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I’ll make it short today if only because I’m working on about three hours sleep. Granted, that probably merits another blog entry in itself, but for now, a few quick hits:

  • In my haste to make it to practice on time today I grabbed the first ballcap within reach, and it happened to be my blue USA Hockey hat (version 2.0, for “reasons explained here”:http://golf.lohudblogs.com/2006/08/24/farewell-loyal-blue-hat-wherever-you-are/). Maybe this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but bear in mind that the Rangers are a diverse bunch, comprised of a host of Russians, Czechs, Swedes, and of course Canadians. And this is to say nothing of Tom Renney, who has coached Team Canada in multiple international competitions, including to a silver medal in the 1994 Winter Olympics. Feeling somewhat apologetic, I asked Renney if he was offended by my hat. “No,” the coach said. “But I might bring you a Canada hat just to even things out.” Fair enough.
  • Speaking of Renney, the coach likes to assess imaginary $50 fines to reporters whose cell phones go off during press conferences (there is one, and he knows who he is, who is a multiple-time offender). During our session today in the Rangers’ luxurious lounge at the MSG Training Center, Renney was mid-sentence when a loud blender went off for several seconds. The coach looked around to see who was causing the disruption, and it turned out to be Jaromir Jagr, better known as “the most prolific European-born goal scorer in NHL history”:http://www.thejournalnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20061122/SPORTS01/611220386/1034/SPORTS. We asked Renney if Jagr was going to be fined. “Who is it?” the coach asked mockingly while turning around. “Oh, no fine…”
  • Strange trend developing in the Rangers locker room after wins: after the traditional playing of “Sweet Caroline,” the next song up is Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” (which, for those of you who don’t know, is a somewhat “unflattering song Simon wrote about Mick Jagger”:http://www.completealbumlyrics.com/lyric/10080/Carly+Simon+-+You’re+So+Vein.html, but which still features Jagger on background vocals, UPDATE: I have since been corrected multiple times by those who say the song is about Warren Beatty. In a million years I never imagined this discussion would be taking place on a Rangers blog). Always in search of a deeper meaning, I wondered if it’s a less-than-subtle way to remind players to keep an even head after wins. But when I asked Henrik Lundqvist what the significance of the song is, the goalie was stumped. “I just think it’s the next song on the iPod,” he said.

    Of course there’s that, too.

    OK folks, that’s all for now. I hope to post tomorrow, but just in case, a happy and healthy Thanksgiving to all….

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    1. Frank- Good call! I was going to make a similar barb.

      Sam, We’ll cut you some slack on the typos due to your three hours sleep. I’m on the same sleep schedule. (I’m not sure I followed the “Renney-Jagr-with-a-blender” exchange. Did he know it as Jags all along? Sorry, maybe my sleep deprived brain isn’t getting it either. Happy Thanksgiving!

    2. Yes, Colorado Mark. I messed up. I fixed it. Thanks for the heads-up.

      And Keith, my sources now tell me that Simon has always kept the inspiration for the song a secret. So maybe it is Beatty and not Jagger. Good catch.

    3. wow, who knew that the NYR players had such poor taste in music? What the hell kind of songs are those for 20-30 year old hockey players? Sounds more like the kind of music they play at the old folks home.

    4. Maybe when we have a team that has the balls to play some heavy metal then they might be actually fun to watch on the ice. Until then, I might as well just watch only the highlights on NHL.com

    5. hockeymanrangers on

      Happy Thanksgiving; Let’s all be thankfull that we don’t have the Flyers record so far this season. AHHHH CHEERS

    6. I know enough to know that heavy metal is garbage. You can’t even put heavy metal in the same sentence as the word “music.” Heavy metal has been dead since the 90’s unless you consider bands like Slipknot, mudvayne, system of a down, and equally crappy bands as heavy metal, in which case YOU know nothing about heavy metal. I’m sure Renney knows this too, which is why they don’t listen to that. I doubt he wants his players’ ears bleeding or having seizures before/after games.

    7. Vinny, please do the hockey world a favor and just watch the highlights and stop speaking/typing in general. What does heavy metal have to do with hockey and how does listening to metal show that these guys have some balls? Ohhhh angry music…arrgggg hockey man smash….hockey man kill. After every post I read from you, I can hear the screams of my suicidal brain cells putting themselves out of their misery. :)

    8. >>After every post I read from you, I can hear the screams of my suicidal brain cells putting themselves out of their misery.


    9. Evgeni and Chap are as clueless as Renney. Metal dead? HAHAHA! And then he mentions garbage like Slipknot and Mudvayne lol, it is pretty obvious all you know about music is what MTV shoves down your throat.

    10. Nothing could be worse than the performance of Quiet Riot between periods of an Avalanche game at McNichols Arena. The sound was turned so far down, and those guys as olkd geezers simply did not get it done. When your hockey playing kids ask “Dad, why does that singer have those tight pants with a big bulge in the front, is he wearing his cup to sing?” you know it is more than over for them.

      Happy Thanksgiving!

