What to watch for: Hot’lanta edition


Amidst all your doom and gloom, let’s not forget that the Rangers have won seven of a possible eight points over the last four games, which is pretty good whether it’s against NHL teams or the best in Westchester County high school hockey (OK, if it was against the high school teams, I’d expect the full eight).

I’m not trying to say this team is free of concerns. I’m just saying maybe they’re not the rudderless ship we sometimes make them out to be.

With that in mind, the Rangers have their work cut out for them against the swift-footed Thrashers, and here’s a few things to keep tabs on.

  • Henrik Lundqvist: You figure the King is going to see his share of rubber tonight, but after a strong showing in Florida, perhaps that’s not the problem it was. Still at a vulnerable stage in his sophomore effort, Lundqvist needs to string together a couple of solid outings to build up his confidence.
  • Three periods of hockey: Twice in consecutive games the Rangers built a two-goal lead, only to see it dissipate over the course of regulation. The last thing you want to lend credence to is a reputation for not holding a lead. Because that’s something other teams begin to feed off.
  • Marcel Hossa: It’s been said before: if his last name was Jones, there wouldn’t be the same level of scrutiny directed at a fourth-line player. But because Hossa’s older brother Marian, who he’ll be facing tonight, is the currently leading the NHL in points and goals, there is a sense the Ranger should be something else. Here’s what the younger Hossa is: a fairly effective checking forward who has limited offensive ability. I’m on record saying the Rangers have more intriguing options. But I also think the team could do a lot worse.

    OK, that’s enough to get things started. Let’s touch base later.

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    1. No, turn it around, Sam. If his last name was Jones, and his coach wasn’t named Renney, he’d be in the minor leagues.

    2. 4Rangers: Hossa would be in the NHL in the type of spot he is now no matter what his name…he is a decent 4th line PK guy, people say he sucks because of his brother, the expectations are higher on him because of his brother, and because he tried to be a purly offensive palyer in the pro ranks…I tihnk EVERYONE should back off of Hossa, at least untill somone better is there to replace him.

    3. hey, wildcard. put down the Kool-aid. Put away your Hossa fan club membership, and get real. Just as most of the posters here have said, we don’t care what his name is, we know a crappy player when we see one, and Hossa has been for 2 years a subpar, mediocre waste of space on the Ranger roster, period.

    4. Straka and Rosival must have been reading this blog. They are finally starting to shoot the puck from the point the last couple of games.

    5. I see now why Orr is dressed … I didn’t realize Atlanta had such a gritty team, but Jagr should NOT be the one defending himself out there, I am glad that Hollweg took up the slack but Orr needs to be played, afterall this is why he is in there isn’t it?

    6. absolutely, Sam. the Rangers coaches have real-time access to the brilliant, understated advice dispensed on this site.:)

    7. Coming To Conclusions–Rangers@Thrashers First Period Thoughts…

      Filed under: Rangers Review — inferno272 November 10, 2006 @ 9:26 pm
      Its hard not to come to this conclusion: The Rangers play to the enemy level. If they play a good team, they play great, if they play a poor team they play HORRIBLE. How else can you explain the Rangers 3-1 lead after the first against a VERY good Atlanta team. Seriously, think about it, with the exception of the games against the Predators and Sabres (first game) the Rangers have picked up at least 1 point, usually the win, against the following teams (all with winning records)Devils, Leafs, Ducks, Sharks, Sabres, and now are leading the Thrashers. Conversely they have lost to some bottom feeders in the Flyers and Kings.
      Getting back to the game at hand, you have to be pretty happy with the game, except for a shaky looking Lundqvist. The Thrashers lone goal came when 5 men (3 Rangers, 2 Thrashers) were all screening Henrik on the shot. Hard to blame him as it was obvious he just didnt see it. The amazing thing is how the puck missed all those guys in front and went straight in. Otherwise the Rangers took advantage of a shaky Lehtonen with 3 goals, all looked 5-hole to me (the Thrashers feed that I get didnt really show many quality replays).

