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My otherwise spry 71-year-old father had a mild heart attack this summer. For his sake, I’m going to advise him to stop watching the Rangers.

You understand what I’m getting at here. I suppose we could go into full detail about the Rangers coughing up another two-goal lead to have to go into overtime. The difference this time is they come away with the “road win,” which is quickly one of my favorite hockey cliches, right up there with “attention to detail”, and “good things happen when you go to the net.”

A few stray thoughts:

  • Meanwhile, in the just-shut-up department, how about my “honky dory”: post after the first period? Um yeah, never mind. The Rangers again slipped back into utter scramble mode in the second, and they were fortunate to come away with the result that they did. Bottom line: big win, two points, LOTS of work to do.
  • In that vein, just when you thought you saw some encouraging signs from Sandis Ozolinsh, the defenseman was on the ice for all three Panthers goals tonight, and seemed badly out of position on the first. Confidence has been a problem in the past for the veteran in New York. It’ll be interesting to see how he rebounds Friday.
  • Same goes for my praise of Marek Malik. As reader Jonathan Probber suggested, maybe I should withold judgment until the game is over. Point taken.
  • Blair Betts: offensive wizard? No, not quite, but the guy can surprise you once in a while. That’s two impressive goals in four games for No. 19. I say Tom Renney should give him another crack at second line center? Who’s with me? Anyone? Hello?

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    1. I hope your father is doing ok, Sam.

      Blair Betts has already totalled his goal output all of last year!! I like to see him bury his chances when he gets them. Good for him!! His 2 goals have been beauties, too!

    2. Hmm, interesting predicament.

      Ozolinsh… On ice for all 3 Rangers goals… Defenseman. Overpaid.

      Malik… Ringling Bros could not create a better clown. Defenseman. Overpaid.

      Pock. Picking splinters out of his butt. Needs ice time. Will make mistakes, but hopefully will learn from them. Makes oodles less shekels than veterans.

      Dawes. See Pock above.

      Renney. Coach. More lip service than Maybelline. “Pock will get ice time, don’t worry.” Lather, rinse, repeat.

    3. This win was all on Henrik … he faced over 40 shots and only let in 3 and he continues to be perfect in the shootout …

      I went to see them live and from what I saw I noticed that the team was very sloppy tonight on the three goals, they were just running around .. also they didn’t take the game to the Panthers in a physical way which is why at one point they were being outshot 22 to 34 …

      However, even though the team failed to play anywhere near perfect road hockey and only showed brilliance in spurts what I loved, LOVED about this game is how Henrik handled himself … At least from watching it live he seemed more confident and he wasn’t as deep in his net … that to me is the most important thing .. How he is playing

    4. “I say Tom Renney should give him another crack at second line center? Who’s with me? Anyone? Hello?”

      I say trade him for Malkin while his value is high.

    5. I Miss Steve Rucchin on

      1) All 3 of Betts’ goals this year have been highlight reel, including Opening Night.

      2) I say Farewell and Good Riddance to Marek Malik. We’ll call you the next time we’re in a 15 round shootout.

      3) We need to start hitting people. If Gelinas takes out our enforcer, who takes out Gelinas?

      4) Roszival continued his trend of taking a penalty while the team is on a Power Play (perfected by Fedor Tyutin). Normally, he just takes penalties while the NYR are already on a Penalty Kill.

      5) The Rangers transition game sucks. The Sabres get a turnover and the next second the are in the zone attacking. The Rangers force a turnover, and they circle back into their zone to “set up.”

    6. Wasn’t pretty but we got 2 points. Lundqvist played an amazing game and won this game for us with big saves in every period.

      I feel bad he will have to go against the Hossa and Kovy next game with Malik and Rozsival in front of him…c’on nobody here really thing Renney would bench one of them do you..? about an article or a post about how much Tyutin has improved over last year to this year? The kid looks like a whole new player. Easily he and Ward have been the best two out there. Last year Toots god booed on occasion from the drunks in the 400’s….now hes looks like he is breaking out into that #2 defenseman we all hoped he’d turn into when he was drafted…

    7. I’d leave Betts where he is. This way there is less pressure and he may develop those offensive sparks into a full-blown flame.

      There was an owner of a Bucharest soccer team last month who offered 100,000 euros to anyone who’d take his goalie off his hands. By that standard Dolan should put up 200,000 euros for someone to take Hossa. He just notched his 58th game without an assist, the NHL record for a forward by far. If his name was Rumplestiltskin, he wouldn’t made it out of the third league in Borat’s Kazakhstan.

    8. “1) All 3 of Betts’ goals this year have been highlight reel, including Opening Night.”

      let’s not talk about his Gretzky-like assists

      “3) We need to start hitting people. If Gelinas takes out our enforcer, who takes out Gelinas?”

      what enforcer? When was the last time Orr enforced anything?

