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The Rangers held only an optional skate this morning, so I won’t know line information or the starting goalie for this afternoon’s meeting with the Sabres until later. I’ll check back when I have it.

In the meantime, here’s “my story”: looking ahead to today.

Speaking of which, I thought the Sabres were supposed to be pretty good. The vistors today got tripped up by the Maple Leafs last night for their first regulation loss of the season.

Great, the Rangers must be thinking. Now they’re going to be all ticked off…

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  1. LOL Sam!! I said the same thing!! It would have been nice to see the Rangers hand them their first loss in regulation.

  2. goalbyPrucha!,

    Same here, but now we have the opportunity to hand them their first road loss, regulation and otherwise, of the season. Let’s hope the Rangers didn’t forget how to play the game they suddenly learned how to play out west and come out strong. Three games in four nights will take a toll on any team, but I was thinking the same thing, last night’s loss will probably wake up the Sabres.

  3. If we get the effort we got against anahiem and sj then the crowd at MSG will be 100% behind this team!!! No matter who is in net!

  4. Buffalo is fast though. And the pylon known as malik will be the target of many an odd man rush. still though, anything is possible, weve got the team to score goals against them, the problem is giving up so many goals.

  5. Good news Maxium Afinaginov is hurt with a separated shoulder and won’t play tonight… Bad news… he’s on my fantasy hockey team haha…

    2 Questions for Sam:
    What’s up with Shanny’s back?

    What’s goin on with Kaspar?… latest I heard Sather is ready to trade him for a bucket of pucks

  6. Sam, I heard about Lundqvist showed a bad mood during practice yesterday, when he banked off pucks angrily around the rink, when he was beaten by shots ????

    I think Renney will use Weekes for the third time riding the hot one…Henrik is out of sync now…

    On the other hand I heard about Jagr was in a perfect mood joking around and even practing one timers, and it is seemed to be that his shoulder didn´t hinder him as much…

    I think the Rangers need to attack from the first drop of the puck against the Sabres, which played a bad and listless game last night…

  7. With the way Hyena is utilizing Shanahan, Shanahan is going to have to retire after this season.

  8. Rob, I read in the Courant that Kaspar was benched in the 3rd last night against Norfolk. Not good. :(

  9. Vinny, I think you are a healthy scratch for this entry of the blog..You need to be suspended for violating the rules…:)

  10. Vinny, the Giants playing right now and waiting for a good poster on their weblogs..They are looking for your insightful comments…

    They are paying much more than here at the Rangers report..:)

  11. sam- i read that kaspar was benched in the third last night in Hartford. what is up with that? how is he going to get in shape on the bench? can they fire schonfield?

  12. “sam- i read that kaspar was benched in the third last night in Hartford. what is up with that? how is he going to get in shape on the bench? can they fire schonfield?”

    maybe they will send him to ECHL for conditioning.

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