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Darius Kasparaitis has been recalled from Hartford and is back on the ice for practice today. No other moves to report, since Nigel Dawes is also on the ice.

I’ll have more later….

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  1. I hope Kasper rises to the challenge he will surely be presented from Cam Janssen.

    And I hope he sends the appropriate “message” as he answers that challenge.

  2. Malik had been improved until Saturday night…then took a major step backwards.

    As much as I am not a Roszival guy, he has stepped up BIG TIME over the last couple of games. He was very good against the Caps

  3. he should be waived and on the next plane back to russia…and he should take rachunek, ozolinsh, malik and rozsival with him

  4. i don’t get it……

    dawes still here to rot in the pressbox while hossa still has a job?

    kaspar coming back to do what push pock further down the depth chart? can he skate yet? didn’t look like it from what i saw in hartford. can he throw a check without landing on HIS back?

    these roster moves thus far have not made any sense to me at all. dawes should never have remained with the team if this is what was going to happen if anything it was clear as day that we needed one of immonen/dubinsky to remain with the team to play center. just makes no sense

  5. You had to figure, given what Kaspar means to the team and the effect he has in the dressing room, that they’d at least give him another couple games to try to prove himself.

  6. If Kasper is now able to be a physical force without playing recklessly, or taking dumb penalties, then I would gladly welcome him to replace Malik, especially after the trend of other teams playing a very hard-nosed style against the NYR’s;
    FWIW..there is a *rumor* of discussions b/w Phoenix & NY about Prucha and Kasper to PHX for D.Morris and a draft pick….
    I say no thanks to another enigmatic d-man at the price of Prucha whose ability and intangibles are not teachable

  7. Kaspar may have had issues, but he’s been no worse off in oly 6 games than Malik has been in 16. I don’t like seeing him play over Pock, but Kaspar gives us something we don’t have if he’s healthy. His tenure as a Ranger started out shakily, but then he was our best defenseman for most of the time since. He deservs another shot.

    Trading him and Prucha for Morris would be a disaster.

  8. Here’s an option: waive him. He’s supposed to be the big bad defenseman that can throw hits, yet he wasn’t in a single fight last year. not one! wuss. Send him to Hartford permanantly and hope somoene else picks him up off the waiver wire.

  9. If that deal went through- it would essentially be Prucha for Morris and 2.5 million bucks of cap room. Kaspar is useless to us as a player, but freeing up the cap space is what sweetens that deal.

  10. Doodie, there would be no cap space freed up in that deal… Morris makes $3.9 million, which is slightly more than Kaspar and Prucha make combined.

  11. Sam, as Larry Brooks notes, Kasper’s fall from grace has seemed drastic, especially considering the stunning forgiveness that Renney seems to extend to the other D-men. Any thoughts on that? Were his shape issues really to blame? Were they really because of recovering from injury? Or, is there some outhe drama that the fans aren’t privy to?

  12. DoodieMachetto, isn’t Malik making as much money as Kaspar?
    Now THERE’S a d man I’d like to dump. At least Kaspar knows how to clear a puck and the crease. Unlike our living traffic cone.

  13. If they waive Kaspar who will pick him up?

    No one… Play Pock, it is ridiculous.. Also Hossa over Dawes give me one reason why?

    Hossa is bigger so what… He stinks… We need some young blood. The scary thing is most of the Rangers top players are 32 or older, I thought they had a youth movement going???

  14. I suspect that the Ovechkin-Crosby-Malkin arrivals have temporarily blinded some of us to the realities of a “youth movement.” You don’t begin a “youth movement” by playing guys who wouldn’t start in the AHL…

    Our youth movement has begun, it’s just moving at a regular pace, not at the “stars aligning” speed of Pittsburgh or the early 80s Oiler team. It’s a bummer, maybe, but it’s true.

  15. Unless kaspar managed to find an extra gear in Hartford, he should be traded or waived immediately.

  16. inferno–he didn’t…he was reportedly the 4th or 5th best dman on the pack and got benched in 3rd period in 2 games.

  17. He should be gone then, end of story.
    this team already had 1 pylon getting a ton of minutes, we get another and were dead.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Laurie, I was unaware of Morris’ salary. Thanks for the info.


    As for who would pick up Kaspar, a lot of teams are looking for a veteran presence to bolster a core of young defenseman, I think a few teams might actually be dumb enough to sign him. And the reason why I suggest Kaspar is because it seems like he has stepped on a few toes while Malik is some kind of (fool’s) Golden God and so he’s likely not going anywhere. Getting rid of a d-man (for good) brings Pock that much closer to some ice time. It also sends a message, one that Roszival has already heard and used, as the quality of his play has improved dramatically since Kaspar was sent down.

