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My apologies for starting off so late today, but you should know that my own hockey career sometimes gets in the way (speaking of which, I actually had a former NHL All-Star who was also a Ranger at one point on my line today. I’ll let you all try to guess who it was. And just to be clear, it’s not like the guys I play with are all of that level. Or more to the point, no one else is).

Anyway, the Rangers are on the ice for their first practice back in New York, but I wanted to pass along “my story from today on Rangers scout Frank Effinger”: Here’s hoping you enjoy it, but I should mention that full disclosure is in order: Frank was actually my first hockey coach, when I was six years old and the closest thing I had to a blog was a running commentary in between shifts.

Beyond our relationship, it was interesting to learn something about how a scout goes about his job. Guys like me all think we understand the game so well, but it’s only when you sit with a scout for a game — as I did this week in Hartford — that you realize how much you still don’t see.

There was one point when Effinger, Don Maloney and I were all watching the action below, and Maloney pointed out that forward Lauri Korpikoski wasn’t supporting the puck as well as he should. I honestly never picked up on it, but just then, Effinger opened up his notebook, and pointed to me where he made the exact same observation earlier in the game.

The guy clearly knows the game, which is why he always told me I should focus on writing instead of playing.

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  1. Hi Sam !

    Sorry but this post is a little bit out of context…

    As I have made my experiences watch live sports via the internet the last couple of months, I don´t want to be too overly excited or too hopeful,( because on a given nights it´s okay, the other not) but I hope to get the 21st century started in terms of the NHL live tonight at 7 pm et / 1 am local time with the game between the Leafs and the Sabres….


    Believe me, but I have waited for this to come since I probably invented the internet for me a couple of years ago. I just still can recall my trip in 2000 through the western conference by the help of travel agency and making telephone calls to the different places in order to buy the tickets. In 2003 I had started to book the accommodation and the tickets via Internet but tonight hopefully it will be the first time to watch a full game on the INTERNET as I have started to watch big sport events probably a year ago by computer after cancelling my subscription after a hefty dispute with a local paytv channel, after sitting with the boss of this channel in a Munich cocktail bar..

    In previous seasons I had this channel to have games twice a week. At the beginning I visited local bars over here, but it was tough for them to accommodate me because of the usually 1 am start.( funny I recall a restaurant over here , where the barkeeper gave me the key to close it after he finished all the other guests and went home :))then I had my own supscription, then came the lockout, then my dispute with premiere after they have decided not to cover NHL games any more. But with this software I would even almost have a game tonight or even better to select from different one on a given night like a Saturday night….So you can say I was able to see the Rangers not more than 4 or 5 times during the regular season and now I hope to see them even more regularly…

    Tomorrow at 5pm/11pm that would be the premiere for me with the Rangers on the INTERNET …!!!! And what a big game against the best team in the NHL right now and even better to a more human time for me…

    Many thanks again to Anthony who helped me to discover this possibility to Neil and to you Sam as well. Many thanks to my nephew as well because he is my computer specialist to help me out because I personally don´t have too much knowledge about those technical stuff…

    I hope you folks are around tonight at the weblog as well at 7 pm to hear my�outcry of redemption� to hit the airwaves over the ocean….!!!!

    Matthias of Eidengesäß/Germany

    P.S. I am praying that it will work tonight !!!!

  2. Great story about the scout !

    Funny, I wasked from a flight attendant from Air Canada in 2003 on the trip between Frankfurt and Montreal if I am doing the same job after telling him that I want to see NHL games at Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Washington, Philadelphia, New Jersey and finally the Garden….:)

  3. Interesting stuff on the scouting, good job Sam.

    Allow me to beat a dead horse while I’m at it…. Please let us know when Pock will resume his freakin’ career and when Ozolinsh gets 1st unit PP time! Enough of this already, what does Renney see in Rozsival and Straka on the points? Or at least how about a little closer to 50/50 for the 2 PP units as far as ice time… the 1st unit stays out there forever. Other guys need to build some confidence with the puck, I think it’d help Hall & Prucha especially to get some more time with the man advantage.

    Oh and the linemate thing — was the ex-nhler an all star with the Rangers or an all star who later played for the Rangers? I’ll say Rangers All Star, Pierre Larouche… All Star who came to the Rangers, Glen Anderson.

    What do I win? lol

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