      “I Miss Steve Rucchin”

      you are the only one, thank God at least he is gone.

      “2) I say Farewell and Good Riddance to Marek Malik. We’ll call you the next time we’re in a 15 round shootout.”

      Renney will just laugh at you and keep playing Malik 25 minutes a night.

    9. It’s a disaster out there in a lot of ways, for sure. But…I think Tyutin is the very example Renney should look at vis a vis his other young players. Sure he still makes some crap mistakes, but he’s gotten so much better by playing in the NHL and around players much better than him that now he’s one of our steadiest and getting better.

      It’s a cliche in every other business that the best way to excel is to work hard in an environment where you’re in over you’re head. It’s true of hockey as well. Get Pock on the god dang slab of ice, already. What’s the worse that happens? We throw away our lead?

      I hope someone is paying big money for Malik to keep playing…

    10. All i can say is…Marcel Hossa. 14 games, 0 goals, 0 assists, minus-7. Why is this guy still getting ice time!!??

    11. doodiemachetto on

      Because he had the shoot-out winner early in the season.

      Any word on Orr’s back spasms? Now would be a great time to get Dawes into the lineup, playing on the third line with Betts and Hall. Move hollweg down to 4th in Orr’s spot.

      Also, any word on Marek Malik being kidnapped, or breaking his leg, or coming down with the plague? No? damn…

    12. We all know malik is horrible but lets face it, the only decent defensemen the rabgers have are ward and Tyutin. If it wasn’t for Henrik last night the rangers loose. I’m fed up with this crap. It appears nothing has changed since Sather has become GM, over paying for players past there prime and not playing young players from there organization.

    13. Did anyone see that amazing drop pass by Malik at the blue line last night?…

      How does Renney justify in his mind that this guy deserves playing time. I am sure I am like a lot of others, but I cringe whenever he touches the puck now. Just waiting for something bad to happen.

    14. I don’t know what fellow ranger fans goal are for this team but mine is to win a stanely cup. I know we won in 94 but do you think we can win at least once in a while and not every 54 years. I personally don’t see any change unless Dolan sells the rangers/knicks. sather and maloney have no clue. I have said this before on blog. People say that sather built tghose great oiler teams but in reality he had alot of help because they were an expansion team and was able to draft the cream of the crop just like Bill torre. I’ve also said this before, sather needs to learn from his fellow GM across the river (Lou Lamoriello) on how to draft and draft players that fit the system. The problem is does sather have a system? It was nice to see the rangers make the playoffs last year for the first time since 1997 but than get knock out in four games. I’m not ecited about just making the playoffs which good teams should do every year anyway but at least making progress in to the playoffs. The jury is still out about the rangers making the playoffs last year. I really haven’t seen a great improvement in sather great master mind in building a good team and a championship team.

    15. Malik’s the only defenseman who consistantly disappoints me…. rachunek and roszival are gettin their games goin…. ozo will come around… gotta remember he started later then the rest of everyone else (no preseason or training camp either)… I’m gettin worried about Kasparaitis….. Sad news when I hear talks about him maybe never playing again, because he really didn’t seem that bad to me when he was playin in the few games this season….. but we’ll see

      As long as we’re gettin the wins it’s all good…. i guess

    16. If they’re going to play Malik can’t they at least demand that he never. ever pass the puck towards the middle of the ice?

    17. Rob, I’ll give you credit in your positive spirit about OZO but he is another slow, old defensemen that has seen his better days past. Rachunek is just ckueless, renney must be teaching these guys how to play defense. Chase the guy with the puck around the defensive zone to free up the rest of the opposition standing in front of the net all by themsrlves.

      Another thing about Dolan. People who receive MSG, have you noticed that cablevision has come out with the 50 best moments at MSG history, oddly enough none of them were when dolan was the owner. Cablevision should come out with the 50 worst times at MSG. This way we can see Dolans stamp mark.

    18. HockeybasedNYC on

      Betts is a third line center, he fits best there. He takes plenty of defensive zone faceoffs, so its good to have a guy like him come on from the third line just for those…
      He is deceptively fast and its good to have a center on the third line where he can actually do some damage versus the lesser defensive pairs of the opposition.

      The two great goals he scored were on the third line not the second.

      Cullens speed really helps the forecheck and around the net work for that second line. If Prucha had buried that shot that Cullen created from behind the net, the complexion of the game would have changed greatly also.

    19. Blair Betts is a god!!!

      So much so that at the beginning of last season, I named my new fish after him. Thankfully, they’re both still around.

      It’s good to see that he’s contributing on more than faceoffs. He’s a solid player with a good attitude. Renney should keep him thriving on the 3rd line.

    20. “Blair Betts is a god!!!”

      he sucks, Dubinsky, Helminen or Immonen would be better than him.

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