Post-game musings


Here’s the problem with games like these: I had a great lead already written about how the Rangers are hopeless at home and now it will never see the light of day.

OK, it wasn’t that great of a lead. Actually, come to think of it, I’m not sure it even made sense.

A few thoughts:

  • I can’t take credit for this line but it’s too good not to pass along. After Marcel Hossa had his first assist of the season on the Rangers’ first goal (shockingly, he added a second moments later!), the Daily News’ John Dellapina leaned over and said, “Gary Bettman is going to come out to center ice and say, ‘New York, your long wait is over.”
  • Lots of talk about Tom Renney’s post-second period tirade in the Rangers dressing room. This is the internet, so I’m not sure what the protocol is. But as Jaromir Jagr said, none of it would be suitable for a family newspaper.
  • I didn’t get a chance to ask him this but the question is still worth posing: What was bigger for Brendan Shanahan tonight, scoring the game-winning goal, or not dropping that glass award Mark Messier gave him? Maybe the two go hand-in-hand. If Shanahan drops that thing, I’m not sure he even would have dressed.
  • Quick game synopsis: I had three cups of coffee the first two periods just to stay awake. Now my ears are ringing. Welcome to hockey.

    OK, plenty more to discuss. Enjoy this one Rangers fans, hard as that might be.

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    1. maybe if Renney would keep Jagr away from Pandolfo and Madden, he wouldn’t have to throw a hissy fit.

    2. Sam:

      I saw Neil Smith at the game, who is now the Asst. GM of the Stars. He stayed until about 5 minutes left in the 3rd.

      Any ideas? Dallas doesn’t need Dmen, unless they are looking to move Modry or Zubov in something big.

      They might be looking for a replacement for Steve Ott, but other than that, I can’t tell what they might need.

    3. As I have preached before, BALANCED LINES work. Third period proves it.Split em up. and they arent so easy to play against. JJ can make Malik look like a great passer!!! So keep em split up.

    4. “I saw Neil Smith at the game, who is now the Asst. GM of the Stars.”

      he is? I am glad his career is not totally ruined by Wang. Maybe he was scouting Devils, Brylin perhaps?

      “Quick game synopsis: I had three cups of coffee the first two periods just to stay awake.”

      I thought it was a pretty energetic hard hitting game.

    5. Sam, can you ask Hyena Renney what he has against Prucha that he always cuts his icetime? It is pretty obvious that Prucha is as good defensively as anyone. What is his evil scheme with Prucha? Is it because Prucha is humble and never complaints and is not going anywhere so he can screw with his icetime and stats so when he becomes a free agent it will be cheaper and easier to re-sign him?

    6. Sorry, actually Neil is a “special consultant/scout” for the Stars.

      But I still doubt they would send him to do advance scouting for the December 14th game against the Rangers?

    7. Anyone can say anything they want about Renny, but if it was the words of the coach during the second intermission tonight to make them come out the way they did in the third, then he can play and not play whoever he wants as far as I’m concerned. Malik almost took it end to end to score a goal by himself, and that was just the first thrill cause seconds later Jagr scored his first of the game, and we all know what happend after that.

      What was with his second goal? haha I loved it!

      And watching the replay of Shannys goal just further proves my undieing point that Marty blows!… he was lookin for the puck in his glove and it went right through his legs… That guy is the luckiest ‘let the puck hit me and pray’ goaltender I have ever seen… Absolutely over rated and I get sick when people refer to him as the best in the world. I love it when the rangers crack the egg, and they couldn’t have done it to a better bad goalie then brodouche.

    8. I come here and bash when things look ugly. So I’ll come here now and say that regardless of a lucky bounce or whatever you want to call it. that was an awesome hockey game to be at (the place was going beserk), and they played well defensively in the first 2 periods, then played an awesome third. They made their luck. Hossa played a very nice game. And the Devils looked useless in the third.

      Great night, great win, all complaints about the organeyezation are forgotten – for now.

    9. Marty Brodeour or however you spell it, has a save % of like 89% not spectacular, he just didnt see alot of shots while the team in front of him clutched and grabbed and trapt, I always said that he didnt look good when he saw lots of shots, now that the game is opened up he looks human, he still has games he steals, but not nearly the level he was at pre lockout….not saying he is a bad netminder, just that the new nhl has hurt him. Vinny…what are you talking about with PP?? only 3 players had more than 20 min, and two of them we les than a min over, One defender I cant remember who had 20:05 and Nylander had 20:35 only Jagr had bigger min…i think 23 and he was double shifted…Prucha got between 12-13, for the second liner who gets secnd unit PP time, thats about right for a game when three lines at least are rolled…and last year proved he can get it done with 10 min or so…would I like to se him with more time…SURE, but I dont think it was anything against him that he got those min, just how the game lined up…I wouldnt think renney dosnt like him or anything…hes on the 2nd line for crying out loud

    10. Prucha played his A@# off tonight. Both ends of the ice. Covering up for pincing d men and getting to the net no matter what it took.
      Look, if pint size Gionta can stan in the slot all night, so can Prucha.

