Henrik Who?


There are two ways to look at Tom Renney’s decision to start Kevin Weekes for a third straight game tonight against the Sabres. One is quite simple: Weekes has won each of the team’s last two games, and both in impressive fashion. By that measure, another chance tonight should be a foregone conclusion.

But goalies are fragile creatures, and you have to wonder if Henrik Lundqvist needs a chance to gather some momentum of his own.

According to Renney and goaltending coach Benoit Allaire, there isn’t much technically that Lundqvist is doing different this year. But his confidence isn’t quite there yet, and consequently, neither have been the results. At 5-5 with a .878 save percentage, Lundqvist’s sophomore numbers are largely a reflection of the Rangers’ play as a whole prior to last week. Maybe it will only take one game to turn his season around. But that game won’t be tonight.


Meanwhile, I had mentioned yesterday that Brendan Shanahan was kept out of practice with a sore back. Well, it may keep him out of tonight, too. The team’s leading goal scorer was still experiencing discomfort when he walked into the Garden today, and was going to wait until warm ups to decide if he could play.

I suppose the only other option would be to ask the Sabres to go easy on him. But I’m not sure how that would go over.


One other thing: A few of you have made valiant attempts guessing about my mystery linemate from a day ago. You’re not there yet. Keep working, and here’s a hint: he was a Ranger, but he was not an All-Star as a Ranger.

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  1. IMO, the question of Weekes starting will be an afterthought if Shanny doesn’t end up playing.

  2. One thing … Weekes was very very good in the Sharks game .. in the Ducks game he wasn’t impressive but he made the saves that he had to make and everything else? He was saved by the fact that team actually supported him and backchecked … So while I am ecstatic that he has won the last two games I don’t think that he has given any out of this world performances …

    Kevin is playing very good right now, he deserves the start .. Henrik should be enough of a professional, and I believe that he is, to understand that and not get his “feelings” hurt … Renney can start him on Wednesday on the road …

    Personally I feel that Henrik has tried to do too much, perhaps part of that was a subconscious lack of faith and confidence in his own team, which didn’t play good games in front of him save for two(and surprise, he only gave up two goals, each time, in those games and looked fabulous) … if they play great tonight again in front of Kevin I am sure that Henrik will have more confidence in them and come the game on Wednesday, if he’s played, he will go out there with something to prove .. he does say that he plays better when he’s mad …

    Shanny not play? Dear Lord in Heaven … Seriously though, Shanny has been just about everything … but the team needs to rally and play well regardless

  3. I would have been very suprised if they went with Lundqvist tonight. All Henrik need is a bit confidence. I’ve followed him closely for 5 yeares now, and I’ve seen him in ruts like these several times before.

    In a not so harmful way, Henke is a big “primadonna”. He cares allot about his statistics. He loves beeing perfect. When he aren’t, he gets down on himself, and kind of tilts. The World Championships in 05′ is a perfect example. In the first game against Ukraine he let in 2 goals on 15 shots, both goals went in off swedish D’s, and he had no chance to take any of them. He went into a downward spiral in that tournament after thoose goals, and never really where able to get back on track. In all but one game, goals where scored on him real early before he had time to set in.

    He have had stints like that in the SEL too. And have always been able to get back on track even stronger.

    Right now, it seems that all he needs is one great game, something that he can build on, a game where a goal aint scored on him the first 5 minutes.

    Against Bufflo, I think there just are too much to loose for Lundqvist. If the team infront of him have a so-so game, we could easily let in 6 goals, even if we get great goaltending. Save him for the away game against Florida, if the team is commited to defense against them, Lundqvist have a great oppertunity to have a great game, and I think thats all he need. One game to build on.

  4. Michelletti (I think) Quote after the giveaway by Malik:

    “We haven’t seen the Rangers do that the last couple of games.”

    I guess Malik’s 2 assists against Anaheim don’t count. That’s three major blind giveaways, two of which resulted in goals. No reason Pock shouldn’t be in the lineup.

  5. It seems like Renney told this team before the game: “Lets see if we can win this one if we dont hit anyone boys, just to see if we can do it.”

  6. Sam, next time you talk to Renney, ask him why he keeps playing an incompetent like Malik, the giveaway machine and sits Pock, a youngster who adds speed and offense to a snail-fast defense? And while you’re at it, ask him his definition of accountability. He benches Dawes, who was a -2 in Anaheim, ONLY because he happened to be on the ice when Malik assisted on two Ducks goals. Yet, Malik is still in the lineup vs. San Jose (where he still sucks) and today vs. Buffalo (still sucks). RENNEY MUST GO!

  7. Renney needs Jagr’s permission to bench one his czech posse.

    That’s why Pock and Kaspar take the brunt of the benchings.

  8. I personally have seen enough of malik, not only is he really slow but he loves to pass blindly towards the middle of the ice to the opposing team, enough. What a joke. i don’t understand renney on this matter, contunously playing this guy. If sather should trade anybody for a pucks its this guy.

  9. I like Henrik but the way he has been playing if he was in net tonight the rangers would probably be loosing 5-3. i can’t beleive the save weekes just made, unbelievable.

  10. Hyena looked extremely angry as he got too many men on the ice. Did he forget his medication at home?

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