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A good opening period for the Rangers, although maybe not for Aaron Ward and Jaromir Jagr, both of whom came within inches of injuries to vital organs and yet who both stayed in the game. I know how they feel. I stubbed my toe on the way to the bathroom last night, but you don’t hear me complaining.

A few quick hits:

  • It’s not much of a mystery when it comes to a successful power play: motion creates confusion, confusion leads to quality shots. And look what happens when you actually shoot the puck, Martin Straka. On the downside, there were at least seven or eight passes Straka wishes he could have made there, but didn’t.
  • I’m not trying to pick on Marek Malik because he’s actually been decent so far tonight. But it’s now reached a point where the defenseman makes even routine plays and you’re suddenly impressed. “Wow, a breakout pass!” “The Panthers didn’t score!” “He tied his own skates!” OK, now I’m just being a wiseacre.
  • Granted, 1-0 isn’t bad, but it could have been a lot better for the Rangers. But that’s what you get when you face a crafty veteran like Ed Belfour, who played his best period since the 1975 playoffs. What, he’s not that old? I guess it just seems that way…

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    1. Doodie Machetto on

      Orr is down and so Dawes may come in for the next game if it’s serious. Is it bad to hope Malik breaks his leg?

    2. “Is it bad to hope Malik breaks his leg?”

      no, it is bad NOT to hope.

      problem is nobody seems to get injured on this team, and that is the only way Hyena will play young players.

    3. Haha so much for Malik not making a mistake, nice backpass. How does Renney see him as beneficial to the team? Peewee hockey players don’t do that kind of stuff.

      To Renney:


    4. Doodie Machetto on

      When Betts and Hollweg broke out did anyone think for a second that would result in a goal?

    5. “When Betts and Hollweg broke out did anyone think for a second that would result in a goal?”

      Renney did

    6. from my blog (
      Yuck. That was nasty. Nastier than even the nastiest nasty thing out there. If you were at all happy with that period, I gotta ask why because NOTHING I saw out there was good. Ok, I take that back, Henrik was good, everyone else was, umm, not so much. Rozsival, where the heck was he on the first goal? Malik, oh my god what a terrible giveaway.(shouldnt I be used to that by now?) Bozolinsh, umm, you are a DEFENSEMAN, your guy was all alone with about 5 feet of clearance around him in front of the net. This was an atrocious display ladies and gents. I’ll say it again, when Henrik is playing, this team just doesnt support him on a consistent basis. Henrik has stopped at least 6 gimme goals, albeit 2 were on a play that the Panthers scored on anyway. This team is beyond frustrating to me at this point because it is a fundamental lack of discipline for 60 minutes that is just killing these guys. Once again I will say that points squarely at the head coach. If you cant get guys to play fundamental hockey for 60 minutes one of two things HAS to happen:

      1)You bench the guys that dont play fundamental hockey
      2)The coach should be fired.

      Right now neither of these things are happening, and as a Rangers fan it is DISGUSTING to witness. Im not sure if I am willing to say this is 97-04 all over again as it is only 1 period, but this has been a consistent problem this year, one I was hoping this team was over after their fantastic showing against the Ducks, Sharks, and Sabres.


    7. I can’t believe SHanny has almost 20 minutes already and the game is in the 3rd. Does Renney know what he’s doing?

    8. Am I crazy or does it seem like the Rangers’ power play is just them playing hockey 5 on 4, not them organizing a power play? They desperately need a specialist brought in to fix this.

      Malik. Enough said.

      Ozo, please score on the open net if you’re going to not manage to pick up your man on defense.

      It’s totally screwed up, as soon as the other team starts passing quickly the Rangers seems lost and overwhelmed. Pathetic.

      What the hell is the worth of Orr? Sorry, has that been said before on this blog?

      Thank god for Lundy, especially in the shootout.

      When are the Rangers going to announce who is going to play for the team after Shanahan and Jagr collapse in January of sheer exhaustion?

    9. I’m pretty sure there was one more than one, actually…

      As Warner Wolf would say “let’s go to the videotape…” How quaint.

    10. there were 2 different incidents. Bozo flubbed the pass with a wide-open net on a 2-on-1 in OT. And then later Racoon-neck couldn’t tap in a rebound of a Tyutin slapper.

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