    8. The Atlanta announcers c=just called Hollweg and Hall “Chuckleheads” and basically said that he thinks Hollweg is not worthy of any respect because he’s a dirty player.

    9. Granted it wasn’t a smart play by Hollweg, but I think the physicality displayed by the Rangers, especially in the forecheck, has been outstanding.

      Also, these Atlanta guys said that Jagr set up exelby so he would run into his elbow. I watched it on tivo, I don’t think Jagr did anything but hold his ground.

      I’d trade any of our defensemen for Visnovsky (Sp?). Although he wasn’t ready for that high stick from his own goalie!

    10. 2 great passes by Cullen tonight. Jagr set up the first 2, and Cullen set up the last 2.

      But I am bothered by the cowardly Ranger Dmen. opponents take runs at Ranger stars, shoot after the whistle, crash the goalie, and of the 6 Ranger Dmen, only 1, Aaron Ward would take a stand. the other 5 are soft pansies who stand idly by while opponents take liberties with Ranger stars or the goalie.

    11. 4Rangers- Tyutin got involved there as well. When Boulton was trying to mug Jagr, he went right in there. He’s the smallest D-man we’ve got, but probably the most physical besides maybe Ward. Speaking of D, another Blind pass by Malik that ends up as a giveaway and then he pinched and fell on his butt causing an odd-man rush. Yeah, Kasparitis is so much worse than him. So is Pock!

    12. You’re right about Cullen. That line has been deadly tonight. Lines 1-2 have been dominant, Lines 3-4 have been very physical and have dictated play except for that Kovalchuk shift.

    13. Entertaining Game–Rangers@Thrashers Second Period Thoughts…
      Filed under: Rangers Review — inferno272 November 10, 2006 @ 10:18 pm
      I’ll give the Rangers one thing, they are keeping it entertaining. Really in a game where the best player for the Rangers has been Kari Lehtonen, the Rangers have been pretty sharp. The one exception really being Hollwegs penalty, followed by a hook on Hall. Those 2 penalties really hurt, and had it not been for that I think the Rangers would still be up 4-1, but as it stands now it is 4-2. The Rangers blew a 2 goal lead against the Sabres 2 games ago only to lose in OT. Proof positive that no lead is safe, particularly against high powered offensive teams. Henrik Lundqvist is playing about the deepest in net I have ever seen, its like the guy has lost all confidence in his defenseman to keep guys out of his crease, protect the slam dunk, etc. Its a shame because its costing him some big juicy rebounds.

      My God does Ilya Kovalchuk have a shot or what. Thats gotta be the hardest 1-timer ive seen all year, which is saying something considering I watch every single Shanahan game.

      Rangers are putting a lot of pressure on the Thrashers defenders to make the right breakout play, three times it has cost the Thrashers a goal.


    14. I like Tyutin as a young player, and he is starting to learn the hipcheck. But I am talking about the after the whistle stuff. And I am putting most of the heat on the 4 vet girly-men on D. they are useless in times of trouble. Look at Jagr, he has to protect himself because the other 4 guys on his shift are as soft as they come.

    15. 4Rangers, Rachunek was the second man in after Shanahan when Prucha was hit in the first.

      As for Hossa (Marcel), he fills a role for now. Once Ortmeyer is back, Hossa will find himself the odd man out.

    16. laurie, please. Yeah, AFTER SHANNY. he got phony-brave when Shanny was in front of him. Rachunek is a soft pansy, I’ve seen him since he was in Ottawa.

    17. Well. there goes whomever on this blog said OR can’t fight, unless somebody else s wearing his jersey. He just knocked Boulton on his butt with a right cross. Boulton is one of the toughest fighters in the league.

    18. Adam Hall can fight, too. but he seldom does. But he once fought 2 red wings in one game, and one of them was Shanny.

