And the winner is…..


…reader Laurie, who correctly guessed my mystery linemate as Valeri Kamensky, an All-Star with the Colorado Avalanche who had two injury plagued seasons with the Rangers from 1999-2001.

A consolation prize goes to DoodieMachetto, who was wise enough to endorse Laurie’s guess.

A couple of things:

  • A supposed friend of mine and defenseman in our skate gave away a crucial clue by saying the mystery linemate is European. I’d like to say there will be retribution, but the guy is a lot bigger than me.
  • We’re all well aware that Kamensky’s tenure with the team did not pan out as planned. But keep in mind he was battling a couple of serious injuries at the time. Furthermore, there is a very good chance I’ll be lining up AGAINST him one of these days. Get the hint?

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    1. Doodie Machetto on

      I’ll take my consolation prize in the form of having my name mentioned in the blog. Thank you very much.

    2. Sam,
      A follow up question to your follow-ups..Any recent mention of T.Pock by coaching staff as far as getting him some playing time? And, have you had any discussion with him as to what his thoughts are about ice time, etc..

    3. Where were you sunday AM on

      Hey I thought European would throw people off (not meaning to insult anyone’s intelligence, but uh I could probably get 9 out of 10 here in the office who wouldn’t think of Russia as a European country.) Anyway, I’m just happy Val was taking it easy.

    4. Hey Sam,
      Thought I saw you at the game last night with John Dellapina. Since he happens to be huge on the Leetch front, any updates? Him on the power play is looking better and better than Rosival. Also, I keep hearing these Prucha rumors, I can’t imagine there is a legitimate chance he will be traded!

    5. Thomas Pock? Who? I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with anyone on the Rangers by that name. Or at least anyone who sees the ice.

      Yes, the Pock situation is odd. There is no way, in my mind at least, that the defenseman could do any worse than Malik right now, which is why I have to think his not playing is a reflection of the team trying to figure out what to do with big No. 8.

      I haven’t talked to Thomas about it yet but that’s been something I’ve been meaning to do. I’ve just been distracted everytime I’ve had the chance.

    6. Danroy33.
      I’ve got nothing on you on the Leetch rumors. Last I heard Philly was again in the mix, but I can’t think Leetch is a solution for the Rangers when they’re already top-heavy with salaries on defense. Now, if they get takers for Malik or Kaspar or Rozsival, maybe that’s a different story…

    7. doodiemachetto on


      In your time at the farm, did you notice any players that are showing promise that didn’t have a good camp/have just flown under the radar?

      And to everyone, can we all put the Leetch Rumors to rest? they have a defenseman sitting in the press box every night, they aren’t going to pick up an old, slow, and out of shape player after the collapse this season in Philly.

    8. doodiemachetto on


      Everyone has been getting on Slats, but for every bad thing he has done, there has been a good one too. I think it would be fun if you and my fellow posters all listed one move that he made that was great, and one that he made that was terrible. And hindsight doesn’t count, you have to have thought it was good or bad at the time he made it.

      Good (tie)
      Trading Anson Carter for Jaromir Jagr
      Signing Michael Nylander

      Overpaying for Kevin Weekes

    9. It’s a good idea, doodie. I’ll throw out Mike York for Tom Poti as a move that didn’t work, and based on this year alone, I’ll give Sather credit for getting Brendan Shanahan.

    10. Where were you sunday AM on

      Bad – Getting rid of Graves and Leetch. And Savard (or was that before him?)
      Good – His moves during the 2004-2005 season.

    11. how about bringing petr prucha over even though he was riding the pine on the fourth line in pardubice the entire year. great signing.

      how about trading up to sign marc staal. at this point he’s considered the top defensive pick of that draft now that johnson has fallen a bit out of favor.

      to me glen has done some of his best work getting the farm system in order. he’s brought in a ton of really good kids in later rounds, sure the jessiman pick was terrible but i have a hard time arguing any of his other picks (ok fine falardeau)

    12. Bad: Allowing Messier’s later years to prevent the forward progress of the entire organization.

      Good: Resisting Leetch…

      Sam, maybe after all the attention your mystery linemate got, you should add a weekly trivia contest or something. And not one easily solved with google.

    13. Thanks Sam. Now that I’ve exhibited my vast knowledge of hockey, maybe people will start to believe with me when I argue that Rachunek actually has some decent skills and that there really is a method to Tom Renney’s madness. Ok, ok, I know, I’m pushing it. I guess I’ll have to settle for Sam’s undying respect. Though a cash reward would also be acceptable.

      Oh, and I resent the suggestion that I used Google to come up with my answer. It was actually, to confirm the year of his all-star appearance. ;)

    14. Bad=Dave Karpa, Igor Ulanov, Zdeno Ciger, Bobby Holik and Billy Tibbets (Actually signing Tibbets went beyond bad into the truly shameful category)

    15. the ONLY reason that Sather got Jagr was the fact that the Rangers were the ONLY team with the money to pay him. NOBODY ELSE WANTED HIM at those prices. And, in fact, the Caps had to agree to pick up almost HALF of his salary to get the deal done. So, it wasn’t any great Sather move, but simply the advantage of deep pockets that brought Jagr to the Rangers. the Caps were so eager to dump him that they took crap in return and paid to get rid of him.

    16. I have watched now some Bobby Granger videos….
      The one with the apple with Shanny, the other with Petr Prucha, Jags and the czech models and the third sitting him on Jags on the locker wishing Petr a good game :)

      Are there any more ???:)

    17. Sam, Immonen has no goals and is -14 in ten games. Did you get any color from Schoenfeld/Maloney when you were in Hartford?

    18. Immonen’s numbers are bad because all of Hartford’s numbers are bad. It’s a very young team taking its lumps, and struggling a bit with confidence. As I said last week, Jarkko hasn’t been great thus far. But he hasn’t been that bad, either. Or at least not minus-14 bad.

    19. Whoa, hey now, Laurie. I didn’t mean to imply that you had used google; actually, the opposite. Guessing Sam’s linemate seemed refreshingly un-googleable, though I suppose if someone had a lot of time they could have narrowed down the suspects. The silliness of the question was what was amusing…props to you for nailing the answer.

      Now we can all laught at the thought of Kamensky dropping the gloves with Sam next time.

    20. Domenic Moore just scored his 3d goal of the season driving to the net from the boards. The big story is the goal comes SECONDS after the Ducks scored the first goal of the game.

      Adam Hall, Marcel Hossa, get a copy of the Moore goal. You guys could learn something about crashing the net.

    21. Sam–someone over at HF just posted that ESPN radio is saying the rangers will hold a press conference today to possibly announce the pack are moving to brooklyn?? have you heard anything? can you confirm if there is even a press conference and if so what time??


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