Lundqvist and Orr back in; Dawes irrelevant


Just when you thought Nigel Dawes’ rookie experiment couldn’t be any more disheartening than it’s already been, there is today, when the left wing will again be relegated to the press box even as the player who’s skating in his stead might still be banged up.

Here’s the deal: it’s one thing to be sitting out a game when the player in front of you is clearly better. It’s another thing to be sitting out a game when the player in front of you is clearly healthy. But after Colton Orr missed the last part of Wednesday’s win at Florida because of back spasms (triggered by a vicious hit from Martin Gelinas) it’s hard to say if either of those is true.

This isn’t an indictment of Orr. The guy fills a role, and even in the new NHL, that role has a place. But you would think his original injury, however insignificant, would at least be an excuse to give Dawes his first ice time in four games. Apparently not.


Orr’s appearance tonight means the lineup in Atlanta will be unchanged from Wednesday. And that includes Henrik Lundqvist, who is looking to build on his 37 save effort, and who will certainly see his share of shots against the Marian Hossa- and Ilya Kovalchuk-led Thrashers.

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  1. Is it ok to wish for Dolan, Sather, Maloney, and Renney to have their respective autopsy ASAP?

  2. more importantly than taking orr out what about hossa? at least orr can be considered a warning to the other teams hossa is just a waste of space.

  3. Orr in, Dawes in, Pöck in, Hossa out, Malik out… is that too much to ask for? apparently it is… rebuilding my a$$

  4. I dont’ really pay attention to Atlanta, do they have a physical team? I know that they have a fast team and that one line is a killer, but how are the rest of them? Perhaps that’s why Orr is playing … but gotta wonder, does it really hurt Dawes to not play 4 minutes a night? I am just saying, the kid should be getting at least 10 minutes in order to be used well and be effective and until he gets that ice time(be it this season or next) then, imo, it doesn’t matter if he sits or plays

  5. ok from John Dellapina … this seems to be why Dawes is not playing :::

    Dawes figured to have a shot to get into the lineup when Colton Orr crashed into the back boards early in Wednesday night’s game at Florida and sat out the rest with back spasms. But Orr was proclaimed fit to play tonight and Renney wants him in there just in case Atlanta’s Eric Boulton starts running around.

    ::: So they do have a tough guy, but you know, I am not happy how Orr is used either, because although he’s there to deal with that, most of the time he isn’t given the effective ice time when things like this are going on .. not that’s it’s happened to the Rangers often but I don’t remember Orr being put on the ice to deal with Darcy Tucker when Tucker was running around hitting Jagr as often as possible ..

  6. I know Renney has him on a short leash, but he has to let Orr stand up for the guys on the team. That’s his role. He’s an enforcer! Let him enforce if you’re going to play him, Tom.

  7. Osminator…why do you mention rebuilding when talking about Hossa??? He is still young…i tihnk about the same age as POCK…anyway, HOSSA fills a role on the Rangers, he is a penalty Killer, and the Ragners tonight will face a high scoreing opponant, I say put in ALL of your more defensive players…Like it or not, I dont think putting POCK in against this team for his first game in so long would be very smart, he isnt in the playing mode right now, and he would get eaten up by ATL. HOWEVER, since Malik will use ALL his energy tonight to just stay in the same building, I say POCK should be in tomorrow…perhaps Dawes as well…but I still dont like the idea of Dawes playing in a role that is totally not suited for him. Lets not fogrget that 3rd guy on the 4th line is the only non PK guy so he dosnt get used as much no matter how much renney wants to use all 4 lines.

  8. doodiemachetto on

    He is protecting Orr because he doesn’t want him to get beat up. Because, you all know, if Orr fights, he loses. He is the worst enforcer in the league. He should retire.

  9. Its funny over the summer Maloney said that the development of players was the most important thing the Rangers could do for the future. Then added that the team may have to take a “step back” to get the young guys in the lineup. Guess he lied, again and I guess winning now is much more important than playing young kids. Even though all good teams in the NHL have a mix of old and young.

  10. HockeybasedNYC on

    Im at the point right now where id like to trade Prucha, Dawes, Immonen Pock, and Dubinsky (throw in Callahan too what the hell) for a legitamate first/second line center, a tenacious defensman and some other guy off waivers.

    Its pointless to think that this organization is actually in a “rebuiling youth movement”, so they might as well trade the youngens and get some depth in here to take a run at the cup because all indications point to that this year and in the future.

