I didn’t think it was possible for the Rangers to be as bad as they’ve been so far. And really, when you consider some of the other duds the team has put forth this year, that’s saying something.

Why do I get the feeling their off day tomorrow will not be spent taking a team trip to Disneyland?

Meanwhile, you never thought you’d be taking your cues from the Los Angeles Kings, but give them this: they shoot the puck. Even if the angle isn’t any good, it’s something. Or put it another way: have you ever heard of a hockey team that shoots TOO much? “Well, we had a good effort, but we just produced too many shots”…….

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  1. Im sorry, is there anyone else that feels like they’re watching Theo Fleury, Eric Lindros, Val kamensky, Stepahne Quinatl and Dave Karpa? Ah, the good old pre-lockout days. Im so glad we’ve thrown away all the possible progress of the last two years and can resume our miserable existence in Rangers hell. Rooting for this team just wouldn’t be fun if they were ever actually good more than once every 50 years.

  2. It will get worse, trust me. The coach hyena stinks. And his assistants are morons as well especially Pelino.

  3. I feel bad for Shanahan. It seems like he’s the only one that wants to win. And Blair Betts strikes again. Great coverage there on Avery!! If Renney doesn’t start making some changes soon he’s gotta go.

  4. Sam,

    I’m sure you’ve noticed that rosival currently has no PP points. For all the minutes he’s gotten with guys like jagr, shannahan, and straka, that is really saying something.

    Actually, to me it says two things…

    1) That he is not a point man on the powerplay, period.

    2) That Renney is stubborn and refuses to give tyutin, ozolinsch, or pock anytime on the top PP unit. I do not understand this. Maybe you can shed some light.

    The rangers are going nowhere fast right now. Their game is pathetic. Quite frankly, their coaching is as well.

    Are you as perplexed as i am why all thesethings are happening, when we both (any many other beat writers) know that neither should be happening at all…

    – shannahan killing penalties, and playing 22 minutes a night.
    -blair betts, who’s no better than a mediocre 4th line center, playing between shannahan and matt cullen. betts has had no assists since moving up to center those two. in fact, he has no assists on the year.
    -marcel hossa getting any ice time at all in nyc. he has no points and is a -7 in 10 games. if it takes this long for a checking forward to start checking and preventing the opponent from scoring, which is what a checking forward should be doing, then hossa has failed miserably in his short stint in this role. he has not progressed, and lord knows he’s failed as a scoring foward already.
    -dawes and pock getting no ice time – this has been repeatedly exhausted…oy
    -malik and rosival getting continued leeway and making mistakes that should only be made by beer leaguers. i have no doubt these two can play in the nhl at some point, somewhere. however, the point is not now, nor here.
    -hall and prucha getting basically no PP time, when these two guys are primarily pp scorers. why aren’t they split up on the 1st and 2nd units along with shannahan and jagr?

    You’ve been fairly lenient with letting what I feel is rightful criticism of Renney go by without jumping on the bandwagon. At some point, you have to call a spade a spade. Renney has not inspired or motivated this team in a meaningful way. He has not held the players accoutable the way he says he will. What good do you see in his coaching, after the first two periods tonight?

    Each time I’ve posted I’ve stated the one question I’d ask Renney if I were you, so here it is…

    “Why does rosival keep getting PP time that could be going to tyutin, pock, or ozolincsh, when he has nothing to show for his time on the PP – not even one secondary assist? If that doesn’t spell failure in the NHL in a certain role, what does?”

    Thanks, as always.


  5. almost 3 years after Sather promised a youth rebuild, the Rangers have 2 young guys sitting in the stands, and very little progress has been made at the NHL level to put a young, homegrown, team-oriented squad together.

    Just more old vets cashing checks, but not throwing any.

  6. Orr has arguably been the Rangers best player tonight. Not that that’s saying much. By playing well he’s basically sealed the deal that he’ll be watching from the booth next game. Can’t wait to hear how Renney spins this game when it’s over. Wonder if it’s going to be the usual “I talk about this team like the fans are total idiots” schtick.

  7. In between periods, Fischler and his buddy hit the nail on the head. “Not once do they take the body here… stick stick stick stick no body, goal Kings”

  8. ive got both periods’ thoughts on my blog ( im too tired to copy and paste them here, the rangers performance tonight has spread to me, i might be too lazy to even hit the submit comment button, its too hard, look at all the defenseman in the way, oh no, do i HAVE to…oh, fine then, i guess i will…

  9. Granted there’s still 20 minutes to play here, and this team can put in 3 goals against this LA team… but I’m going to go ahead and say this… when they lose this game, if the staff doesn’t in some way shape or form hit the panic button just a little bit there’s something really wrong.

