applying to what the sabres could and couldnt do.

    we were robbed.

  2. Reposting this from Sam’s pregame report:
    Sam, is the officiating reviewed by the league every game, or sporadically? These last two were not worthy of the Peewee league at Chelsea Piers. Blatant fouls under their noses, not called, including one that led to the Buffalo winning goal.

  3. Samwise, How much were Gord Dwyer and Mike Leggo paid? and does the Rangers organization have that kind of money in petty cash to buy the same sort of favortism in next fridays rematch in buffalo?

    Say (or dont say) what you want about the officiating, but given a 10 to 4 penalty count in favor of the visitors, and given by my count 4 blatant non calls in the waning minutes of the game (3 of which were infractions against the player carrying the puck at the time), I’d say they were robbed.
    How can you miss a call against a player harassing the puck carrier?,…3 times! Isn’t that where their line of sight should be most of the time?

    I have said it before (not here) and ill say it again, its time for Video Refereeing, and use of video replay on all contested calls.

  4. Yes, we were robbed….

    Jagr gets held and hauled down- Nothing
    Shanny interfered with- Nothing
    Straka gets tripped on breakaway- Nothing
    Cullen gets hauled down with 2 mins to play- Nothing

    It has been absurd and disgraceful and is making the game look putrid

  5. Refs can suck, but they don’t lose the games. The players and, sometimes, the coaches lose the games. The Rangers must play better and smarter. Sucks, and frustrating, but true. Without Henrik it would have been a bloodbath.

    Good, though, that the Rangers did manage to find the heart to keep playing.

  6. Chris…yeas refs dont lose games…HOWEVER if the refs did their jobs, no gaol in ot there…so they decided the game with a non call. If the guy didnt set a nice pick on Shanny he would have been harassing the shooter, or in his lane to block the shot, so if it wasnt for an illigal play you cant say what would ahve happened…what if Cullen hadnt been tripped, he wuld have had speed trhrough the nutral zone. What if Jagr hadnt been tackled…maybe he gets ashot and straka puts the rebound in and the rangers win in regulation. You can say all you want that the refs dont win or lose games…but they affect it, and in a game were NITHER team was playing smart when it came to raeching with sticks and holding guys up both teams should have been on the PP/PK just the same. If teh rangers palyed better they would have had less PK time yes…but if the refs did their jobs, even slightly better, the rangers get more PP time and maybe that changes things. he refs are jsut as important to the outcome of the game as the palyers. You cant say ither is more important.

  7. I don’t think you can blame the refs too much, yes the Jagr tackle, the Straka trip and the Shanny pick were blatant – but Straka stole us back a point that 2 sloppy giveaways had nearly put beyond us. If it wasnt for the King keeping us in the game and some top quality penalty killing – that game could have been 5-0 before the start of the 3rd.
    We just didn’t seem to create as many clear-cut scoring chances as BUffalo and kept taking penalties which was slowing our momentum.
    On the positive side i thought Betts, Hossa and Hall also played well – and Tjutin seems to get better (and meaner) with each game.

  8. Bad calls as we all know are part of the game. And hockey is by far one of the hardest sports to ref due to the speed of the game. But that doesn’t change the facts. #1 the new NHL now calls everything #2 the new NHL didn’t come close to calling everything last night. It would have been one thing if the calls were behind the plays, however that was not the case last night. Yes the Rangers made some mistakes that they paid for whereas Buffalo made more of the same mistakes that they got away with…My opinion is the refs must be held to the same high standards the new NhL now expects the players to be held too!

  9. UKRanger: I agree for the most part…except that the Buffalo momentum came becasue they got PP time and got away with whatever they wanted it seemed….and Miller made 3 HUGE saves, on Hall, Nylander, and Jagr…so its not like the Ragners didnt come close to blowing it open even WITH the refs making fools of themselves. The fact is, if the Refs had made teh calls properly in th 3rd and OT the Ragners may have won that game…you can say all you want the rangers didnt deserve it, but tehy outplayed Buffalo in the second half of the 2nd period and teh 3rd…thats why BUF was reaching and tripping guys, and that why they SHOULD HAVE been a man down alot…the ragners had teh momentum into OT but since the rules didnt apply to the Sabers the game went for them…plane as day as far as I can see it. For a team whos fans are still mad about loseing the cup due to bad officiating…you would think they woudl agree…but so far all night I cant find one that thinks they got away easy with the refs…

  10. Cullen needs to a) get the puck deep on the PK (my son’s Pee Wee team knows that) and b) prevent a clean win on the d-zone faceoff. Two huge mistakes. And then there’s Bozo.

  11. Just a random question, any new news on Kaspar…haven’t heard anything about him coming back, or how he’s doing etc.

  12. Anyone else see Jagr say in the NY Post that they “don’t practice the 5 on 3 at all.” Uh, how many times in a year does this have to be a problem before they practice it “at all.” I mean, that’s insane. How obvious does it need to be that just playing 5-man hockey on the power play isn’t good enough?

  13. Bench Hall, bench Cullen, bring up red hot Immonen line. Shoot Ozolinsh. Bring in Pock. And roll 4 lines Buffalo-style

    Nylander Jagr Straka
    Immonen Prucha Shanahan
    Betts Ward Hossa
    Hollweg Dawes Callahan

  14. 4rangers

    I disagree about your assesment of Prucha’s defensive ability. I feel he can defend down low just as well as a 6’3″ proto typical center because of the new rules in the NHL. His size is a moot point. And I feel he is a very responsible player every night.

  15. chardkerm,
    You know,…I just brought up the subject of Immonen on another site.
    Last offseason, I distinctly remember that everyone and their mother was absolutely, positively, certain that Immonen was not only a virtual lock to make the Rangers this year, but also would center the 2nd line…what ever happened to that?

    About Hall, I think he needs 3rd line minutes to be effective, but there is no room for him there. Not to mention he could use better linemates. But regardless,…I am far more concerned about Cullen. I like the guy and all, but I think he is preventing chemistry from building on the 2nd line. He too belongs on the 3rd line (too bad he makes 1st or 2nd line salary- and for 4 years no less…groan) Come to think of it, Cullen and Hall on the same line wouldn’t be such a bad idea, Cullen is no playmaker, nor is he a finisher, but he is capable of getting the puck in the vicinity of the net, and Hall can bang home a few garbage goals off his feeds. Again too bad we already have a 3rd line. It seems that all the moves they made in the offseason to acquire a legitimate 2nd line only resulted in a ‘second’ 3rd line. (aside from shannahan of course)

  16. Plebe:

    Cullen, Hall and Hollweg would make a pretty good third line. Energy and physical play. Betts, Ward and Hossa(gulp) would make a decent 4th line, if Genius Jr would roll 4.

    Prucha and Shanahan with a good playmaker would make a good 2nd line. If it was me I’d try Immonen there and see what happens for a few games. But we know the brain trust is not willing to take that chance.

  17. Whatever happened to Immonen centering the 2nd line? Renney. Renney doesn’t play any kids this season no rookies at all.

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