Straka For President!


Or at the very least, Postmaster General!

Seriously, I haven’t seen a hockey player pull off that impressive a move since Ron Greschner lured in Carol Alt.

The result is two points for the Rangers, even if it took a little bit longer than expected. Next up is Buffalo tomorrow back at the Garden. Is four in a row out of the question?

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  1. I think that the disallowed goal took a lot of the jump out of the Rangers because after that play they were not playing with as much … energy … as they had been playing with up to that point …

    They had a horrible 2nd period, taking a lot of lazy penalties, but like last week Henrik held them in there and the defense was much better and they were only down 1-0 .. they played more disciplined in the 3rd and finally got a break and Jagr scored that beautiful goal, much to the chagrin of the Pens fans who love to boo him …

    Henrik nearly gave me two heart attacks, he’s great but he REALLY needs to stay in his crease …

    That Penalty Shot was complete BS .. he wasn’t clear of Toots and he got a shoot off even it went a bit wide … but whatever, I guess the ref isn’t up on the uptake about Lundqvist and shootouts so giving the Pens a penalty shot with him in nets instead of a Power Play was advantage to us ..

    This game wasn’t pretty but I love that they fought back and won a game that was filled with adversity for them and that they were trailing going into the third .. they could’ve sat back and tried to get it to the shootout knowing how great Henrik’s been but they just kept coming at the Pens and won … loved it!

    As far as BUF tomorrow. I expect a very good game and unless something unexpected happens I would think that Renney goes back to Henrik .. he’s on fire … He’s only given up 2 goals in the last 3 games …

    But I do know that Henrik has said that playing back to back games are hard .. but they were off for 3 days before tonight … i don’t know .. then we have ATL on Tuesday ..

  2. To me if I was not a fan of hockey would be wondering if the NHL is telling its refs to make it easier for the “new kids” to win. The NHL has said so much about Malkin and Crosby and the rest of the young Pens, it almost would make sense to have them win. I dont think they would do that, but it sure lookes like it most games i watch of the PENS, they always seem to get the calls going their way…

  3. Didja notice?? The Blueshirts actually employed a power-play strategy in the 1st period, actually (GASP!~) SHOOTING repeatedly from the point and looking for rebounds! Too bad they abandoned it after that, going back to their ineffective “carousel” the rest of the game.

    And I can’t remember ever seeing a penalty shot awarded when the shooter didn’t get pulled down, and even got off a shot.

    The worst game by referees in recent memory.

    Straka elevated himself to deity with that last 15 seconds.

  4. Am I the only one who agreed with this penalty shot call?

    The four conditions necessary for calling a penalty shot subject to rule 25.8 were all present in this case: over the center red line, fouled from behind, no one between fouled player and goaltender, and fouled player in possession/control of the puck and denied a reasonable chance to score. It actually states that getting a shot off is not a reason to avoid calling a penalty shot if the chance he would have gotten would have been better had he not been fouled.

    But then again, I like penalty shots.

  5. >> But then again, I like penalty shots.

    Doesn’t matter, as long as Henrik is in net I’d take a penalty shot over a PP for the other team any night XD

  6. Exciting win. but I will say it again. Renney played Shanny, and the entire first line, about 25 minutes each. He averaged about 16 1/2 mins. in Det last year. Now they play Buffalo with no rest. If they fade, or get injured, in the last part of the season again, the reason will be obvious.

  7. What is the sense of having video review if they stil get it wrong, then float a line of “the play was blown dead” BS to cover themselves? What a bunch of baloney.

  8. Apparently, the review was in Pittsburgh, never sent to Toronto. The guys in Toronto, to quote, I believe, Kissinger on Vietnam, said “Mistakes were made.”

  9. Dave HOWEVER, he got a shot, and if he hadnt missed (by the time he shot Tyutin wasnt hooking him anymore) he might have scored. He had a scoreing chance, Tyutin DIDNT take that away, since he had a great chance. He got a shot off and just missed…so what you are saying is that if the shot hit the net it wouldnt have been a PS? Or it didnt matter…cause the refs arm went in the air long LONG before he took the shot, and Tyutin didnt have his stick hooking him when he took the shot…so IMHO there shouldnt have been a penalty shot…but with King in the net, Ill take that every day of the week.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    4Rangers: I’d rather take the 2 pts against a division rival and sacrifice a game against a team that is vastly superior than to try and win both and possibly lose both and not have much chance of winning the 2nd game anyway. If it were a different team than Buffalo, I would say maybe, but with how young and fast they are, playing them on a 2nd day is almost a guaranteed loss, no matter how you allocate ice time.

  11. its not like the ice time was crazy…I mean lets not foget that alot of those min were on the PP and some 5 on 3, so there isnt much energy being used. Also, those guys ARE in GREAT shape. I am sure that eve though Shanny is getting up in age there are MANY younger palyers who will tire out and get injured before that man.

  12. I don’t think that the Rangers sacrificed anything …

    I don’t understand why some are so quickly to dismiss the team and assume that they will just roll over and let the Sabres have an easy win tonight …

    I trust Shanahan and Jagr to know their bodies and to know what they can or cannot take as far as ice team …

  13. No word on the starting goalie since Renney didn’t tip his hand last night and there was no morning skate today. I should have it around 5 or so when we meet with Tom.

  14. “I trust Shanahan and Jagr to know their bodies and to know what they can or cannot take as far as ice team.”

    – Well put. I don’t like how everyone thinks Shanny or Jagr are going to be “burnt out” by the time playoffs roll around. Shanahan has been playing for over 15 years, I’m sure he knows how much he can handle and if he does have a problem with too much ice time, then he’d bring it up to Renney. Same goes for Jagr. I understand that the increased ice time increases the chances of injury, but its hockey, he could be out for 5 minutes and get injured. Its pretty much a risk vs. reward scenario and in this case, the reward greatly outweighs the risk. I’m confident that there will be no “fading” or “burning out” of players by the time playoffs come. And plus, how can someone who’s made of steel get burnt out?

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    “I trust Shanahan and Jagr to know their bodies and to know what they can or cannot take as far as ice team …”

    No way. Their hearts are much bigger than their heads. Shanahan was out for over 2 minutes straight at one point in the third period, and wasn’t because he didn’t have the opportunity to change, but because he didn’t want to come off of the ice. That;s just too long, but he didn’t want to come off.

    Or what aout Jagr playing in the playoffs last year with his separated shoulder? I’m sure that was a GREAT idea. The players just want to play as much as possible, especially when they are confident in their game and think they can help the team, even if it is patently not the case, such as Jag’s shoulder or Shanny’s 2 min plus shift.

  16. Sorry Doodie .. these aren’t rookies or even 2nd or 3rd year guys … these are future hall of famers who have played for over 15 years in this league .. so yes, I trust their judgement

  17. I agree that it was dumb for Jagr to play with a separated shoulder, but thats a completely different situation. No one is playing with a serious injury. Maybe a sore back, but thats about it. They’re perfectly healthy and if they want the minutes, I’d give it to them. Only good things happen when Jagr gets double shifted, unless he tries to punch someone and separates his shoulder lol.

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