    They’re lazy!

    And as for the PP SPLIT UP JAGR AND SHANNY!… Why is it such a hard concept to roll your top two lines on the PP? and if you want to slap a guy like Hall in front of the net with the man advantage…. do that! Have Ozolinch QB the fricken thing…. they organization has been complaining about not having a guy that can QB the PP… they get Ozo last year to do that, and they’re not utilizing him this year… I don’t get it!

    Third periods about to begin…. So far the first 40 have been the most frustrating hockey i’ve watched in a long time… glad this blog is here so I can vent haha!


  10. they had Bozo on the PP a couple of times, and the Kings almost scored a shortie by Conroy.

    He has played 3 games, and he has been on the ice for 7 of the 9 goals scored against the Rangers.

  11. Hollweg is a wrecking ball on speed. Too bad other Rangers don’t go ‘oh hey look at that maybe I’ll try hustling like that’.

  12. This league is corrupt. The NHL and it’s puppet referees are corrupt. Every time a team is down 3-1, 4-0, 5-1, the trailing team gets power play after power play to get that team back in the game. 9 of the last 11 penalties have been called on the Kings. That’s some impartiality of officiating.
    It’s pathetic referees will try to get a team back in a game. The NHL is digging it’s own grave. It’s a Bull-s corrupt league.

  13. And don’t tell me they were drawing penalty after penalty because they were playing just that awesome.
    Hell, the Kings had more scoring opportunities shorthanded than the Rags had on the power play. My patience with this league is nearly gone. I’m glad I stopped giving them my money and will continue to do so until Bettman is gone. He has ruined a sport that was fine for its 100 years before him.

  14. Youve lost respect for the league? How about losing respect for the deplorable Rangers… They play with no passion for two periods and then try to sputter some at the end to make it look like they tried. This really does look like the pre-lockout Rangers. It’s not even close to being fun to watch.

  15. Anyone who has been a hockey fan for 30 years would be hard pressed for having any respect towards what the league has become or the man at the reigns.
    That’s a separate issue from tonight’s game. I trust you have the brainpower to differentiate.
    The Rangers, how could you have respect for this team the way it’s playing right now? It doesn’t even need to be said or explained. It’s obvious.

  16. Great, Renney being an a-hole to the media in the post-game interview. That’ll endear you even more, Renney.

  17. Just got back home from the Staples Center. Man was that deplorable. And I don’t know if you could see this easily on the feed but our captain couldn’t have been any lazier away from the puck. Whether [failing at] cherrypicking or not getting back or letting Shanahan talk to the refs, he couldn’t have looked any more like the frightening player he was with Washington. What a nauseating display from a captain. And that’s without the hundred efforts at stickhandling that ended in turnovers.

    And why can the Rangers not muster the strength to get it out of their zone or into their opponent’s?

    I used to think Hossa got a bad rap, but watching him miss the net, then be afraid to shoot and then sissy out on a check was too much. And Kaspar, who I used to think was a badass, man, he seemed downright resentful that he might have to use the body on a couple plays.

    This team was not prepared for the start of this season. Something’s gotta give. And soon.

  18. I too was at the game.

    1) JAGR IS NOT WEAK, HE’S HURT!!!! He left warmups tonight after 5 minutes because he needed to go in to the locker room presumably to get shot up with cortisone or whatever. He passed up at least 3 glorious shooting opportunities not because he’s trying to be pretty, cause he cannot shoot. The shots he did take were very very soft. He needs to be shelved soon or he’ll just be gone for the season, if not a career. This shoulder injury is not a simple thing, folks. He is hurting, it’s obvious.

    2) KASPAR – and this hurts to say – is done. TOAST. People can blame Ozo for the goals out there, but notice, once Kaspar comese to a stop, it’s very hard for him to start again. It’s so sad.

