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After such an encouraging showing last night against the Ducks, maybe it wouldn’t make too much sense for Tom Renney to shuffle his lineup for tonight’s road trip finale against San Jose — which is why, yes, the coach is again giving Kevin Weekes the nod in net.

And yet…

After the coach played Nigel Dawes for a mere 3:45 against the Ducks, he is subbing the rookie out in favor of Marcel Hossa tonight. What, did Dawes sit the wrong way on the bench? Actually, the rookie was a minus-2 against Anaheim, and it looks like Renney is again taking the conservative route in hopes of scratching out two points. On one side, you can understand. If Dawes was deemed a defensive liability, Renney might want to sit him down and wait until the Rangers are back home to get to work on what’s wrong.

That said, I’m also a big believer in that the only way for a young player to learn is to allow him the time to make mistakes. But right now with Dawes and Pock, who is also sitting for an eighth straight game, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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  1. Weekes did not win the game for the Rangers last night the defense did ..

    He should have stopped one of the goals the Ducks scored in the second period.

    Sure go ahed and ride the hot hand but in back to back ?

    I’d have Henrik in net tonight….

  2. Gawd dammit…. Weekes played alright last night, but come on!! yeah he kept us alive in the third, but two out of those three goals scored were save-able…. AND why play the same goalie back to back nights anyway? Isn’t it the point of having a back up goalie 1)incase the starter gets hurt 2)incase the starter is having an off night you can relieve him 3)!!!!! so that you can play one guy the first night and the other guy the second night on back to back games??

    He really likes to not let guys build confidence in themselves doesn’t he… sending down kaspar… sitting guys like dawes…. not let lundy play behind a team that just came off an encouraging win to maybe get the support he’s been lacking

    He’s been getting a bad rap because of the team infront of him… I think his efforts have been pretty damn good

  3. The defense hasn’t won a game for the Rangers since before the Olympics.

    Give Weekes some credit.

  4. Sam –

    I actually think we need to cut Renney slack re: Dawes. He’s not a prototypical 3rd or 4th line player.

    And this whole debate of Hossa v. dawes is illustrative of a more important point. The Rangers forward mix is imbalanced. Until this team can solidify 3rd and 4th lines that are built with speed, grit and defensive awareness, the team’s potential is limited. When Ortmeyer returns that may help. Korpikoski will be a great upgrade come next season.

    Hossa and Hall to me are illustrative of the types of players that aren’t very suitable in the new NHL because they lack the speed to “get there” and Hossa also lacks grit.

    Dawes has the speed, but he has “small guy” grit. Enough grit to find his way, but not enough to effect the other teams’ flow.

    Ortmeyer also lacks some giddy up, but his shot blocking ability, his willingness to give up his body and intelligence makes him invaluable in other ways.

  5. Dawes can play on a 3rd line, he just needs linemates to get him the puck, or create room for his speed and skill to be used. Hes not as strong on the puck as i would like, but hes got 20+ goals written all over him. 4 minutes is an absolute joke though.

  6. I have no problem with Weekes playing, but no Dawes or Pock again is just plain dumb. We can hope that Hossa is being “showcased.” if not, Renney is simply making a poor decision here. Hossa and Malik must have pictures of Sather and Renney naked with farm animals.

  7. Hyena strikes again. Just A dumb move to play Weekes back to back. And not playing Dawes is even more proof that he needs to be canned ASAP.

  8. Anthony (the other one) on

    People, stop riding Weekes. He had a great game yesterday, despite the fact that he’s been riding pine for the latter part of two weeks.

    Maybe Hank hasn’t had much support from the D, but he’s looked downright plebian through the first two weeks of the season. Weekes deserves a second straight start for the way he responded yesterday. While people are ready to crucify him, or suggest that he’s nothing more than a backup, he did have some solid stretches last year, and has the potential to be much more to this team than a guy who plays 20 games.