    This is frustrating as all hell. Lets burn Shanahan and Jagr and Straka and Nylander out until April comes and they have no choice to either sit them of exhaustion or injury.
    At least if they pick up some vets they actually TRUST playing they can give them some time to make it easier on those guys.

    And while we are it… we should put Shanahan in goal with no shin guards, because its only a matter of time before he takes a shot in the ankle on one of the 5 PKs hes out for each night. At least he’ll get hurt now and be back for the playoff push when they need him.

  11. Doodie,

    I agree with you. We should bring up Lessard from Hartford. He impressed me in pre-season.

  12. “Dawes in, Pöck in, Hossa out, Malik out…”

    Seems like every Rangers fan on the planet is calling for this .. how much longer can Renney/Sather/etc. ignore us?

  13. “Its funny over the summer Maloney said that the development of players was the most important thing the Rangers could do for the future. Then added that the team may have to take a “step backâ€? to get the young guys in the lineup. Guess he lied, again and I guess winning now is much more important than playing young kids. Even though all good teams in the NHL have a mix of old and young.”


    Exactly right Tsalad. Ranger mgmt. lied big-time, and yes, good teams all around the NHL have a good mix of young players.

  14. When the Coach sits Dawes and plays Orr, even though Orr is hurt you can’t help but scratch your head and say, ‘why’? I’ve seen more promise, drive, and offensive instincts from Dawes than from several of the players playing in front of him.

    When it comes to Malik or Rachunek playing in Pock’s stead, more of a case can be made as to why. With this, there is no real rhyme or reason.

  15. Hyena is not protecting Orr, Orr just doesn’t like and doesn’t want to fight and he is not a very good fighter anyway.

  16. “When the Coach sits Dawes and plays Orr, even though Orr is hurt you can’t help but scratch your head and say, ‘why’?”

    I have done plenty of head scratching last season(and it wasn’t from lice) it is now obvious that coach Hyena is a terrible coach and should be fired. This organization always will suck because they never go after top coaches and have no clue how to develop prospects.

  17. I’m not even gonna say what’s on my mind here because I know it sounds like a broken record. To make a long story short: Renney should be fired. Case closed.

  18. Sam, you’re essentially suggesting Renney is putting an unhealthy Orr in the lineup even if he shouldn’t be in there. That is way out of line and irresponsible.

  19. I think the youth movement argument is a little overblown. We still have 10 players 26 & under. We’re still a lot younger than we’ve been, in a long time.

    Tyutin – 23
    Hall – 26
    Hossa – 25
    Prucha – 24
    Lundqvist – 24
    Betts – 26
    Hollweg – 23
    Pock – 25
    Dawes – 21
    Orr – 25

  20. 8, because Dawes and Pock barely play. Orr is useless. anyway compare this with most teams and you will see a big difference.

  21. He’s also beat down Eric Cairs, Vandenbussche, Belak, and McGratton. He more or less came into the league last year and won 6 fights in a row, in convincing fashion. He hasn’t fared well lately, but he’s one of the toughest in the league, and unfortunately some of you ignoramuses have no idea.

  22. most of you are just impossibly ignorant or something…Orr Vs. Dawes is a no brainer…if its for the top 6, or for teh PP, but not for a 5-8 min role…Dawes is not built for 4th line duty…so GET OFF IT!!!!! Dawes should NOT BE IN if he is only getting 4th line min…you peopel are crazy…also like someone pointed out…the rangers DOP have a mix of youth and vets…jeesh..this is just stupid

  23. Also, Nigel Dawes isn’t the next coming of Christ.
    What has Dawes done? What’s he earned? Or is that not it? Is he the next Sidney Crosby? Malkin? Do we have Mario Lemieux Jr. sitting in the press box?
    It’s unbelievable how hard on you all are for Dawes. It’s almost creepy. While he shouldn’t be benched every night, and SHOULD be in Hartford where he can continue to develop, you’d think Wayne Gretzky in his prime was being benched every night. Get a grip.

  24. Just to clarify: I am not saying Orr is still hurt because the Rangers have said otherwise. My point is, though, that he might still be tender, just as Shanny and Cullen have been in recent games as well. The difference is unlike those guys, Orr is, well, Orr, and it seemed like the right time to put Dawes in.

  25. its really 4 who have a future with the Rangers or another NHL team (Pock and Dawes do not play and the others are not the building blocks that a successfull team requires. DAwes will go back down to play in Hartford but Pock can’t since he would not be subject to waivers.


