Brooklyn Bound?


UPDATE: The Rangers are dismissing as “pure speculation” an ESPN Radio report that says the team is going to announce the move tomorrow.

Madison Square Garden has an announcement scheduled for Thursday about partnering with Aviator Sports for a new Chelsea Piers-type sports complex at Floyd Bennett Field in South Brooklyn.

Whether this means the Rangers are moving their AHL team there from Hartford remains to be seen, although it could well be a possibility.

For the Rangers, the biggest change out of that is how coaches threaten their players. Instead of saying a struggling player could be on the next bus out of town, he’d be in the next cab.

Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?

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  1. Sam,

    You’ve mentioned a bit about Immonen. The guy goes from averaging a ppg and a solid plus minus to averaging .5 ppg and a -1 per game. An astounding drop off it seems. You mentioned that the pack as a whole might just be trying to find their game. Do you think another possible explanation is that Immonen is just fed up with the organization and is not playing his hardest? For a game who, by many, if not all, measures, should have made the team out of camp, especially over a guy like hossa, i think it’s possible that immonen feels like he was a) snubbed big time for no good reason, and b) not going to get a fair shot here anymore.

    Whether either of these are true I can’t tell – but if I were him, and I saw underacheivers like hossa playing every night over my ex-teamate dawes, I would feel pretty discouraged. Rumor is that immonen is on his way out, via a trade. I certainly wouldn’t mind an immonen / rachunek for seabrook trade, though I find that unlikely at best.

    Can you shed some light on what you think the problem is with him?

  2. If the Wolfpack move to Brookyln, I believe one thing you will see is an increase in fan observance with our prospects. As opposed to hearing a handful of people harp on who’s playing well and who’s not, and everyone else just going off stats, you can now have anyone who wants to go see how the players are doing just hop on the subway and whatnot. I think it would be a good idea in this sense.

  3. I grew up in Marine Park (now live in Manhattan). If there’s an inaccessible corner of the Brooklyn universe, Floyd Bennett Field is it.

  4. That would be great for the fans Joe… I know who our prospects are, but I only catch the Pack games once and a while on line…

  5. Would think it would stink for the players. Rents in Brooklyn can’t be the same as Hartford of even Bridgeport. Then you have to pay to park your car everywhere, for the guys who grew up on the farms in western canada it’ll be a change. And the concorde will be parked there for a year or so.

  6. No doubt for a player growing up in canada in will be a culture shock for sure but I hope the farm system does play in brooklyn so i can witness for myself all these great draft picks Sather and Maloney have been making for the past 7 or so years.

  7. am i reading into it too much that the rangers called the report ‘pure speculation’ but didn’t say that it wasn’t true??

  8. Immonen knows that he got screwed by the Rangers and unless he gets traded he will likely spend most of his career in Europe. But he also likely would have made more money playing in Europe these 2 years than in AHL

  9. I am not going to waste my time and money and be depressed watching players that should be in NHL but have almost no chance with the Rangers who only love the veterans.

  10. spzitzo–the rangers don’t own the checkers so they have no power to move them. the affliation between the rangers and checkers isn’t guaranteed but they can’t move the team unless they buy them first.

  11. i’m starting to get the feeling that espn made up this report to get idiots like me to sit here all day listening to max kellermans AWFUL show lol

  12. I actually think Max Kellerman is pretty good. Of course, that might be because he directly precedes the incoherent Stephen A. Smith. I think if my 1-year-old son preceded Stephen A. Smith, he’d sound pretty good, too.

  13. I’m a ticket plan holder in Hartford. I live a hour away (closer to Bridgeport). I’m getting sick and tired of games in Hartford for a lot of different reasons. I wouldn’t blame the Rangers for leaving, and I wouldn’t shed one tear.

  14. When I first heard this to me it reeked of an ECHL affiliate. I understand that the Rangers don’t own the Checkers. However, I don’t think it’s insane to think they’d set up their own in Brooklyn.

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