Before you enter into your turkey and stuffing-induced coma…


…just a few quick thoughts.

  • As promised, “my story today”: is on the resurgent, or at least less-maddening Marcel Hossa, who has responded well to his assignment on the Rangers’ third line alongside Blair Betts and Jason Ward. Say what you want about the guy. I don’t think he’s going to be cracking the All-Star lineup any time soon. But he’s at least beginning to be more of an impact player.


  • As for Jed Ortmeyer, it’s probably going to be another week before he starts practicing with contact (for now he looks like Vinny Testaverde, practicing in a yellow jersey so not to get hit), and then it’s a matter of working his way into playing shape. Tom Renney said yesterday that he’s going to be cautious with the right wing, and there’s no reason not to be. Ortmeyer’s entire game depends on energy, and you want him to be in a position where he’s not holding anything back. Better for him to be in ideal shape than not ready enough.
  • Lastly, as many of you know already “it’s been a fairly emotional week for me”: I could write an endless list of things I’m thankful for, both related to this blog and not. But for now, let me just say I’m grateful for all of you, and your continued interest in this space. It’s been a fairly time-consuming endeavor, but one that has been more than worthwhile. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and be sure to think of those less fortunate than you — beginning, for instance, with Flyers fans.

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    1. Sam, thanks for the time and effort you pour into this blog. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    2. Sam, thanks for the hard work and the excellent reportage. Best to you and yours and the Rangers and their fans.

    3. >>> Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and be sure to think of those less fortunate than you—beginning, for instance, with Flyers fans.

      Sam, it’s comments like this that make me love this blog!

      I am very thankful for this blog and all the insight on the team that you give us on a daily basis, have a great Thanksgiving with your family.

    4. “be sure to think of those less fortunate than you—beginning, for instance, with Flyers fans.”



    5. Sam:

      Thank you for providing a breat hof fresh air. I can understand the emotional time that this must be for you and I sincerely hope that you have a very special day with your family.

      Thank you for the great work…you are a consummate professional…professional what I’m not sure but a professional nonetheless. :)

      All kidding aside Sam, peace be to you and your family and a special offering of my families sincerest best wishes for those serving this country overseas…as we prepare to ceelbrate the freedom that we have here, know there are those of us who appreciate the sacrifices you are making to ensure that freedom. Please, come home safe and soon.

    6. SAM: Thanks for the work you do, it us fans who are thankful for someone who is willing to put in the time for getting us info on the team we all love. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    7. SAM. Thanks for all the terrific work you do, and for your patience with us. Have agreat Thanksgiving.

    8. OldTymeHockey14 on

      Happy Bird Day from da hood, yo!

      Well, not the hood. But not the best area, either. Kind of close to hood-ness. But not quite there. A little scary for some people, but I can handle it. Can you handle it? CAN YOU HANDLE IT, SAM???? THAT is the question. You wanna try to come to my almost-hood and pop some smack? You let me know.

      Oh, and Happy Bird Day again.

    9. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving… but I have a question.. this website said there is a possible trade brewing with Prucha? any truth to this… will we see Prucha go, any truth to this (they said it was possible because of the Ibister trade, and now more speculation)

    10. Hey Sam, first off, Happy Thanksgiving.

      SECOND(ly), I wanted to ask you about why all these articles about HOSSA all of a sudden. The NY Times did one, (on top of the game article that pretty much rambled on about him when he scored) and now you’re doing one, and the guy just scored ONE GOAL.

      Is there some daily directive coming from the MSG press room? I’ve seen that happen more than a few times, where all the papers ‘coincidentally’ have articles on the exact same topic on the same day.
      What’s the deal with that?

    11. Happy Black Friday everyone. Just picked up a nice HDTV from Circuit City (it was a mad house) so when I watch the games, it’ll be like I’m actually there. Be safe.

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