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I’ll be quick because I have a train to catch…

  • I believe the Kevin Weekes honeymoon is over. It was fun. We had some laughs. But the backup goalie looked like, well, a backup goalie tonight. And the timing seems right to get Henrik Lundqvist back in net.
  • Nothing serious to report about Jaromir Jagr. The right wing said the tumble he took didn’t seem to have any residual effects on his shoulder. Furthermore, the Rangers are off tomorrow, which means he’ll have time to rest.
  • Meanwhile, between Jagr’s shoulder, Shanahan’s back, and Lundqvist’s ego, you wonder how Tom Renney sleeps. It’s a good things those guys aren’t that important. Otherwise the coach would really have reason to worry.
  • Tough game to wrap my brain around. An utter disappointment given the two-goal lead? An encouraging showing given the 7-4 undressing in Buffalo? Tom Renney said his team was “mad” after the loss, but c’mon, like they wouldn’t have signed up for this a few weeks ago?
  • Here’s what I do know: there was a strong Sabres contingent on hand tonight, and and they exploded upon Daniel Briere’s game-winner. If you’re a Sabres fan, life is pretty good these days. With one minor exception: YOU PROBABLY LIVE IN BUFFALO.
  • I’m allowed to make fun. My people are from Buffalo. But I’m not sure what it says that they all decided to leave.

    OK, the 9:40 awaits. I’ll touch base upon my return home.

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    1. Sam, any info or locker room chatter on Jagr’s shoulder and Shanahan would be great. I agree completely about the 3rd jersey — awful.

      Sucks to be Weekes. Unfortunately, it sucked to watch, too.

      Finally, does anyone (Slats, Renney, Maloney, Dolan, Vaclav Havel) have a good reason Malik is still playing? I feel like his still being on the ice is the clue in a twilight zone or M. Night Shyamalan movie — No, Rangers fans, you’re not in the real world anymore…


    2. Malik is a czech vet, makes big bucks and is Jagr’s buddy, what more do you need? Hyena adores him. Basically he is a few root canals away from hall of fame career.

    3. One thing is obvious if you were there in person. no Ranger line hems the puck in the offensive zone at even strength. The Sabres keep the puck in for minutes at a time on offnse. The sabres just keep dumping it in from the point if there is no shot and recover the puck and start over again without needing to regroup in center ice.Eventuall a man in the slot or point is open for a shot. The Rangers on the other hand, take the puck deep and lose control of the biscuit most of the time.

    4. Actually, i was at the game and maybe it all looks different on TV, but I honestly thought the Rangers played a reasonably good game against a much faster and probably better opponent. I missed the first goal, but saw no way Weekes could have stopped Briere’s goals and Im not sure Pominville’s was preventable by him either. Buffalo is fast, and they ALL go to the net -they’re a great team because they set up 2 guys in the crease and just get the puck deep and slide it across the middle. It really gives the opposition a heart attack.

      Mailk was an absoluet horror show – how long do we have to watch this clown for?

      Overall, though, despite their playing well, I am scared for the future of this franchise because we just dont have alot of young gifted players – and the ones we do have are rotting. Honestly, the best thing for this team would be if we actually did not have Jagr so therev wouldn’t be this delusion of possible success. The Dawes and Pock and Immonen and Dubi would be getting regular shifts and we’d be closer to being a real year-in and year-out contender.

    5. I agree 100% Peter. Realistically, JJ is a scorer and the Rangers need him. What the Rangers do not need is Ward,Hossa,Orr,Betts, and Hall all playing on the same night!!! Thats whats killing us up front. No one else scores on the 3d and 4th lines. And to make it worse, they have no ice time because of it.
      The defense’s problems have been well documented in this blog.

    6. Sam,

      as far as your linemate, has anyone mentioned Steve Larmer or Pat Verbeek? Come to think of it, the rangers probably have had more *former* all-stars in their lineup than any other team. How ’bout a hint? North american or european player?

    7. My linemate was not Steve Larmer or Pat Verbeek, although I would welcome either player. Keep guessing. I’m not ready to hint where he’s from because that might give it away.

    8. Hey Sam,

      Please tell me you have some insight on what the Rangers are going to do about their defense situation. The math says someone has to go soon, before Kaspar’s 10-game conditioning stint ends. What do you think is the answer? I actually think that Kaspar offers a different element than some of their other D-men we have, but its not my choice. I think Kaspar and Roszival may be the most attractive player tro ther teams, but Kaspar’s salary may be a hinderance to trading him. At this point I am willing to part with Malik (please!), Roszival, Kaspar and possibly Rachunek. Rachunek has played better lately and shows some potential upside, at least offensively. Give me your thoughts on the situation, Sam. As an insider covering the team, I figure you may be able to surmise more than we, the readers, can. Keep up the great coverage.

    9. sorry peter, but weekes kicked a soft, far-away, along-the-ice, easy, on-goal dump-in into a poorly controlled rebound straight out, right onto Pominville’s stick. Poor goal. and so was the first goal which was a wraparound that went right thru Weekes legs because he wasn’t ready. you know, like he wasn’t ready for the McLaren goal from the sideboards.