    3) THE RANGERS CANNOT WIN A FACEOFF. I think I counted 1 win the whole night. There was probably more, but everytime i focused on a faceoff, they lost it.

    more to come…

  19. Well Jagr had an off night, which he’s entitled to. Henrik had another mediocre outing. But Renney hasn’t dealt with the two most serious problems, a disorganized defence, and the lack of someone on the backline of the PP who will shoot the puck. I also think he could have made better use of Hollweg and Orr. Hollweg was fired up playing before his family and delivered three hits in seven minutes, Orr two in 3.5 including one dandy. Put Dawes alongside those guys and you might have a fourth line that can really affect a game. Hossa doesn’t fit that role nor any other role. He had no hits and made two shots that missed the net. The fact that he’s still playing instead of Dawes or (name your pick from Hartford) after 51 consecutive games without an assist shows that Renney doesn’t understand what’s going on with his team.

  20. I was at the game tonight…

    What a disaster, I cannot think of any player who played well.

    The Kings would get the puck out of there zone in 2 seconds it would take the Rangers 4 tries.

    They stink. Lundqvist played great in the 1st period for them only to be down 2 zip.

    There defense stinks, Kaspar again looks terrible…

    they need to make some moves now, shake things up…

  21. i did an incredibly long writeup over at rangers review, and i guess it more or less echoes what has been said here. I would say i want to vomit, but the tasty BBQ i ate for dinner shall not be wasted!

  22. Sam:

    I also just got home, and I am convinced that the editor did you a favor by keeping you home. What a dreadful performance. As this was the first time I have seen the Rangers live since their last trip out here, some observations:
    They truly suck in the faceoff circle. They repeatedly had their lunch eaten by a 19 YO rookie Anze Kopitar.
    Roszival and Straka are useless on the points. They refuse to shoot the puck.
    Kasparaitis was horrid. He looked totally uncomfortable and did nothing effective.
    I was astoniched at how many shots from prime scoring territory the Rangers pass up. Jagr is the #1 offender.
    Something is definitely wrong with Jagr. he was fine until he shot the puck.
    The Rangers were beaten to every loose puck. They were outworked.
    Shanahan has one heck of a release. Wow.
    Best Ranger…..Hollweg. He needs to get more minutes than 4th line minutes.
    Hossa? Forget it.
    The Rangers gave up an absurd number of prime chances. If Lundqvist would have sucked, the Kings would have scored 10.
    Malik and Roszival are slow. Ozo did not contribute much.
    I liked Cullen and A. Ward. Nice additions. We badly need a talented center.
    I had better see Pock and Dawes on Wednesday in Anaheim. Yes, I am going.
    Finally… 9 YO looked up at me in the 3rd period and said “Daddy, why do we like the Rangers again? They suck.”
    See you Wednesday.

  23. As I was leaving the Staples Center tonight, I saw a very attractive women in her mid twenties… she was wearing a Jagr jersey… but more importantly, she was in a wheelchair, permanently. And it made me realize something. Here is this girl, probably as die hard as the rest of us, showing up to the Staples Center once every three years to finally see her favorite team play, no doubt having to make a bigger effort than me to do so and this is what she sees…

    I have to tell you, it really bothered me. You know, I’m blessed to say that I’m at a point in my life where I don’t need the Rangers to win. But when I was growing up, for many years, I seriously thought the Rangers were all I had… unfortunately, I’m not joking.

    I didn’t have the best childhood, but i did have the Rangers. So, when my childhood social worker used a friendly connection to get to James Patrick, i was pretty excited. Even better, was what #3 did for me… he got me inside MSG to witness my only Rangers playoff game live and THEN, even better, he invited me into the Rangers dressing room after the game. It was the greatest day of my life, screw my bar mitzvah.

    And you know what, the Rangers lost that game 3-0 to the Capitals. After the game, I met a lot of the guys, Kocur, Leetch, Mullen, etc.. Kelly Kisio even signed an autograph using his broken arm.

    And then “Jeep” came out and we all spoke for a while. And you know what he did? He made a point of it to look me straight in the eyes and apologize for the loss. He even told me that I could come back the next game and he’d try to make it up to me. That’s because he got it, he knew what it meant to put on that sweater, because he knew what it meant to me.

    And when I saw that girl on my way out, wearing that Jagr Jersey, I couldn’t help but wonder if she was wearing it with more pride than half the team…

    There I’ve said my peice. I hope they turn this around… Let’s Go Rangers…

  24. How can they be so bad??

    They got rid of; poti, strudwick, rucchin, sykora,moore, and I forgot the rest.

    They replace them with; cullen, a ward, shanny, rachunek, hall,etc.

    They let go of garbage and signed some good players, how can they be so bad??? They can’t get the puck out of there zone, play around euro style on the Pk, they stink…

    they need to do what Lou L would do, cut some heads now before it is too late……..