    11. Bob- That is hilarious! What a story! So how did you answer that question? (My bet is you went to parenting 101 and hailed a hot dog vendor immediately to distract the boy. Er, maybe a hot dog vendor wouldn’t be the best choice…)

      Music debate- Have we really digressed to arguing about music? To each his own. I like the Beastie Boys, Beck and the White Stripes. What does that say about me? I don’t like Metal, but I wouldn’t say it is dead and I wouldn’t care if the guys were listening to Motorhead or Mozart as long as they play like they did the past two nights!

    12. I don’t think I can post links on this blog, but I could point out some great metal bands if someone is interested.

    13. “Happy Thanksgiving!” aka, happy beginning of the genocide day. I feel sad for those that celebrate all these lame holidays like some brainwashed fools. Are there still people left that don’t do something because “the mob” is doing it? Bunch of brain dead sheep, religiously eating turkey every thanksgiving, buy a tree every christmas, etc.

    14. Wow. Vinny is a terrible human being. Just thought i’d throw it out there. At least we all know that vinny doesnt believe in religion, sports, or anything else normal… just heavy metal and being a “non-conformist.” The jokes on you though because theres no such thing as non comformity anymore because theres thousands of losers just like you that say the same garbage. So, sorry to say it vinny, you’re part of a “mob” as well. And yes I do enjoy drinking tons of beer tonight and eating turkey all day tommorow and putting up a christmas tree and eating delicious foods. You must’ve been really deprived as a child. Poor guy.

    15. Doodie Machetto on


      See what you’ve done!? Like we didn’t have enough to argue about already.

      VP: I lived with a metal head for 3 years (2002-2004). You’re right, metal isn’t dead. In America, it’s dying but is still strong in Europe, especially Scandinavian countries. However, Evgeni’s got you. Your complaining about conformity, but all you’re doing is conforming to a non-conformist alternative. I don’t know what you should be more upset about, not having turkey and a christmas tree, or that your entire belief system and lifestyle makes you a hypocrite.

    16. Poor Evgeni, believes in God and prays every day, he watches all sports religiously and listens to church music, he believes he will go to heaven if he goes to bed before 9 and eats turkey every thanksgiving. Evgeni is also a thought virgin as he never had one yet, he just repeats what he heard on TV or in church. Poor kid.

      And I do believe in religion–it exists, it is a cause of billions of deaths and is a tool to manipulate dimwits such as yourself.

    17. “or that your entire belief system and lifestyle makes you a hypocrite.”

      how does it make me a hyppocrite?

    18. Vimmy, Evgeni…enough…jeesh…why with the personal stuff…I can sat though that Metal, ala Mtalica, a band who the members of the Rolling stoners said were among the best music writer in history mind you, is far from dead, adn most definatly music…..NOW since I have posted very little about the game last night. Awsome win, looking forward to the next game, looking forward to the next Blog from Sam. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

    19. you know what vinny pooh stop being a miserable attention seeking asshole. your just looking to start with people that would never pay attention to you in the first place. you seem to have made it a point to ruin every thread with your ANNOYING soapbox useless drivel. do us all a favor and stop gracing us with your presence since we are all so beneath you. i can’t take this guy im sorry folks first time ive said anything about it but reading this guy’s crap is really worthless, who the hell bags on thanksgiving ?!!?!?! what the hell is the point of that its dinner with family i mean who could possibly have a problem with that other than a useless attention whore like this clown

    20. kovy, sorry but honestly you were always beneath me(besides you have no life and go to hockey games with your daddy and post on every goddamn rangers message board), don’t feel bad, at least you have your dinner with family on thanksgiving.

    21. Easy guys. Let’s all step away from the keyboard for a little while.
      Or better yet, why not just trash on me? My story in tomorrow’s paper is about the resurgence of Marcel Hossa.
      See, that way you can just talk about what a fool I am.

    22. People, this is a New York Rangers blog. If I wanted to read about heavy metal, religion, secular holidays or Carly Simon, I would go to blogs about THOSE TOPICS. And, if you think you’ve got an opinion that is particularly insightful about any of those topics, please, start a blog or chat room about them. I wish you millions of hits and millions of ad dollars. But, leave that stuff off Sam’s New York Rangers blog. He shouldn’t have to read the nasty personal drivel or worry about babysitting us.

      Now, I didn’t get to see last night’s game. How did Ozo look, and has anyone heard any new, legitimate info about a possible Prucha deal? And, Sam, have you spoken to Ortmeyer about being back on the ice? Sorry if you posted about that already and I missed it…

    23. I like vinny,…he can stay.

      By the way, I hate that terrible carlie simon song!
      It is completely pointless, and she contradicts herself in her own song. Am I the only one who sees this?

      “Your so vain, you probably think this song is about you”

      …ok, then who IS the song about…its obviously about him (although in a negative way). By writing: YOUR so vain, you are speaking directly to him, implying that he is the subject of the song. So he is right, and is not vain, because the song IS about him.

