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Let the record show that I spotted my first Christmas decorations of the year at 9:15 this morning. I don’t know who it was, but I’m pretty sure that’s two minutes for “ridiculously early holiday celebration.” In fact, under the new rules, that might even be a major.

Anyway, yours truly nodded off early last night (two minutes for utter lameness), so I was unable to get to some of your comments.

A few quick responses:

  • Vinny, I have no idea why some comments say they’re awaiting moderation. I don’t know what that means, but it’s not coming from me. Maybe you’ve just ticked off the wrong person.
  • Doodie Machetto, I didn’t know it was possible to injure one self replying to a blog, but way to play through the pain. You’re a gamer, no question about it. But take it easy. It’s a long season.
  • John M, you’re right. Why did it take the Rangers until November to figure out that Dawes wasn’t going to get enough ice time? One theory said the team thought it was important to have a rookie on the opening night roster, if only to give the rest of the organization hope. The other is that the Rangers thought Dawes could be effective on the third line, but after giving up 13 goals in two games to Pittsburgh and Buffalo, the team soon realized they needed that line to be more defensive-minded than it was. Again, it goes back to what everyone’s been saying here: the Rangers have been awfully focused on getting two points right now and not as worried about the long view of the season. Betts and Hall’s shortcomings aside — and I’m not as down on them as some of you — those players are safer players in their own zone than Dawes is at the moment. Short-sighted? Probably.
  • Jen, I don’t think the Rangers have plans for Pock to play forward for any extended period of time. Mostly, it’s a precaution in case someone gets hurt while the team’s on the road and no one can be called up in time from Hartford. But you’re right: Pock needs to focus on defense, and any dalliances with playing up are likely to lead him astray.
  • Good comment from reader Chris: “No offense, but anyone who expects the upper echelon of management to be giving the fans, or even the beat writers (especially junior ones), the straight scoop is a fool. What’s Renney gonna do? Explain why he thinks one of the players on his team is a disaster or that he has an attitude problem or that another team should never trade for him because he’s got a consistently recurring injury?”

    For the record, Chris, I prefer “young, promising beat reporter” as opposed to “junior,” if only because it sounds more distinguished. But you’re right, to an extent. Tom’s job is not to outline every thought in his head to us, especially if doing so might compromise the team’s interests. But there’s a big difference between being vague and being deceitful. Tom isn’t lying, or being two-faced, as some of you have accused him of. I think he might be stubborn with certain players and certain decisions, but he’s also as honest as he can be with us under the circumstances. Big difference.

    OK, I’m off to the morning skate. More later…

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    1. Sam,

      Thanks for doing a great job with the Blog. Couple of questions:

      -Do you think Kaspar will play tonight (or do you have any info on the subject)?

      -If he does, who sits? (Malik please)

      -Who is Josh Thomson and why is he so quiet?

      -Does the NY Times still have a Rangers beat writer – not much Ranger coverage over there.

    2. SAM: A lot of fans feel management’s attitude is a lot worse and more disrepectful toward us than just being stubborn. This post on Blueshirt Bulletin says it all for me and a lot of Ranger fans:

      “Well, were the ones to blame. That’s what I was told here on this site and your absolutely right. I mean, every fan is going to have issues with there teams management and coach, but this is absolute treachery! I don’t want to hear one word about: they know what their doing, you have to be patient bullcrap.

      The difference from this organization and all the rest is that the fans and their interests never will matter to management. The bottom line is not winning or building a winner for that matter, but to have enough stars and just enough success for all the suckers to keep buying tickets. The only time the morons at the top actually got scared is when after 7 losing seasons the fans turned their backs on the stupidity of overspending on free agents and trading away promising players just to have a quick fix. That is the only time management ever began to utter those infamous words of a rebuild. But guess what folks, we all came back lat year, the team warranted our attention, players from within were given a chance and shined and ice time was earned through merit rather than contract size. That success has been the albotross around our necks.

      Management’s plan worked. Throw a few rookies out there, dedicate alot of time, commercials, and web page coverage to “Future” Rangers, and the fans will never suspect that the same crap is still going on. Don’t worry, we might squeak into a 6th or 7th spot. And that will be just enough to justify a ticket hike and a pat on the back to the same tired old system. I for one will not be apart of it. I will watch every game as i always do, because i love hockey and the Rangers, but aside from given Dolan my Cablevision bill, I WILL NOT BUY ANOTHER TICKET TO WATCH A GAME FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!! The only way our voice and frustration will ever be heard is to hit them where it hurts. I know ill be the only fan staging this stand, but i don’t want to hear anymore crying about how ubelievably stupid this organization is, when you pay your 150 dollars for two mediocore seats and reaffirm the morons position!

      You might say im overreacting , but i hate being lied to. Don’t call this a transition, an era of constrcuting a team that will last for a decade, a new attitude of what a Ranger should be. As time passes it all remains the same, just with a new twist to keep everyone of us true fans (Not the corporate bastards!) interested.”

      Posted by: Vlo | November 13, 2006 at 06:48 PM

    3. Sorry Sam,

      Somehow the words “future hall of fame” were spellchecked into “junior.” I think I’ve fixed the problem, though…

      How’s Ortmeyer? More to the point, is his condition something that will always be a problem, but one that constant surveillance can prevent from keeping him off the ice, allowing him a career? Or is he going the way of Dan Blackburn and the “no, really, I can do this. Wait, no I can’t.”

      Which, by the way, was a bummer. How is Dan? Is he still living with JD’s daughters? I mean “family”.

    4. Hey chardkerm,
      This is what I’ve been saying on this blog since I started. The problem has started ever since Dolan bought the rangers/knicks. Dolan knows nothing about sport teams and he went out thinking sather was some genius and hired him to run the rangers. Look at what a travesty this has been. look what is going on with the knicks, there a joke. Ever since the old ownership left and checketts it has been downhill. I’ve been following the rangers/knicks since 1968 and contrary what some people have said on this blog it has never been this bad. Unfortunately unless Dolan sells the rangers/knicks this crap will go on, period.

    5. Sam,
      The earliest Christmas decorations i saw were October 15th at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, but i’m assuming you’re going for non-commercial area decorations

    6. Hey chardkerm, I think your view of the league is a bit narrow. The same tactics you accuse the Rangers of are surely not unique in the league. Speak to a Boston fan, or most of the original 6. Boston’s notorious for this, I imagine if I lived closer to Toronto or Montreal you’d hear the same there.

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