    11. A Shanny kind of game… Gets an Award, knocks Marty into his net when no one else would dare,scores a game winner, and blocks a crucial shot from the point on the late third period Devil PP. It does not get better than Shanahan!!!

    12. Jim

      I wouldn’t read too much into Neil Smith being here. He’s been at a few games already, but so have a lot of scouts for a lot of teams. Part of that is just teams simply trying to gather as much info on players as they can — sometimes for something now, sometimes for down the road, sometimes as a way just to know who to avoid (“i.e. Whatever you do, don’t make a deal for No. 8 on the Rangers…”

    13. Wildcard- What? Now you’re worried about spelling? ;-)

      I’m with Sam, The first two periods weren’t bad, but I felt myself dozing off until the third period excitement. The Devils always do it to me. Malik played well, but I still want to see Kaspar get a shot. And Pock.

      I like the idea of putting Jagr on the 4th line as well. Why not, they don’t get that much ice-time anyway and it throws the opposition off. Maybe dress 7 defensemen and have Orr sit in the pressbox again. We have enough freakin’t d-men, might as well use them. The Ozo could be a PP specialist and Pock (or Kaspar) could PK. Pock could take a shift on the wing if Jagr needs a break. It might be a good strategy.

      Sorry, Sam, I like the Liberty Jerseys! And they broke the “curse” tonight.

      Prucha is made of rubber. We need Shanny to pummel the next guy that takes liberties with him. I know we need Shanny on the ice, but I think it would send a message. Sure, Shanny isn’t a heavyweight, but I don’t think anyone in the league wants to go with him, and wouldn’t the crowd energize the team after something like that? Just Drop and throw like Malhotra did to the Drunk Devil a few years back.

      We played well physically after a slow start. I liked Orr going early, but then he seemed to disappear…

      I’m still laughing atthe announcers from Washington saying Malik “isn’t easy to beat!”

    14. Oh, yeah. How many times did Messier Plug his sponsor? Geesh. I love the guy, but he’s kinda, I dunno, a shill these days. I think they spent 6 or 7 minutes of Color commentary of just Mess talking and the play went on.

    15. I love mark messier, but everytime he speaks it makes me cringe. the way he adds the “uhhhh” to every friggin word is so unbelieveably annoying.

      i would uhhh like to uhhhh thank all the uhhhh great fans of uhhhhh new york and uhhhhhh say to my wife uhhhhhh thank you for uhhhhhh everything youve uhhhhhh done for me uhhhhh.

      god bless mark for everything hes done for the team and the sport, but the man is not articulate at all.

    16. Doodie Machetto on

      People forget this interesting bit of information that could be part of the reason why Brodeur is slowing down:

      He’s getting old.

      Granted, his age (34) isn’t cripplng. But think of it in games played, and it is. 829 RS and 153 PO. Belfour is 40 and still playing, but look at his GP : 915, 161. Point is, Brodeur is a very old 34.

      Seeing more rubber has something to do with it, as every goalie is seeing more shots. But Brodeur just doesnt have the athletic ability or groin that he used to.

    17. From cbssportsline’s rumor mill:
      “… The New York Rangers might be interested in bringing Leetch back to Broadway, but they’d have to make a trade or two to free up cap space. They’ve reportedly been shopping around Darius Kasparaitis, but the market for his services is lukewarm. Petr Prucha’s name has also been linked to this rumor, with the Chicago Blackhawks an interested party.”

    18. Prucha’s name is linked with every rumor about the Rangers because with his skills, heart and salary, he’s easily their most marketable chip (save maybe Lundqvist, who I’m sure no one in the rest of the league expects the Rangers to be willing to part with.) That doesn’t necessarily mean the Rangers are looking to or willing to deal him, just that he’s the guy all the other teams are asking for. As much as they don’t want to have 8 defensemen clogging up the roster and the salary cap, I don’t see them sacrificing Prucha just to sweeten a deal to get rid of Kaspar or one of the other D, especially when waiving one of them is an option.

    19. Great game …wow I almost fell off of my couch when Shanny scored the 3rd goal.. Also finally Malik looks better I like his effort he almost scored on Marty too. But Jagr and Shanny fired up the MSG. I think Rangers should get rid of Kaspar although I like the guy but he is not himself anymore and I doubt will ever become his old self. I think he should be offered a place in organization since he deffinitely deserves it.

