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First , thanks are in order to Josh Thomson, the long-mysterious other face on this blog who finally emerged from a several month hibernation to pinch-hit for yours truly. It’s funny, but when you think of BU graduates, you worry if they’re going to be able to put two words together. So for Josh to provide some thoughtful and timely commentary was beyond my expectations.

 Anyway, “Josh’s story today was on the ongoing struggle for the Rangers to pick up valuable points when they can”:, especially against a division rival like Pittsburgh tonight. It may sound fairly obvious. But it’s just as easy to dismiss these November games as far less important than those that take place later in the winter. The reality, of course, is they all count the same.

 It’s important to remember given the Rangers’ recent prowess over teams outside their division like Carolina and Tampa Bay; and their futility thus far against the peach-fuzzed Penguins. I certainly wouldn’t call tonight a must-win. But it’s also the type of game that could come back to haunt them later in the season.

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  1. Magnus the Swede on

    I live in Manhattan and I have MSG on channel 31 and channel 70. Does anyone know if position 70 is MSG2 and if so, will tonights game be on that channel?

  2. If Josh is from BU I wonder if he knew Sean Fields.

    His girlfriend was my girlfriend’s roommate. Only met him a handful of times, but I feel like I knew wayyyy too much about the guy.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    I just got in from a dinner right before the beginning of the third. what was the goal reviewing situation, and how has the team played?

  4. No question on the Staal penalty shot call, though.

    That blown call in the first gave the Penguins a point in the standings.

  5. Doodie,

    Cullen put a goal in, the refs didnt see it, and supposedly when they asked the goal judge to review it, they got word that he already had reviewed it, and that it was a no goal. The fact of the matter is he didnt view all the angles, just the overhead one that was not conclusive. The live angle, and a few others clearly show the puck go about 2 feet into the net, and eventually get kicked out again.

    It was a goal, they blew it big time, and the Pens got a gift point.

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