      It should be…
      “I’m so dumb, I cant even write a song that makes sense”

    24. Sam – Like OMG. I can’t believe you’re writing about that useless waste-of-space enigma Hossa. I mean, he’s like 50 years old with hands of cement that couldn’t hit the side a barn door with a shot. I mean, he must have pictures of Renney or something because why else would he be on this team instead of the kids. Keep drinking the koolaid, why don’t you write about Dawes?!?!

      Haha…couldn’t resist putting myself in the detractor’s shoes for a minute after listing to the senseless harping for so long. Great game by the kid last night and hopefully the start of many more. With solid icetime and a regular role, I have no doubt he’ll be an asset to this team. Also glad that he seems to be falling in place with Ward and Betts, as they were two others that seemed on the cusp of Poti-dom so to speak…THRILLED to see for once that some of the boobirds out there cutting on this guy for no reason can now eat crow.

      As for you guys quarelling about Metal (metal?)and Thanksgiving on a Ranger blog –better yet a hockey blog period –why, might I ask. I mean, it sort of made sense when the topic was Sweet Caroline, but seriously.

    25. ok this discussion took an insulting turn … I just don’t understand the need for people to make personal attacks on others but I am not surprised due to who it came from

    26. The Gods Made Heavy Metal

      In the beginning there was silence and darkness
      All across the earth
      Then came the wind and a hole in the sky
      Thunder and lightning came crashing down
      Hit the earth and split the ground
      Fire burned high in the sky

      From down below fire melted the stone
      The ground shook and started to pound

      The gods made heavy metal and they saw that is was good
      They said to play it louder than Hell
      We promised that we would
      When losers say it’s over with you know that it’s a lie
      The gods made heavy metal and it’s never gonna die

      We are the true believers
      It’s our turn to show the world
      In the fire of heavy metal we were burned
      It’s more than our religion it’s the only way to live
      But the enemies of metal we can’t forgive

      Cause we believe in the power and the might
      And the gods who made metal are with us tonight

      The gods made heavy metal and they saw that is was good
      They said to play it louder than Hell
      We promised that we would
      When losers say it’s over with you know that it’s a lie
      The gods made heavy metal and it’s never gonna die

      We believe in the power and the might
      And the gods who made metal are with us tonight

      We’re here tonight for heavy metal are you ready in the hall
      They have chosen us and we have heard the call
      Gonna tear the roof off with our sound

      Crack the walls and shake the ground
      Fight tonight for metal one and all

      Cause we believe in the power and the might
      And the gods who made metal are with us tonight

      The gods made heavy metal and they saw that is was good
      They said to play it louder than Hell
      We promised that we would
      When losers say it’s over with you know that it’s a lie
      The gods made heavy metal and it’s never gonna die

    27. All you all that just didnt “listn” to Sam are pathetic. Talk hockey or go away…man…I saw a bunch more posts up from when I alst posted…thought something intresting was here. SAM: that is something I wonder about, has anyone talked to Orts about being on the road back?? I eman hes skateing, is there a time table when he can resume hiting, or when the Reneny and CO. will let him? Or how long before he and the coaches think he will be game ready…will they send him to teh Pack for af ew games to get his gaems legs back or just insert him int he NY lineup? All things I am sure many are wondering.

    28. Wildcard (and others):

      Mike Forde has an article about Ortmeyer in the Post. I think it’s from today, Thursday, but I’m not sure because I read it online.

    29. Doodie Machetto on

      I just saw a replay of the Islander’s game from last night (nothing else is on TV and it never hurts to scout the competition). They’re surprisingly good. What I wouldn’t give for a player like Jason Blake- I’ve always liked him. Yashin is actually earning his salary too. And Poti, that jerk, actually has 10 pts.

      They were playing Carolina and outshot them something like 47-15. By the way, since I just mentioned Carolina, how well is Rod Brind’Amour playing right now? Not just the point output- hes 60.1% in the faceoff circle.

    30. Happy Thanksgiving Sam. Have you heard anything about this Petr Prucha and Kasparitis trade to Chicago for Seabrook and a prospect? I have been reading about it all over the internet. Yes, it is just a rumor, but it concerns me because Prucha is such a great player and a hard worker. Would hate to lose him!

    31. Doodie Machetto on

      Steve: This is something I got from Spector’s Trade Rumours about 5 days ago.

      CHICAGO DAILY HERALD: Tim Sassone reports Blackhawks GM Dale Tallon had to shoot down another trade rumor involving Seabrook. This one had the second-year defenseman going to the Canucks for center Brendan Morrison. “Seabrook is one of the guys we’re going forward with,� Tallon said. “Why would I trade him?�

      Spector’s Note: Having dealt away Tyler Arnason, Kyle Calder and Mark Bell this year, Tallon seems determined not to move any more youngsters. Can’t say I blame him, especially Seabrook.

      Hope this puts you at ease.

    32. >> And Poti, that jerk, actually has 10 pts.

      is not like Poti didn’t get points when he was here … I don’t think that’s the reason he wasn’t liked … although I think it was taken to extremes … I guess he was labeled as “Sather’s boy” and since the guy that went the other way was a fan favorite, York, it just made the problem worse

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