Oh not, not again


Some quick hits after the first period:

  • Amazing stat: it took more than 17 minutes for the first penalty to be called. What do the referees think this is, hockey?
  • Another dubious period for Marek Malik, whose giveaway to Adam Mair almost put the visiting Sabres up 2-0 halfway through the first. The Rangers haven’t had a guy who set up this many scoring opportunities since Wayne Gretzky was here.
  • Look, I’m no fashion maven, as my wardrobe of mostly jeans and T-shirts can attest, but I’m imploring the Rangers to lose the third jerseys. Unless, of course, they want to go from one of the classic uniforms in all of professional sports to something out of Arena Football.
  • So much for Jaromir Jagr asking fans to be patient. I heard one lady behind me in the stands screaming so loudly for the Rangers to shoot, I wasn’t entirely sure if she was being tortured. Then again, she did have to look at those jerseys…

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    1. Hey sam, your stealing my lines, LOL. I made a similar comment the night Malik passed to two different players for goals on the west coast trip. How Gretzky couldn’t have made better passes.

    2. the sabres new unis are worse. Their old, classic jerseys that they wore last night vs. Leafs are the good ones for them.

    3. Dissenters!

      How dare you! OK, you like the third jersey, fine. But you have to agree the Rangers traditional blue jersey is one of the best in sports.

    4. the 3rd jerseys are all about money for the owners. And I hear that next season they are going to new, space-age, tight-fitting jerseys that will really get traditional fans upset, just like those ridiculous long pants that the Flyers wore about 20 years ago.

    5. I personally am a tradionalist. I hope they don’t get rid of there original jerseys, that would suck.

    6. “But you have to agree the Rangers traditional blue jersey is one of the best in sports.”

      why? I’ve seen tons that look better.

    7. I am gad that someone else is aware that the win lost per cent is a high minus when wearing the third jersey.

    8. well, everything is back to normal now. Now they can go on the road for 3. they play better on the road. 2-5 (2-4-1) at home. 5-2 on the road.

    9. Just watched the Rangers lose in OT. Nobody on MSG mentioned how horrible Weekes was on the Sabres third goal, or how shaky he looked the second half of the game.

      Other thoughts: The three forward lines look decent. It would be nice to have a physical 4th line though that could play about 10 minutes a night.

      Send Nigel Dawes back to Hartford so he can play, and find time for Tomas Pock with the big club.

      Guess we’ll Henrik next game!

    10. Buffalo, a young, hard-working, shoot-from-all-angles, no-superstar team. Gee, I wonder if Sather-Renney could learn some lessons? No, of course they won’t.

    11. “Send Nigel Dawes back to Hartford so he can play, and find time for Tomas Pock with the big club.”

      I don’t think Hyena even remembers they exist.

    12. Apparently Jagr re-injured his shoulder. if hes out for any length of time, say goodbye to the season.

    13. Anthony (Abev) on

      Sam, I too like th 3rd jersey. And I like the Home Blue also.

      I was enjoying the “shoot!” calls tonight. Not really. Not as bad as has been, but seems like everytime it gets to the point we have to hear it.

      One other serious tidbit: Shanahan skated directly off the ice after the game winner. No pound for Weekes. Was he achey? Or so tired with some of his teammates play that he couldnt even look them in the face?

    14. The third jersey absolutely sucks!!! Why can’t it be a road dark blue or red with N-E-W Y-O-R-K written down the crest, a la the late 70s?

    15. “Apparently Jagr re-injured his shoulder. if hes out for any length of time, say goodbye to the season.”

      the fewer stars we have the better we’ll play and the more fun it will be to watch.

    16. Man, the NYR third jersey is awesome. It may be the best third jersey in the league. The “R-A-N-G-E-R-S” is classic, but the liberty logo is great!

      If anything fans were distracted by those awful Buffalo jerseys. When they start to suck, we can call them the Buffalo Slugs. I mean, really, is that a Buffalo?

    17. As was clearly evidenced last night, Buffalo is not going to suck for a long time. If only our braintrust would take a page from them and give some of our younger players a chance to develop. Either the Rangers have the absolute worst group of prospects in hockey or they just refuse to bother giving them a chance. Whichever is the answer, if our team is to have any semblance of lasting success, it has to change. What is Sahnny decides after this year he can’t continue? What if Jagr’s shoulder does get re-injured? You guys may be right, that might be the best thing because it would force the Rangers to develop their young players and at least see who can play at this level and who can’t. But if we dont start developing these guys now and getting an NHL caliber team together, then in 1-2 years we’re really done.

    18. Peter,
      I have said this in earlier blogs. In my opinion why you don’t see any ranger prospects is because there not good enough. Glenn dather and Don maloney are clueless when it comes to drafting and there trades aren’t much better. sather should learn from across the river about drafting. Maloney at one time was the GM of the islanders and w hen he was they were one of the worst teams in hockey. Glenn sather has done nothing since he has been here. i guess the only solution would be to hope Dolan sells the rangers/knicks since both these franchises and msg have hit rock bottom.

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