    I’m stunned, however, that Pock’s still on the bench, and that one of Malik, Rachunek and Roszival haven’t sat. Sizeable contracts or no, the three of them have been absolute poison in the lineup. In fact, I would have rather they kept Kaspar up, and sent two of M, R & R down so that Pock can get some minutes.

  9. How about accountability for all..

    WHY is Malik playing 2 mega giveaways directly leading togoals…

    Dawes gets dinged on those plays but hadnothing to do with the goals..That is why+ – can be misleading

  10. we are no longer surprised when Renney benches his young players like Lundy, Dawes, and Pock. It is SOP for him. standard operating procedure.

    Ma-leak can kick the puck to an opponent for a goal, he can hold a red cape and yell ole’ as they go by him, but apparently only his dental mistakes can overcome his mental mistakes.

  11. Yeah, this Pock business has to stop. It’s a total joke. The kid must feel like dirt; the players in front of him couldn’t play any worse and still he sits. Malik can just as easily be showcased sitting in the stands because that’s all he would do on any other team.

    I think Weekes deserves the start. And, probably, Henrik could use the rest. He still doesn’t seem right physically.

    Sam, any word on Ortmeyer?

  12. Inferno…thats not what the 3rd line is for…its not for getting offense…its for stopping the other teams offense…it would be very nice to have a center who could do both, and winggers that can do both…but thats hard to find…so making teh 3rd line a 2A line jsut so Dawes can play is NOT going to help…it just means teh Rangers lose 6-5 instead of 5-4. ROB: SO kill Weekes confidence after a good game by not palying him…he earned a second night between the pipes…and maybe this will give Hank the extra rest and the mindset that he has to ust play his game and not worry…that way he can go after buffalo…something about the Kings game is off, Weekes has his game on, so who would you use?? I would use the goalie who is on.

  13. doodiemachetto on

    I like Kevin Weekes as a guy, but not as my goalie. He was shakey the first two periods. Call it rust, but I can’t help but to cringe everytime the puck goes near him. I thought he played much better in the third and in OT. He earned another start. That said, it shouldn’t have been tonight. He played a tough game last night (30 saves) and will be tested hevaily tonight against the sharks. I think Henke should’ve gotten the nod tonight, but Weekes, pending Henke didn’t have a great game, should’ve started back in NY. Of course, if Weekes has a big game tonight too, he’ll definitely raise questions about who the number 1 is.

    As for Malik starting over Pock, it can’t be explained. I said last night that I would give Renney a chance to show he was no nonsense with the veterans after the Kaspar demotion and he failed by not telling Malik to enjoy the view from the press box. Poor Pock. I’d start considering asking for a trade, teams would jump at him as a good (and cheap, cap wise) second string prospect.

    Hossa over Dawes doesn’t matter because Dawes doesn’t play anyway.

  14. my God Renney how stupid are you?

    If Hossa is not traded and/or waived after this game than Dawes is being benched for NO reason…

    Great way to build up their confidence, play they 3 minutes and than bench them…..

  15. so Marek “Pituitary case” Malik is not scratched yet again? What a shocker, once a hyena, always a hyena.

    Pock will soon be used as a doormat for everybody to wipe their dirty boots on.

  16. doodiemachetto on

    By the way, can we give some credit where it’s due? Aaron Ward has been by FAR the best defenseman for the team in the past few games, especially last night, and pretty much throughout the season.

