Kasparaitis in?


We won’t know until later whether Darius Kasparaitis will skate against Tampa Bay tonight at the Garden, but Tom Renney seemed to hint as much prior to last night’s humiliation in Pittsburgh.

Meanwhile, this would fly in the face of “my earlier theory”:http://rangers.lohudblogs.com/2006/11/17/246/ that says the coach wants to keep his defensive pairings together for the immediate future. But then, my accuracy rate is only slightly better than the Rangers’ power play these days.

Until then…

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  1. maybe its too late for call-ups. But what other excuse does Renney need? put in Pock and Kasparitis at least. You could bench just about anybody, but we all know who the most deserving candidates are.

    Yea this team turned a corner all right, (insert punch line here).

  2. they played like morons last night. IS there any end to there stupidity?

    Shake this thing up now.. Lou in Jersey would be whacking guys left and right why don’t we do the same… There 3rd and 4th lines cannot score to save there lives… Orr I know he is tought but really he plays 3 minutes a night. Hossa is Hossa(a joke).

    They need some hungry young players now.

  3. The rangers will not, I repeat, will not go to the youth movement as long as jagr is the focal point on this team. The reason renney goes with vetran players is to win now for Jagr. The only way the rangers will go with a total youth movement is the day jagr isn’t a ranger anymore. It’s similar to the end of messier’s career. Sather kept bringing in free agents around messier just like he has done for jagr, nothing has changed with sather’s method of madness.

  4. Another thing about Jagr, When Jagr played for the capitals there were many reports that he played uninspired uninterested hockey games because the capitals weren’t either a good team or not playing well. If the rangers start spiraling down the standings keep an eye on jagr’s body language. Jagr did this also in Pittsburg.

  5. Hey Inferno, I heard he made comments about the first line. I got the impression he wasn’t happy at all with jagr’s performance.

  6. Larry Brooks quotes Renney as saying “Kasparaitis is fighting for his life.” How is that possible if he’s not even getting ice time? He’s a pro hockey player, not a pro benchwarmer. Let him play for his life, not sit around in a tie for his life.

    Sam, has there ever been any hint, at all, that Sather or Renney could ever lose their job if the Rangers don’t get more consistent? Is there any sense of urgency? When Shanahan is publicly saying “enough is enough”, does anyone else in the organization react?

  7. It’s 20 games into the season, the team has a .500 record and has shown improvement (until last night) over the past 10 games. Sorry to disapoint, but no one’s getting fired yet.

  8. “When Shanahan is publicly saying “enough is enoughâ€?, does anyone else in the organization react?”

    could you please give me a link or give more details?

    Laurie, Hitchcock is still available, gotta get him or Blue Jackets will. And it is never too early to fire an idiot coach it can only be too late.

  9. No, Laurie, you’re right, obviously. I just wonder whether or not Sather and Renney ever feel the pinch of Dolan; whether or not they feel like they’re performance and their job are connected or if, particularly for Slats, their job is “for life”.

  10. Laurie, how can you say that they’ve shown improvement over the last 10 games “except for last night?”

    Are you forgetting Florida, Carolina, Washington and the first two periods of the Devils game?

    I’d say the team has shown nothing in the last 5 games and if it wasn’t for one good shift vs NJ, would be stuck in a 5 game losing streak.

  11. Hey Chris, that’s the problem, Dolan. Dolan knows nothing about sports franchises or firing GM’s and sather knows he can do no wrong unfortunately. This side show will go on until Dolan sells the ranger/knicks.

  12. sorry, strike the Florida comment, got my games mixed up without checking. 4 game losing streak then. Still headed in the wrong direction with no noticeable accountability from Major Tom.

  13. Tom G,

    Dolan is definitely one problem. Although, if memory serves, the Checketts era wasn’t too much better in a lot of ways. And, for better or worse, there are also many problems on the ice and behind the bench that could be solved without “regime change”. More responsibility, more accountability, more grit and a better, flexible game plan would improve the team a lot — and make it more fun to watch, game in and game out.

    Vinny, that quote is from Larry Brooks’ article today.

  14. “”He’s fighting for his life right now,” Renney said of Kasparaitis”

    what is that supposed to mean?

  15. I guess my point is if you think Dolan will fire sather forget
    it. That is what needs to be done for these changes.

  16. [i][b]this would fly in the face of my earlier theory that says the coach wants to keep his defensive pairings together for the immediate future[/b][/i]

    If Renney sat BOTH Malik & Rozival or BOTH Ozolinsh & Rachenuk then he WOULD be keeping his defensive painings toghether!
    Play Kasparitis & Pock toghether, and you can keep the pairings toghether for the whole season this way. If 1 pairing has a bad game, sit them and bring in the other pairing for a game. Perhaps we see some good stuff from Kasparitis & Pock, and simultaniously we finally encourage some inspired play from the guys who are stining up the joint every night on the ice. You wont be breaking up any pairings this way, and you get to bench guys to teach them a lesson. Am I the only one who doesn’t see the potential in this?

  17. Ok,…I can see the [i] [b] things dont work here,…sorry
    You gotte work on that Samwise…typing in all caps to emphasize a point gets annoying after a while

  18. hockeymanrangers on

    Yep I am all for lets keep loosing some more games then maybe Renny will wake up. I keep waiting for the shake up but nothing happens. Maybe if we loose several in a row SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE WILL HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. I guess Renny thinks it’s ok to win one and lose one, apparently that is enough for him. I agree with Sam, some of the penalities last night were not Rangers fault, but most of them were. IT WAS NOT FUN TO WATCH, It will be hard to turn the game on tonight. I am telling ya’ll if Renny keeps going at this pace it could just cost us the playoffs. AGAIN HOW LONG IS RENNY GOING TO LET THESE PLAYERS THAT ARE STRUGGELING FIND THEIR GAME.

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