  26. I went to see the Thrashers play the Caps last week. Rucchin looked 100 times better than any game I went to for the Rangers last year. He was really going to the net and scored on a wicked backhander off the rush. Holik did not piss a drop.

    Thrashers are big, and skilled. The goalie is good, defense is pretty much awful

  27. Vinny,

    Do a Google search for average NHL player age. NYR is 28.3 yrs. The league average is 28.2 yrs.

  28. and lets not forget that Rachunek is far from an old vet at 27…also…peopel cant say that its all about good teams havingf a mix of older and younger players, than come and say but really only these young players count…whats that?? I mean come opn…the rangers might only have 1 young guy on the top two lines, but realisticly, who else other than Prucha is READY to take top two line min?? Dont say Dawes, cause noone is sure he can handle that, not really sure, i would like to find out, but I really doubt he is. ON the bottom 6 most of the guys are younger players, and they will ither prove they belong or be pushed aside when the younger guys in hartford become better than them…but Im not talking about top 6 guys being better than 3rd/4th liners…they play difrent games…but the rangers have a few kids that will be on the 3rd/4th lines in the NHL, so when they are ready they can push the other young guys out…and a coupele guys may push into the top 6…but dont rush them jsut because “good teams” in the NHL do it…those younger guys are NOT on the top lines and important to the team because they are young…somehow that connection is made…and its wrong…dont trhinkl for a second that they would be on the bench or in the stands if they wernt at leat showing it in pratice…

  29. I took the current ages of the Rangers top 4 scorers—

    Jagr 34, Shanny 37, Nylander 34, Straka 34

    Then compare that to similar situations on other teams.


    Afinogenov 27, Briere 29, Vanek 22, Drury 30

    San Jose–

    Thornton 27, Marleau 27, Michalek 21, Cheechoo 26

    the Rangers only have 2 players who are young, homegrown, and receiving significant playing time. Tyutin 20 min.,and Prucha, 13 min. plus, Lundy, of course.

    compare the age of the Ranger players with the mins. per game, and you get the true picture of Renney’s reliance on geezers.

  30. The problem seems to really be that the Rangers are just not good and may have only been winning in the first half of last year because they were expected to be even worse. Whether they are too old, too young, too mentally soft, too physically soft, too poorly coached or too poorly managed, it doesn’t matter.

    I, for one, pray they get better any way they can.

    Let’s go Rangers.

  31. the new CBA and the new rules both make it a necessity toward drafting good players and putting together a young, homegrown, fast, quick-transition team.

    The only way you can consistently have a good team year after year is to draft one and play them. You can’t buy your way to the Stanley Cup. the Canes won in the first year of the new CBA with Cam Ward, a 22 year old rookie goalie, and Eric Staal who was 21, leading the way.

  32. 4Rangers: I agree with that…AND the Rangers are doing that…but it dosnt happen overnight. The Rangers have guys leading leaugs in scoreing all over the place…Russia the cannadian junior leauges…unfortunatly not the AHL right now, but I tihnk those guys will get better as the year moves along…its a very young team in Hartford…the youngest teh Pack has ever been…so the future for teh Rangers is very bright. I tihnk when people look at other teams and point out their young guys they AGAIN forget..those young guys are NOT there because they are young…they are there because they are READY and GOOD and have shown they deserve it. Prucha, Hollweg, and others on the rangers have proven they are ready for their roles. and when someone bumps them or they bump sopmeone else they will move up or out. DAWES is not ready to bump one of teh top 6, at least not one of the top 4 winggers…they are playing to well….if he was a center I may want to see him tried out oint he 2nd line spot, and move CUllen to 3rd, but Dawes is a wingger…and he dosnt belong on the 3rd./4th line right now..

  33. I can’t believe what some of you people are posting. if renney actually knew how to use an enforcer then you would all see what orr really brings to the team. but ol’ tom would rather play a bunch of guys who bring absoutely nothing to the team. why not bring up lessard and really have some fun?

  34. Joe and Sam said Joe and Sam on MSG just said “Its games like these you realize the importance of Colton Orr. It sure helps to have a guy like him in the lineup to settle things down a bit”

    IMAGINE THAT, people.
    Oh, geniuses, the “worst fighter in the history of the NHL” scored a TKO on Eric Boulton.
    Orr looks exactly like Adam Graves.

    Anyway, awesome game.

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