My debut post: A practice update!!!


I know, I know…thrilling, thrilling stuff. But from someone who’s been around the Mets, Yankees, Giants and Jets plenty over the last few months, even slow days at Rangers practice seem interesting. Why? Because hockey players, on the whole, don’t view us as annoyances.

Anyway, two quick things of note:

1. The pertinent — Talk centered around tomorrow’s meeting with the Penguins, who beat the listless Rangers 3-1 last week in Pittsburgh when the Blueshirts committed 12 penalties and allowed two power-play goals. Aaron Ward had unique insight into that loss: He said the team didn’t play poorly, it just never found it’s direction. “It wasn’t that it wasn’t there,” Ward said. “We just couldn’t find it.”

Now, I know that sounds like a Yogi-ism, but Ward believes the team just wasn’t sure what it wanted to do against the Penguins that night. Do you guys buy it???

2. The funny — During practice, four young kids sat in a row of seats along the glass watching the team cycle through a conditioning drill. As the drill ended, Darius Kasparaitis skated by and, with a big grin on his face, smacked his stick against the glass. Basically, just his way of saying hello and giving the kids a thrill.

But just as Kasparaitis swooped by, Jed Ortmeyer, the man in the yellow jersey who’s supposed to be off-limits, gently checked Kasparaitis into the glass. By the look on his face, Kasparaitis never saw it coming.

The kids, of course, seemed to think it was the greatest thing ever. I’m sure Ortmeyer did, too. Must’ve been nice to lay into somebody, yellow jersey be damned.

OK, that’s all. Hopefully, I won’t go another two months without checking in. Until then, GO BU. The beloved Terriers rallied from two 1-goal deficits in the third period on the road to tie hated UNH on Nov. 10th. I bet Sam didn’t get around to mentioning that. Must’ve been busy counting his alma mater’s national championships. (Oh wait, they have none.)

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  1. How did Darius take it? Can’t imagine he’s in too jokey of a mood these days.

    And welcome to the blog…

  2. Nah, Chris, he was fine, just didn’t quite see it coming.

    But for someone who’s blindsided one or two (or a 1,000) opponents during his career, you figured he’d know you can never let your guard down, right?

  3. Well, when MSG showed clips of Kaspar at his first practice back, he was his usual “jokey” self…he had taken his nameplate from above his locker stall and attached it to his helmet! He might be pissed off that he’s not playing, but I doubt he’s taking it out on his teammates.


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  5. So Just a question…will both you guys be going to the pratices and geting difrent viewpoints, alos from the games…or will you be tradeing off, and rairly getting reports on the sames things at the same time??

  6. Sam’s good, denkorwin. Don’t worry, he just had today off.

    Wildcard, Sam and I probably won’t work the Rangers on the same day. If he needs a day off, I’ll fill in. If not, he’ll be here with you guys at all times.

  7. Thanks for the info…we are all just happy to have this blog set up, its a great thing, almost feels like we have an inside sorce…not just the “Normal” media stuff….

  8. Hi, any word on how the games will be split with the goaltenders this weekend? Will Weekes get the nod tonight or tomorrow?

  9. Mike, No word about the goalies yesterday, sorry. Although when I asked Renney about how much of a factor better goaltending from Henrik has been in the team’s recent consistency, he made sure to correct me and add Weekes to the equation.

    Of course, there’s probably some merit to it. Weekes has played four of the 11 games in November. As you guys know, three were good (W’s at Anaheim and San Jose, a one-goal loss at home to Carolina) and one (in Buffalo, 4 G’s on 28 shots in an OT loss) was bad.

    This is just a guess, but considering the team travels from Pittsburgh tonight for tomorrow’s game at home against Buffalo (who Weekes allowed 11 goals against in two starts), doesn’t it make sense for Weekes to get a start tonight???

    (Sorry for the stat overkill…)

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