  17. Anthony (the other one) dont forget that Rachunek did sit…and he came back to have qa MUCH better game that he has had all season…got shots and used his body and didnt cough the puck up…I say that you cant Sit Malik with his defensive first though process, however bad defensivly he is, and put pock in for him while having Ozo and Roszival…now Ozo has played well so you dont bench him…I think Pock SHOULD be in for Roszival…the only reason I say dont bench Malik for Pock is that it would leav teh Rangers with to many offensive minded Defenders on the ice at the same time. Right now for tonight you have Malik and Ward who are defensiv first, Tyutin and Rachunek who are about middle line for defense vs. offense but leaning defensive, and Ozo and Roszival as more offensive, although Rosie wont use it properly on the PP. Might not be the perfect lineup, but it makes SOME sense for what the Rangers have to use right now

  18. one lucky benefit for the Rangers on this trip is the fact that teams normally don’t play well in their first game back after a long road trip. And both the Ducks last night and the Sharks tonight are playing the Rangers in their first game back after a long road trip.

    the Sharks have the best PP in the league, so we will see if the Ranger PK can do the job.

    incidentally, Renney boy, the Sharks PP point men are 2 Dmen who are 22 and 24 years old, Carle and Ehrhoff. and another of their key regular Dmen is a 19 y.o. rookie right out of junior hockey, Vlasic.

    But of course, Renney believes that you can’t win with youth. those old grizzled vets like Ma-leak are so much more dependable, NOT !

  19. Coach Jackal is totally clueless and tonight we get blown out of the water by Sharks.

    I have no problem playing Weekes in general, but I don’t like to play any goalie 2 nights in a row, especially against tough teams.

  20. I agree with the Aaron Ward kudos. And I think Tyutin has been playing pretty well. Kaspar may be in the minor’s but his hip check lives on with Tyuts.

  21. Is this a joke with Renney? No Dawes and No Pock but he is keeping Malik in? Please tell me this is just one big joke…

  22. I also applaud Aaron Ward, and Brendan Shanahan as well.

    Both guys have played great, and have shown real leadership.

    In fact, I would hate to see where the Rangers would be this season if they had not added these 2 guys to the team.

  23. doodiemachetto on

    True, but to repeat, Shannahan needs to play less. I think when Orty comes back, he’ll take Shannahan’s spot on the PK, which, the way this season has been going, will cut out a solid 5 mins of Shannahan ice time

  24. watching on center ice, there are 2 good division matchups, Devils-Isles and Bruins-Sabres. and there are so many thousands of empty seats in both Boston and NJ it is pathetic.

  25. I have tried writing some responses to this, but I guess I can sum it up more simply by saying that I am fast losing confidence in Renney’s ability to look at this team and it’s players objectively.

    I think he’s prone to over analysis with certain players and issues and still manages to have complete blind spots for others on the team.

  26. Chris asked about Ortmeyer. We’ve seen a lot of him working out at the Training Center, but the last time I saw him was at the Garden before the road trip,when he said he was going to see his girlfriend while the Rangers were out on the West Coast, and then he’s going to come back for more tests.

    The deal with Jed is fairly simple: as long as he’s on blood thinners, he can’t play. He was told after the embolism that he needed to be on the thinners at least three months afterward. Well we’re coming up on three months fairly soon, but that’s just the low end projection, and I’m not sure if there’s a period in there when he’s off the thinners but still can’t have contact.

    Throw in getting into game shape and I’d have to guess December at the earliest and most likely the first of the year. But maybe we’ll be surprised. I’m sure a lot of you would love to have him back.

  27. that sounds about right, Sam. Hopefully Renney won’t have Shanny worn to a frazzle before Orty returns.

    Shanny averaged 16:35 of ice time last year in Det. this year it is 22:02 so far under Renney.

    about 18-19 mins. per game would be about right

  28. Anthony (Abev) on

    Sam, about Shanahan being the goto guy as far as leadership goes. I noticed several times last night where Pronger and Niedermeyer had “whisper in the ear discussions” with Shanahan. I have noticed it before too in other games with opponents leaders. It seems like Jagr isnt summoned too many times by the opposition. Maybe its just a language thing, even though JJ has an entertaining accent.

  29. Editorial Error:

    After the coach played Nigel Dawes for a mere 3:45 against THE SHARKS, he is subbing the rookie out in favor of Marcel Hossa tonight.

    Should be THE DUCKS. Shame on you. now go to your room!

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