    19. Well, i found the guy, what a surprise.

      ” Hyena is not protecting Orr, Orr just doesn’t like and doesn’t want to fight and he is not a very good fighter anyway.”

      Hey vinny pooh, he looks like he can fight to me, he just beat one of the toughest fighters in the game.

    20. 4Rangers- I think Tyutin is sarting to show that he can handle the after the whistle stuff. Tonight he got into it pretty good in defense of Jags.

      What’s funny is the Atlanta announcers have made some interesting comments:

      Hollweg, when he hits you feel it. He hits to hurt.

      The Rangers can play any type of game. They can score with finesse and if you want to get physical they have the personnel to do that, too.

      The Rangers are clearly a team. They are not a collection of players, and the better teams you can tell they have that team play.

      Kind of funny. Those two comments are definitely true tonight, but I wouldn’t say many of us would have made those comments about this team this year!

    21. Joe and Sam on MSG just said “Its games like these you realize the importance of Colton Orr. It sure helps to have a guy like him in the lineup to settle things down a bit”

      Imagine THAT, Orr haters.
      Orr puts down Boulton via TKO.

      I love how some of you, who obviously have never seen Orr in the minors or with the Bruins, called him a horrible fighter. Pathetic. Do some research, cavemen.

    22. Sam,

      If you could see me now youd see a guy sticking his tongue out at ya. Colton Orr is proving what ive said all along, this kid can be a regular 4th line player.

      hes way more important to the rangers right now than Marcel Hossa, ill tell ya that much, and hes earning his ice time. (im guessing he played nearly 10 minutes in this one)

    23. Guess the Coach knows what he’s doing huh?!!! I wrongfully scratched my head over dressing Orr instead of Dawes. For tonight all the decisions seemed correct, and with 9 points out of a possible 10, it’s hard to question the braintrust. I think two losses in a row will justify all of us critics in Rangerland. Until then, let’s enjoy it.

    24. Rick,
      To me the question of playing Dawes over Orr never entered my mind, the question really is, why is Dawes sitting instead of Hossa?

      Hossa clearly bring absolutely NOTHING to the team, whereas Orr actually serves a purpose, and oh yeah, he can play well enough to not be a detriment to the team.

    25. COl. mark–as I said in my post, I meant the frightened 4.

      meanwhile, even Renney is starting to get a clue. what is the evidence? well, Shanny only played 16:53 and Jagr 19:51

      If their ice time stays down at sensible levels, the team does better. that proves that we were right in pointing that out.

    26. 4Rangers,
      Excellent post, when the Rangers roll all 4 lines consistently, they play better, when they overplay the first 2, they lose. Thats just how I see it. They roll the 4 lines on the road because they dont get last change, and on home ice, because they get last change, they always want to match jagr against, whoever. Again, that points to Renney.

    27. Inferno–exactly. Shanny played 7 mins. more the last game, about 24 mins., and that is just ridiculous for his age. And yes, the 3rd and 4th lines have to be allowed to do their part if Renney wants a TEAM, instead of just a one-line clique.

    28. Inferno and Tom G … what I loved about tonight’s game was that Orr was able to be effective because he did play about 10 minutes .. I think the Rangers play much better as a team when all four lines are being rolled out consistently … now in a game when the team isn’t constantly on the PK then there should be no excuse for not doing this … There was no big defensive lapses tonight, and the two goals scored on us were PP goals … Although Henrik is playing deeper in his crease than he did last year I think that as the game went on he played better and better and certainly had tougher, and better, saves tonight than he had to make against Florida on Wednesday …

      So with Henrik playing well what will Renney do? Play Weekes tomorrow? Or go back to Lundqvist like he did with Weekes when he went back to him after we won in Anaheim … I think it would be good for Weekes to start, because you know that Henrik will get NJ at the Garden …

    29. Weekes will probably start two of the next three games then because I do believe that he should play tomorrow .. then on Tuesday it would be Henrik vs the Devils and then they fly to Carolina to face the ‘Canes and Weekes should start that one against his old team and on a back-to-back situation

    30. If thats how the schedule goes, then i agree, honestly i have been so looking forward to this game (i live in atlanta) i really havent looked at the schedule past today.