    20. Maybe Jagr should play with a sand wedge instead of a stick. We wouldn’t lose…

      Hossa had a great game, and not just because he managed to grab those 2 assists. He looked good. And though I understand a team has to do what it has to, it will be heartbreaking if Prucha is shipped. He was tough before and it’s almost as if Shanny is teaching him the next level of commitment.

      Am I the only person who thought “Malik’s going end to end. Crap they’re gonna go crazy on Sam’s blog if he scores…”

      First time Renney’s gotten angry, first time he’s gotten crazy with adjusting the lines in the 3rd and what happens? Sweet victory.

      Those jerseys are still heinous.

    21. Hey Sam,
      I don’t know is this is ‘kosher’ becuase its from another paper, but this is a Jagr quote from Brooks’ article today about Jagr’s sholder…

      “There are times like the last couple of days where I work out twice on my shoulder, even though I know that won’t leave me in my best condition for a game.

      “I have no choice. I have to do it. I have to build the muscle back to where it’s strong enough. On the road trip to the West Coast I tried letting it go for three days, but then I had nothing. I can’t do that, and I can’t wait.

      “I don’t care about how many goals I score. I want to be there for my team. I’m not going to give in. There were some doctors who wanted me to stay out until my shoulder was back to complete 100 percent strength.

      “If I listened, I’d probably be starting my season right now. No chance.”

      To me it sounded that by playing in the games, he is taking steps backwards for his sholder rehabilitation. I don’t know if you can even answer this (since I am assuming you don’t have an MD….unless your hiding something from us) but is it going to be physically possible for Jagr to actually regain 100 percent strength if he continues to play?

      With that being said, he has clearly shown improvement as the season has progressed. His knuckle-ball floater wasn’t the Jagr-esque goal that I am used to seeing though…

    22. The only reason the rangers should trade prucha is if there going to get back a young player in return, if not, than what sather stated about the organization headed toward a youth movement was a lie. Because all the rumors I heard they were getting back was over paid veteran players which basically is the same thing he has done in the seven years they didn’t make the playoffs. If this is true than the fans on this blog who have complained about this will have validity. I hope that Laurie is correct in her assumption and it’s that when the rangers talk to a team that the team is interested in prucha and that the rangers aren’t interested in trading him unless it was for a young player in return.

    23. CO MARK: LOL..yeah I worry bout my spelling from time to time…LOL…but its so horrid usually I just give up before I start….Just names…I tihnk its a respect thing to get naames right…but other than that, if you wana know what im saying…gana have to figure it out HAHAHAHA….

    24. doodiemachetto on

      RE: prucha

      His name is mentioned in rumors because the other teams come calling. No GM in the league will not at least LISTEN to an offer on ANY player on his team, with the possible exceptions of Crosby, Malkin, and Ovechkin.

      So when GMs around the league start calling Slats with an offer for Prucha, he’s in the power position because they want our guy. So if we ever do part with Prucha, which I doubt they would, the return, I’m sure, would be huge.

    25. doodiemachetto…your right, I could see the return for Prucha to be moster, maybe with a guy like Immonnen added in I could see a pick like number 3 or 4 even…just because if they want him they have to pay…I dont think he will be traded because I tihnk that Sather is smart enough to demand like the number one overall for him so that after nagotiating he still gets more than he should…if he dosnt..well put him against a wall and shoot him or something…cause he is just that stupid….just for the record I in no way shape or form thing someone should hurt Mr. Sather, I am sure he means well and deserves a nice long…RETIREMENT!! :)

    26. Why do these Leetch rumors persist? Why would we want an old, not-in-game-shape, injury-prone icon of the past? I know the answer: Let’s sign Dale Rolfe!

    27. doodiemachetto on

      OK, first of all, Prucha is not even close to the level of the first three. Wolski isn’t on their level and I don’t see the point in swapping Wolski for Prucha on either side. You don’t swap a forward for a forward unless its a forward and something else. Wolski has more “potential” than Prucha so that trade would make 0 sense, not that anyone has actually suggested it.

      But if you could trade him for a legitimate number 1 defenseman, to a team that needs scoring, would you consider it? Pronger? Niedermayer? Lidstrom? Zubov? Kaberle? McCabe? Chara? These guys are old, but they still are the premier guys at their position.

      What about younger guys that are going to be the premier guys for the next 5 or 6 years? Brad Stuart? John Michael-Liles? Lubomir Visnovsky? The San Jose Sharks (pick one.)?

      I would have mentioned Phaneuf, but Phaneuf is another player I think is off limits to all teams that I forgot to mention earlier.

    28. Doodie Machetto on

      I didn’t say that made sense, did I? Besides, that wasn’t a straight swap for those teams. Nashville esentially traded Hall for a draft pick, and Pittburgh traded a draft pick for Moore. The Rangers were counting on Immonen making the big boys club and so were crowded down the middle and lacking size. Wolski for Prucha would be winger for winger.

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