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I talked to a Rangers scout before the game and he made a good point. Not to be discounted with the Isbister deal is that the forward played for Hartford head coach Jim Schoenfeld in Phoenix, and that Schoenfeld has been saying for several weeks that the team needed some help.

As for where Tom Renney sees him, the coach said Isbister for now is charged with helping the Wolf Pack on track, but could be a call-up that can help team.

That’s vague, I know. But unless someone gets hurt I wouldn’t expect Isbister playing the Garden anytime soon.

Speaking of which, the Rangers are FINALLY wearing their traditional blue jerseys tonight. Enjoy them while you can. The NHL is introducing its new aerodynamic, body-fitting uniforms at the All-Star game, and will roll them out for the entire league next season. Man, is nothing sacred? And do we really need to see Marek Malik in form-fitting attire?

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  1. They dont look that bad,…except for the guy on the right looks kinda funny in it.

    Are these the jerseys we saw at the olympics last year? they looked kinda sleeker and form fitting too.

  2. Hey, are they shorter? suually the jerseys come down about 6 inches lower, no?
    You know I take it back,…they do look kinda crappy.
    Why fix it if its not broken?

  3. I will be upset if this new jersey means a change in the rangers jersey as in the bottom stripes are gone

  4. anyone else notice that gutless sack of shit Cole dive twice to draw penalties? (im pretty sure that was him on the 2nd penalty, but not positive)

    Ive said this for a while now, that guy is the most unsportsman like player in the entire league and he should get a spear right through his face.


  5. Doodie Machetto on

    Bottom stripes will be a casualty of new unis. Two examples:

    1) Rangers third jersey
    2) Buffalo’s new jerseys, just in time for the new form fitting uniform swap.

  6. They are the jerseys that were used in the olympics last time….I dont mind them…but am not excited ither…I cant remember the reasoning they used….but in anycase…its a minor change, so it shouldnt affect play…and hey…change happens…right

  7. more ruining of the tradition of the sport. look at Buffalo. they have been wearing different jerseys this year, but the one that looks the best is the old, classic style blue with gold stripes on the sleeve.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    The reasoning, as I understood it (and I may be totally wrong here) was that Reebok was trying to make the sport more appealing to women by showing off the bodies of the Hockey players, like the tight pants baseball and football players wear.

  9. I have a friend who works for a major sports marketing firm that just dumped all their hockey business. Rule changes aside, the league’s popularity is waning. And unless form-fitting jerseys make hockey easier ro follow on television, they won’t help. The sport has to grow slowly, as in, a generation of fans in a given area have to grow up going to games so that they can easily understand what’s going on via television without it all having to be right in front of them. That and HDTV with widescreen will help hockey immensely. Form-fitting jerseys are another ridiculous Bettman idea.

    Interestingly, tonight the Vs. announcers were talking about the importance of having a good team here in NY for the whole league. And it occurred to me – not that it matters, Im happy to have the guy here and playing his butt off – that Shanny, as a huge ambassador for the game and the league, that’s probably the biggest reason he’s here – to help not only push the Rangers to the next level, but to push the league up a few notches.

  10. hockey gets treated like garbage by the media. baseball had its lowest ratings for the world series, but you don’t see the media trashing them.

  11. Sam,
    One other comment before the puck dropped, but was that one of the worst National Anthems ever sung before a game or was that just me? As a musician…it hurt to listen.

  12. Meanwhile, you want the vets off this team to make room for kids who aren’t ready? I don’t know how long you have watched hockey, but that usually doesn’t work out too grandly. And you constantly whined and moaned that this is Jagr’s fault? Nope, the answer is that the kids are not ready and those that have shown they are ready are shafted by management. Jagr is one bright spot of this team. Nylander and Straka are nothing without him and neither is the team (As great as Shanny has been).

    Honestly, just don’t comment until you get a clue.


    let me show you wahat a 30 year hockey fan thinks of your comment again:

    , I do not need to see JAGR,Shanahan, Straka etc. on a Ranger team that is building a new nucleus. It does not matter if I pay what I pay for MSG Network and my Ranger Tickets. I do not need to see these stars. I want to watch potential future stars grown from scratch.

    Please Bauer, understand that not all Long Time Hockey Fans need to see some other teams old stars on the Rangers to be satisfied and “Held at bay” with this type of team building. It’s simply not true.It is much more gratifying to Long Time Hockey Fans when you see home grown talent from the ugly beginning all the way to it’s hopeful fruition.

  13. >> The NHL is introducing its new aerodynamic, body-fitting uniforms at the All-Star game, and will roll them out for the entire league next season. Man, is nothing sacred? And do we really need to see Marek Malik in form-fitting attire?

    I really do not see the big difference … if they are the ones from the Olympics the thing that I noticed the most there were the stripes on the pant leggins …

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