    31. WOW….if that is the example of almost a perfect game then I dont know what is. Good defense, great support from the forwards on defense, good offense, great PP, great goaltending.

      But now….the big let down game the rangers are so guilty with is tomorrow…..

    32. You know what I find interesting? Well not interesting but just telling .. how all the posters who seem to relish bashing the team, the coaching staff and management, never have anything to say on nights like this .. they completely disappear … which is why I put no stock into most of their opinions .. it just makes me wonder, are they really Ranger fans? Why aren’t they here prasing the team when they play well? Or perhaps they are fans but they are just the type of people who are only happy when they have something to complain about

    33. i bash the team when they deserve bashing, tonight really isnt one of those nights.

      Thrasher fans cant be happy w/ the way lehtonen played, he was terrible

    34. sam

      “Marcel Hossa: It’s been said before: if his last name was Jones, there wouldn’t be the same level of scrutiny directed at a fourth-line player.”

      I agree with you 100% that hossa wouldn’t be critisized if he was named jones, but not because the expectations would be lower. but because if he wasn’t named hossa the rangers would have waived him 2 years ago and we’d no longer have to worry about him.

      he is an ahl player that does NOTHING on the ice. there is not a single thing that he provides that you couldn’t find 4000 other guys to do the same job and the majority would provide more…

      reality is that he isn’t a nhl cause he is lazy but he keeps getting 2nd, 3rd, 4th…87th chances because every once in a blue moon he’ll play well for 1 game and shows flashes of his brothers talent and then he gets to stay in the lineup as the team hopes and prays that one day a miracle will happen and he’ll suddenly become his brother. he’ll have 1 good game and then be invisible and worthless for the next 15 but for some reason that 1 game keeps him in the lineup.

      It isn’t the fans that wrongly compare him to his brother. the fans see him for the worthless, ahler he is…its rangers management that sticks with him regardless of the facts in hopes that one day he’ll suddenly bust out.

    35. If Orr can play like today in his 6:20 mins. ice time (would have surely added 1-2 mins. more if not for serving his major penalty and his final minor penalty, he should be a lock for the 4th line. I am very happy with his play tonight. Great effort, Great fight, Great role player!

    36. “Marcel Hossa: It’s been said before: if his last name was Jones, there wouldn’t be the same level of scrutiny directed at a fourth-line player.�

      If his last name was Jones, he wouldn’t be on the fourth line, because he wouldn’t be in the NHL.

    37. I would say the bashers looked better than the Thrashers tonight.

      Those who said that if Renney reduced the ice time of his stars, he would get better team performance were right tonight.

      Those who said that Orr could provide a needed role were right tonight.

      Those who said that Hossa provided next to nothing were right tonight.

      Those who said that Cullen could pass were right tonight.

      those who said that Ranger stars and goalie need more protection were right tonight.

      So, overall it was a good night for the bashers, and a better night for the Rangers.

    38. Tonight demonstrated the potential this team has and showed why the move to bring in Cullen and Shanny over Sykora and Rucinsky was necessary. I’ll take early season chemistry/effort issues if the end of season result looks something like this. Atlanta couldn’t handle the two different types of play that the first two lines brought. You had the head-spinning-east-west-holy-crap-I-can’t-believe-he-made-that-pass line of Jagr and company (Great game Nylander) who when they play physical are nearly unstoppable. While cycling the puck down low and changing on the fly, in comes the speedy Cullen and Prucha with the Gritty sniper Shanahan and the already perplexed opposition not only has to stay in the zone for two straight shifts but deal with a completely different North-South-smashmouth style of play. Then you have Hollweg-Betts and Hall crashing and bashing and ticking people off. And when we stay out of the box we get to see a fourth line play regular minutes and do what a 4th line is supposed to do by cycling, hitting, crashing the net and kicking a little Boulton ass. Throw a mobile defense that can still be improved with Kaspar and Pock replacing Malik, Rachunek or Ozo and goaltending like Lundy gave us tonight (although I wish he would come out a little more) and this team can skate with anyone.

