Remember him?


As expected, the Rangers are turning to the forgotten (not really) Henrik Lundqvist tonight against the Florida Panthers, and will be otherwise employing the same lineup they used in Sunday’s overtime loss to Buffalo.


A few thoughts:

  • I don’t know much about goalies, other than the fact that I can’t score on them, but this was a needed move. Never mind sending Lundqvist a mesage, if in fact that was ever a consideration. Goalies are not like other players who can simply bear down and try harder. If anything, Lundqvist has been trying TOO hard this year, and in the absence of positive reinforcement, has struggled with his confidence. Sometimes a guy just needs to know he’s THE guy.
  • Hardly encouraging news on Darius Kasparaitis, who isn’t exactly tearing up the AHL. After a decent start last Wednesday with Hartford, the veteran was playing poorly enough to be benched for most of the third periods of back-to-back games over the weekend, but then had a respectable showing in a win on Sunday (where he was paired alongside another struggling defenseman, Martin Richter). Still, I can’t imagine he’s on his way back to the Rangers. His conditioning assignment, contrary to previous reports that had it at 10 days, is actually two weeks. That means he’ll be with the Wolf Pack at least through the weekend, and then is likely to be waived.
  • Brendan Shanahan, Jaromir Jagr, and Petr Prucha, all of whom were banged up against Buffalo, will be in the lineup tonight. Prucha will likely still be wearing the full mask he sported after taking a puck to the face on Sunday.
  • Just had a long conversation with Jed Ortmeyer, who is expected to be taken off blood thinners in a week, and then could start skating with the Rangers soon after. I’ll have more on this in the days to come; in the meantime, one would have to imagine Ortmeyer’s return in, say, early December would seal Nigel Dawes’ return to Hartford. That’s probably a good thing on all fronts. Both Dawes and Thomas Pock are sitting again tonight, but in Dawes’ case, he can go back to Hartford without clearing waivers. If the guy’s going to be wasted, at least let him scores goals somewhere in the process.

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    1. Reign on King Henry! And for what its worth, I’m glad we have Weekes for back-up as well.

    2. Hey as long as the team shows up with the A game, we can win against the best teams in the NHL.

    3. We are no doubt overplaying Shanny. I understand he brings so much effort to every facet of the game, but with his 20+ minutes a night, I can’t see him keeping up this level of play throughout the entire season. The guy is nearly 38 for pete’s sake.

      And I’m quite glad we’re going with Lundy tonight. Like I said, we can kid ourselves and pretend Weekes is gonna be our #1 starter to carry us. We all know it’s gonna be Lundy, and the only way to get him back into his prime is to give him some ice time, and from the looks of things so far this season, away from home is a good start.

    4. doodiemachetto on

      I think Weekes has the ability to be a starter. His two years in Carolina are definite proof of that. True, he isn’t capable of playing 65+ games a year, and he won
      t be among the leaders in any statistical category, but he can be good enough to give the team a chance to win every time they play. That said, his upside is peanuts compared to Lundqvist. But right now, he is playing pretty well, and Lundqvist has had 1 good game all season (agaisnt the Devils).

    5. Sam, do any of the assistant coaches (or Maloney) ever weigh in on the [lack of] use of youth on this team and the seeming abandonment of the “building” concept? Or wouldn’t they dare?

    6. I am going to the game tonight, I am excited to see Henrik play since the last time they were here Weekes played instead … Let’s hope that Henrik gets back on track and that it starts happening tonight … it’s not like the Panthers are tearing it up …

    7. Good job pucknead, this basically states what people on this log have been complaining about.

      At the same time, while the top of the lineup is being overworked, others are wasting away. Specifically, 21-year-old winger Nigel Dawes, has not only been scratched in four of the last five games, he’s averaged just 6:44 per in the eight matches he has played.

      It makes no sense how the Rangers are approaching this. In fact, they’re doing exactly what they promised they would not do – they are allowing a young player to waste away in New York when he could be getting first-line time with the AHL Wolf Pack. Unlike defenseman Thomas Pock, Dawes does not have to clear waivers in order to go to Hartford.

    8. It’s so depressing to read the same posts about Dawes and Pock as much earlier in the season and have them all be as true as they were weeks ago…

      Weinman for GM.

    9. Absolutely right, Sam. If Dawes and Pock aren’t going to be getting playing time in NY they should be in Hartford where they can continue to develop. It is one thing frustrating the fans with continued play of old, overpaid players, but more importantly the careers of these two young players are being toyed with. Their growth is being stunted by the organization.

    10. Doodie Machetto on

      Ha, for all of those who complained about Straka on the point during the PP, that first goal has to sting a bit.

    11. it doesn’t sting a bit. It just illustrates what he has not been doing, namely SHOOTING the puck from the PP point. Maybe Jagr gave him permission to shoot tonight.

    12. “it doesn’t sting a bit. It just illustrates what he has not been doing, namely SHOOTING the puck from the PP point. Maybe Jagr gave him permission to shoot tonight.”

      I don’t think so, I think Straka is going to get it tonight from sugar daddy Jaromir. Jagr didn’t get a point on that play, he’ll be pissed…Jagrly pissed.

    13. Doodie Machetto on

      I think he’ll be more pissed about that missing row of teeth.

      PS, Colton Orr is out. That means Dawes may get into the lineup in the next game.

    14. It only took Straka 15 games to figure it out. If I shoot, the puck might go in. Oh, I get it now. But my buddy JJ is losing points and teeth. he will be royally pissed, and slamming more gates in a tizzy.

    15. Rachunek finally looks like he belongs in the NHL. Hall looks pretty clueless on the PP. Dawes needs to be in the lineup.

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