    As for Hossa over Dawes, we’ve listed a few reasons why, just see above. I think Hossa is a victim of his name, because no one complains about the waste of a roster spot that is Colton Orr. Can’t hit, can’t skate, doesn’t fight often enough, can’t fight. He is like a bigger, but less useful version of Hollweg. Let Hollweg (ecven though he is even worse than Orr at fighting) take over the enforcer role exclusively and the spot will open for Dawes on the 3rd line.

  19. “You don’t begin a ‘youth movement’ by playing guys who wouldn’t start in the AHL…”

    Chris: Truer words were ne’er spoken. It’s unfortunate that a lot of vocal people who post here can’t get this through their heads…now if Prucha goes for a sot like Derek Morris, then I’ll be the first one bitching up a storm and calling for this team’s management to come crashing down. He would be the second comming of Poti, IMO.

    Stuart: The hope, I’m sure, is that guys like Dubinsky, Immonen, Dawes, Prucha and Callahan -further down the road, Dupont and Pyatt -step up and start taking some of these roles. Petr Puck is there. He’s no doubt a second liner. Now the uncomfortable part: how to move Dawes and Immonen to the next level. Dawes, I have a good feeling about. Immonen, we’ll see…

  20. hockeymanrangers on

    WOW!!!! Leetch 2, is this true??? Benched for 2 games?? I find this hard to beleive, either he has a injury that they are not saying or, is this the way he deals with being sent down. I was thinking we should give him another chance to see if he recooped but IF THIS IS TRUE, then they need to get rid of him ASAP. I still am not seeing why people are sticking up for Hossa I just do not see it. There a lot of younger or other players that would go all out, 100% all the time and he is not doing this at all. At least not in my eyes, people that are saying he is doing well in penalty killing, is that all we are paying him for?? And I think you have heard me already say Malik MUST go MUST go.

  21. Renney is a dumbass. Period. We will never become a great team or rebuild with that idiot playing scrubs like Hossa, J. Ward, Orr and Hollweg over Dawes. Face it, Renney thinks you can win a cup by having 1 great scoring line, a average second scoring line and two lines that produce nothing offensively but work hard. That’s why had had one year as an NHL coach before moron Sather hired him.

  22. mostly right except for your second line comments and Hollweg. Cullen-Shanny-Prucha have 22 goals, Jagr-Nylander-Straka have 21 goals, who is the avg. line? And without Hollweg the Rangers are mostly a bunch of circling Euro-softies.

  23. Chris- Right on. Pittsburg is successful now because Mario tanked for years to get the likes of Crosby(inside deal perhaps?),Malkin, Fleury, Staal. These guys aren’t middle of the pack picks. Similar to how Quebec built into the powerhouse that would be the Avalanche. Our problem is we sucked, but didn’t super-suck. The top teams in the league have been irrelevent for years and are now reaping the bnefits. Anaheim, San Jose, Carolina, Tampa (circa 2004), Atlanta, Edmonton (recovering from Sather). People want a consistent team that competes very year and infuses youth. Last year we added: Tyutin, Lundquist, Prucha, Hollweg, Moore. We started with Kondratiev as well and Pock played a bit. Jason Ward, Hossa and Ortmeyer were pretty new guys. This year we added Pock and Dawes and they haven’t gotten a chance. Prucha didn’t get the chance at first either.

    HockeymanRangers and other Kaspar bashers.
    I am sorry, but the Kaspar that everyone is talking about has not been that bad. So he got benched in the third period of his second game down on the farm and apparantly had a rough go of it the third. After that reports were good. The guy wasn’t physically ready to play this season, but even so he was better than Malik. Something else is going on there, but if you are saying that he needs to be gone because of a lousy AHL game than you’re crazy.

    Doodie- Are you kidding? Since when has Kaspar EVER been a fighter? He’s a Shi* disturber. He did his job perfectly last year and there is no one taking his place from our “Frightened Four” (Thanks 4Ranger). We complain about our soft defense and everyone’s ready to get rid of Kaspar after seeing him a total of 6 (SIX) games this year.

  24. sorry, Col. Mark, but you’re flat-out wrong on the Sharks. The ONLY top 5 SJ pick on the Sharks now is Patrick Marleau.

    And to give you an example of developing at the NHL level, Steve Bernier, Marleau’s RW now, was drafted at #16 in ’03, 4 spots AFTER the Rangers drafted Hugh Jessiman.

    the Sharks PLAY their picks at the NHL level, and they develop accordingly. another example, regular Dman Marc Edouard Vlasic is 19, right out of juniors, and was drafted at #35 in the 2nd round in ’05, 23 spots AFTER the Rangers had taken Marc Staal in the #12 spot.

  25. and how do you explain that Detroit, NJ, Dallas, etc. stay topnotch year after year with very late draft picks?

    Oh, they’re not run poorly, like the Rangers, right? Yes, that is the reason, not the draft position.

    Sure, if you get the #1 pick several years running, you should get some stars, but then how do you explain Daigle, and Stefan, etc.

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