    39. Colorado Mark,
      Kaspar is done, hes been awful in the NHL, and apparently his rehab stint in the AHL is going just as bad.

    40. Inferno: I wouldnt say he is done, jsut never going to be at the same level I dont think. The prob with being with the Pack is that teh entire team isnt doing well, so for him to stand out would be tough…I knwo he isnt doing great, but its got to be hard to really excell on a team that isnt playing well. I tihnk an NHL would take a chance on him, might take till the trade deadline to miove him, but a teram like Vancouver who is jsut losering defenders left and right may take a shot at him…they can always waive him later…If I was the Rangers brass I would be trying to get anything for him….for his sake and to make renenys job easier about how many defenders he needs to worry about. VAN may take another shot at Malikas well since he was a +35 with them and palyed well.

    41. Another thing, Straka shows up to play. There’s a reason he’s got an “A” on his jersey and it’s not because he’s Czech.

      What a fun game to watch. And, yeah, those Atlanta announcers were hilarious describing what great chemistry the Rangers had…they don’t seem to see things the way the posters on this blog do.

      It’s good Lundqvist was playing deep, before tonight he was trying to play defense at the same time he was golatending and that never works. Also great not to see him or the team melt with the lead.

      Let’s hope tomorrow sees another good showing and another victory.

      Let’s go Rangers.

    42. once again

      Betts 18 minutes
      Prucha 13 minutes

      of course none of that matters because we are playing so great. Who needs Dawes when Orr can have a meaningless fight once every 20 games. Who needs Dawes when Hossa remembers to throw a hit once every 5 games. Who needs Immonen when Betts can get maybe 3 assists each season.

    43. “Another thing, Straka shows up to play. There’s a reason he’s got an “Aâ€? on his jersey and it’s not because he’s Czech.”

      what is the reason Aaron Ward doesn’t have “A”?

    44. Vinny, have you ever even played a game of hockey in your life? or even seen a real hockey game? orr did exactly what he was supposed to do last night and overall have on heck of a productive game and proved to te coaching staff that he can do whatever is asked of him. plus, don’t you think if you ask his teammates, they’d tell you how much they appreicate his efforts? (along with hollweg’s)

      $rangers, don’t forget about washington tonight. they have both donald brashear and john erskine along with afew other scrappy players. i would like to see renney call up lessard (if he’s not still hurt) or maybe even purinton (who now plays left wing mostly) for a little extra muscle.

    45. Vinny: Immonnen was scartched in the AHL because he isnt palying good at all this season…and Betts has a couple fo gaols this year, momentum type goals and he is killing penalties, so is Hossa..and Dawes wont be any more efefctive in teh physicality department that Hossa and if you were watching the game last night you would have seen Hossa on more than one occasion help hold the puck deep by protecting it with his body, he didnt develope any offense, but it kept the puck deep and that is all you ask of your 4th line. I dont get why or how you could think that Dawes would be better in the role Hossa playes…a 4th line and PK guy. It seems that you would get rid of two Rangers penalty killers..and that is just silly, they are doing pretty good this year on the PK…only like 1 or 2 percent behind last years PK. IF Imonnen gets his game back in the AHL than maybe I woudl say push betts aside…actuly i would say push betts aside…but Betts is palying way above himself right now, so let him be. Hossa is doing the job asked of him, so lay off him as well. And Orr is doing his job as well…in a few min a game he gets some hits, trying hard, and helps cycle the puck down low from time to time, jsut what a 4th liner needs to do. He also answerd the bell when the ATL guy was trying to energize his team, and he took that energy from them by winning the fight. Why do you bash those guys??