      I agree with Sam. the weekes honeymoon is over. for me it never started.

    10. Joe –

      Ok, Ill buy that. My seats are much closer to the other end of the ice, so I really didnt get a good look at what happened on Pominvilles goal – it looked like he swept in poorly covered and basically ran right into the puck. But if that and goal #1 were weak, so be it.

    11. Sam,
      One of my biggest worries/complaints about Malik is his giveaway rate (and i’m sure many fans would agree). Could you please shed some light as to how is faring vs. other defenders in the league at the moment? He had 3 turnovers tonight and 3 against the LA Kings (both losing games). Thanks.

    12. Weekes played just as well tonight as he did in the previous two… did we miss lundqvist in the last two games? not really because we got the win… but lundqvist would have gotten those wins also…. so it’s lundy’s turn to win on the road and come back with some confidence…. and kaspar will be done with his conditioning assignment… lets hope he’s conditioned enough to get the turn over king otherwise known as Malik out of the line up…

      Fantastic news that they were mad after the lose tonight by the way…. glad to see they’re starting to get passionate, and i’m glad he used the word mad rather then depressed… mad means they know the could have won and will learn from the loss, rather then depressed where they’re just hard on themselves.

      But I’ll take another road trip, hopefully it builds their charactor up alittle more… and hopefully with the addition of kaspar the team will look a little more complete on paper.

    13. Buffalo is quick and well organized on ice, the best team in the league right now. Unlike Ottawa in previous years which was long on talent and short on glue with no one to speak of in goal, Buffalo won’t come unstuck in the post-season. The Rangers capitalized on the PP and were fortunate to come away with a point. Weekes is Weekes, but the real breakdown was in the defensive work of the Shanahan -3, Cullen -3, and Prucha -2 line. The Rangers will have to improve to get up to Buffalo’s level and will need Henrik at last year’s proficiency for starters.

    14. This game was lost when Weekes surrendered the softie to tie the game. Does not seem that difficult for him to catch that puck, does it? He does, and we win the game. Actually, it seemed like he began to lose it about halfway through the 3rd, when he seemed to start handling the puck like it was a grenade. All in all, take the point but could have had the 2. Malik is still a disaster. We are paying the price for the guy never having brushed his teeth as a kid.

    15. First of all my guess on your linemate: Glen Anderson…

      Second, thanks for your constant coverage. Been a Ranger Fan since 68-69, and Former CCHA Collegiate Player. Your efforts are appreciated by Ranger junkies.

      Third, after last season’s end, I’d much prefer that the team finish strong. The line combinations and personnel issues will resolve themselves by accomplishment or attrition.

    16. “Third, after last season’s end, I’d much prefer that the team finish strong. The line combinations and personnel issues will resolve themselves by accomplishment or attrition.”

      the only problem is that the Rangers have not played consistently well since Feb.11, almost 9 months ago. They have only won 16 of 42 games played since then.

      And as far as “accomplishment or attrition,” you are leaving out a key third factor, politics. Malik does not lose his spot because he is Jagr’s posse, no matter how many blunders he makes.

    17. re your linemate – I’ll go with an ex Isle either Pat LaFontaine or Ray (chicken parm) Ferraro – I had to go on the fishsticks website to see who would be likely candidates.

    18. is there a chance Ozolinsh gets back on first PP unit some time soon? it just looks like jagr has a big influence on deciding who plays with him on PP1.

    19. I have said this in earlier blogs. In my opinion why you don’t see any ranger prospects is because there not good enough. Glenn dather and Don maloney are clueless when it comes to drafting and there trades aren’t much better. Sather should learn from across the river about drafting. Maloney at one time was the GM of the islanders and when he was they were one of the worst teams in hockey. Glenn sather has done nothing since he has been here. I guess the only solution would be to hope Dolan sells the rangers/knicks since both these franchises and msg have hit rock bottom.

    20. Here is a perfect example of what i mean about sather not a good in evaluating and drafting talent.

      And as if the comparison between the Devils and Rangers wasn’t obvious enough after last night’s result, Larry Brooks decides to emphasize the difference in the two teams’ drafting capabilities. Brooks points out that while Ranger prospect Hugh Jessiman is toiling away at Dartmouth, a kid named Zach Parise — whom the Rangers passed on when they took Jessiman while the Devils traded up to get him — is close to joining the Devils for their Stanley Cup run. Like we needed reminding that Lou Lamoriello is a better GM than Glen Sather. By the way, parise is playing for tghe devils and doing good.

    21. DoodieMachetto on

      Other notables passed up for Jessiman include Brent Seabrook CHI (yes, the one that was rumored to be headed here at the cost of Prucha), Patrik Eaves OTT, Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry ANA, Mike Richards and Jeff Carter PHI(who both aren’t having the best seasons this year, but had good ones last year), Dustin Brown and Jeff Tambellini LA, Ryan Kesler VAN, and Steve Bernier SJ.

      The Rangers picked up Baranka in the 2nd and Dawes in either the 4th or 5th.

    22. I like the fact that the Rangers are coming back after giving up the first goal in the last five games. With the exception of SJ(we scored first) and LA(we stunk up the place). That’s a sign things are looking up.

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