    46. doodiemachetto on

      I still stand by my Orr can’t fight position. That’s the first fight I’ve seen him win as a Ranger. Any enforcer in the league has the power to score a one punch KO. The problem is he never lands them. Most important problem with him is he doesn’t drop them enough and he tries to hard to start fights and forgets he needs to play a little hockey when he’s on the ice as well. That’s why Domi had to retire, he couldn’t play, only fight. I miss Barnaby. Anybody that can get the other team to call you a “gutless puke” is OK in my books.

    47. doodiemachetto : I agree with your assensment of ORR as it pertained to last year…but this year he has been very dicipline…he has NOT gone looking for fights, in fact, he has done everything to try to be jsut part of an energy 4th line…if he continues to NOT take pims except when a teamate is roughed up, like the end of last nights game, I see no reason to not keep him. Even as a not so good fighter, he will still stand up for the team, and that DOSE count for something.

    48. “I still stand by my Orr can’t fight position. That’s the first fight I’ve seen him win as a Ranger. Any enforcer in the league has the power to score a one punch KO. The problem is he never lands them. Most important problem with him is he doesn’t drop them enough and he tries to hard to start fights and forgets he needs to play a little hockey when he’s on the ice as well. That’s why Domi had to retire, he couldn’t play, only fight. I miss Barnaby. Anybody that can get the other team to call you a “gutless pukeâ€? is OK in my books.”

      Orr can’t fight? Ignorance is bliss. Obviously you know nothing of Orr other than the games you’ve seen him as a Rangers. Do a little research. You’re clueless and it is embarrassing to read.
      Orr can’t fight. Yeah. Other than beating Godard, Boulton, Vandenbusshche, Belak, Cairns, etc.
      He forgets to play hockey? Yeah, he just kills this team, doesn’t he? What is he, -15?

      Why don’t you be a responsible individual instead of an ignorant moron, research Orr, watch his AHL fights, watch his Bruins fights, then say he “can’t fight”.

    49. It is almost unbelievable how uninformed you are doodie, yet you go spouting your mouth like you have some clue what you’re talking about.

    50. OK, it doesn’t matter what he’s done in the past, what matters is what he’s done as a Ranger, and that’s been almsot exclusively getting his ass kicked.

      Saying that he has done it well before and in the minors is the worst argument in history. Here is a parallel of your logic:

      Jose Theodore was an MVP goaltender in Montreal, therefore, he is still good on Colorado.

      Just because someone was good before doesn’t mean they are good anymore. You have even acknowledged yourself that he hasn’t done anything good as a Ranger.

      “Obviously you know nothing of Orr other than the games you’ve seen him as a Rangers”

      Hey, did you see John Leclair on Philly? Obviously, all of those people in Pittsburgh and around the league that say he sucks are wrong because he had such good seasons in Philly!

      Point is, it’s not about what have you done, it’s what have you done lately. You’re right, I didn’t watch his Boston fighting. But I have seen his NY fighting, and I think that’s the first one I’ve ever seen him win. I have seen him take several beatings though.

    51. What beatings? yeah he lost to brashear last year and peters this year, but what else? where are these fights you keep mentioning?

    52. After joining the Rangers last year, I have his record at 3-5.

      2 Wins against Goddard, 1 against Boulton.

      Losses against Brashear, 2 against Erskine, McGratton, and Peters.

      If a pro boxer had that record he would’ve retired.

    53. I agree w/ Mike, just not w/ the name calling ;-)
      Orr can most definately fight, I wouldnt call him an elite level fighter, but he can go toe to toe with just about anyone in the league.

    54. You keep a record of his fights…? Yeah, this isn’t pro boxing.

      Sam, I saw Purinton mentioned in a Post article and a little above. There’s no way he’s actually coming back, right?

      Let’s go Rangers.

    55. doodie,
      did it ever occur to you that he only gets to play when the heavy throwers are out there? its hard for any player, fighter, etc, to not play 10 days, then play 1 game and expect to beat the crap out of someone, then not play for 10 games again. fighting, like any skill in hockey needs to be developed. and its not something you can really practice.
      Watch Orr fight, he can take anyone in this league. Ive got no problems with the kid whatsoever. AND hes got a great attitude to boot!

    56. I don’t know what games people are watching when they make comments that ORR can’t play hockey and can’t fight. The games I have seen he body checks well and handles the puck ok as a lower line winger who is there to protect and be physical. The games don’t always dictate for him to fight. The only thing I agree with is why is Hossa on this team and why the management brass re-signed him. I don’t want to here that he is there to play a defensive game. I didn’t like him last year and I still don’t. I agree what bloggers have said about dawes and that if there not going to play him than send him down and let him play in the minors so he doesn’t rot away and work on his game. I also think weekes should play tonight to keep him sharp. To be a good team you need two goalies in the nhl.

    57. doodiemachetto,
      are you kidding me. This is hockey, not professional boxing. The top of the league fighters don’t always win and very rarely do any fighters actually punch another fighter square in the face, commom, this is ridiculous.

    58. doodiemachetto on

      Think about it for a second, some fighters have to have winning records. Why not ours? Two examples of fighters who win almost every time: Georges Laraque and Derek Boogaard. I think the only time I’ve ever seen Boogaard lose was to Laraque.

    59. I don’t have him losing against erskine twice i have one draw (at the garden) and a garbage fight (on the island).

    60. I don’t have him losing against erskine twice. i have one draw (at the garden) and a garbage fight (on the island).

    61. doodiemachetto on

      I can see the draw against Erskine, but he lost that garbage fight, so that puts him at 3-4-1. He was acquired in 12/05. He didn’t play that many games last year, so I won’t hold the low total against him, but here are the totals of a few players in the same span:

      Boogaard: 10-4-1

      Laraque: 7-1-1

      McGratton: 7-2-4

      It is also a cause for concern that he doesn’t have the most fights on the team this season. That mark belongs to Hollweg (0-3). Bottom line, waive Orr and bring up either Purinton, Lessard, or Falardeau. And for god sakes, at least drop the gloves so that Hollweg who couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag doesn’t have to!

    62. I guess I made my point .. even when there was really nothing to complain about yesterday the complainers still complain ….

      Picking on Orr when he did his job last night, and another one picking on Betts when he did his job last night ….

      Why is Betts getting more ice time than Prucha? Well let’s study that .. could it be because Betts kills penalties and Prucha doesn’t ?

    63. “Why is Betts getting more ice time than Prucha? Well let’s study that .. could it be because Betts kills penalties and Prucha doesn’t ?”

      Betts even strength 14:17
      Prucha total icetime 13:06

    64. So orr has a 3-4-1 record in fights…but hollweg has the most being 0-3? I dont know if you mistyped…but that dosnt make sense

    65. Colton Orr has played 9 games this year, probably averaging somewhere around 4 minutes played per game.

      Ryan Hollweg has played in 16 games, probably averaging somewhere around 9 minutes per game.

      When Orr doesnt play, Hollweg is the resident tough guy.

      Is it hard to figure out why Hollweg has more fights than Orr?
      Can it be because in effect he plays 4 times as much as Orr?

    66. “Bottom line, waive Orr and bring up either Purinton, Lessard, or Falardeau.”

      Holy crap. I needed that laugh. Purinton and Farlardeau. Please.

    67. Lessard would be great. frankly, i’d love a tag-team of him and orr. as for purinton? well, if the rangers were to call up a defenseman who can fight, then it should be liffiton, not sucker-punch dale.

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