  25. “Well Jagr had an off night, which he’s entitled to.”

    Why is he entitled it? For this guy every night is an offnight, he doesn’t have to do a thing–Shanahan does the captain duties for him, Nylander and Straka have to work to get his majesty the puck, JJ is not accountable for any horrendous turnovers and penalties, in fact the worse he plays the more icetime hyena gives him.

  26. “And Kaspar, who I used to think was a badass, man, he seemed downright resentful that he might have to use the body on a couple plays.”

    At least he threw a few hits unlike Malik and Rozsival and each had 3 giveaways. Pock and Rachunek should be playing instead of these 2 bums.

    and PP is a total joke, but it all reflects on terrible coaching.

  27. “How can they be so bad??”

    1. Renney is a complete idiot
    2. vets get older
    3. other teams get better
    4. refusal to develop young players
    5. Betts is our 2nd line center
    6. Jagr is our captain
    7. Can’t surprise anyone
    8. Jagr and Kasparaitis are falling apart
    9. Malik and Rozsival totally blow
    10. Prucha is getting 10 minutes of icetime on 3rd line
    11. Moore > Hall
    12. Ortmeyer is out

  28. time to start making trades

    Straka and Hossa for Malhotra

    Graham and Rozsival for Ponikarovsky

    Kasparaitis and Malik for whatever we can get if nothing then waive them or buy them out.

    Hall and Betts for Ott or Avery

  29. Anthony (Abev) on

    Jezus Neil, good read.

    About Jagr leaving pre-game early i have to add something. He rarely stays out for the whole time. In fact I was marveling at how long he was out there. I have seen him to some pre-games at MSG for 3 minutes.

    And Chris: I think the real captian might be the guy who tried to get the team back in the game with the only goal. As for Jagr, I forgot when it was maybe towards the end of the second. But Jagr gave it away then just skated off the ice for a line change, but no one else was on yet. I needed a pitch counter tonight for all the giveaways. And not the mcflurry.

    I still have to sit through 2 more games on this coast. Is there an airline refund policy if your team sux?

  30. Campbell, Muckler, Low, Trottier and even Sather used to look more visibly upset and emotional after a loss than our upbeat hyena.

  31. actually I wouldn’t mind trading Jagr, maybe we can get a 1st rounder and a top prospect/good young player for him. The sooner Jagr and his posse, Betts and hyena Renney are gone the better.

  32. I’m glad it was the fans who saw through the Phoenix win and not the management. Than they might have been able to make the changes needed to win.

    Immonen, Dawes and Pock NEED TO PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We need some YOUTH in the lineup.


    Yea right!

  33. Why is Renney so bad?? Did he have an illness over the summer that hurt his brain? Doesn’t Renney see the need to adjust his game plan mid game? Why arent the Rangers prepared to play the Kings from the opening faceoff? Did Dolan cut the advanced scouting staff for money reasons? 21 shots against in the first period!!!! Last year the players SKATED to the puck every shift and the ones that didn’t looked out of place. This year the players wait for the puck and it looks totally lazy . How can Renney allow this change in play every game without making adjustments or personel changes?? King Henrik is going to get injured if the shooting gallery doesn’t stop. The rangers have to play in the opponents face from the drop of the puck. Not in prevent mode as they have been. They are supposed to be in excellent shape. In your face play should not be a problem. If a player is not conditioned and is allowed to play, then it is the coach’s neck if the player is under performming.

  34. Art Shell put Jerry Porters multi million dollar salary on the inactive list instead of letting Porter dictate his terms at the expense of being roasted in the press, blogs etc… Some may call Shell dumb. I call him a coach with winning with guts. Tom Renney please read!

  35. I am only going to say this for the last time. I made this same comment after the rangers lost to the panthers. This is the same crap I have been watching for years under glen sather as GM. the team is slow and somewhat old. This year i have noticed teams with there prospects playing and looking good. where are the rangers prospects? I know where they are, they don’t have any because maloney and Sather don’t know how to draft. I remember when maloney was the gm of the islanders and those where bad teams. I look at last year as a smoke screen because it was a new era with new rules and it took teams most of the season to get going. This is why the rangers fell apart after three quarters of the season. It’s the same old rangers not making the playoffs. I really feel bad for Lundquist because he is basically hung out to dry. I am a very disgusted ranger fan. I have been a fan since the late 60’s. I pray every day that Dolan would sell the rangers/knicks but probably not in my life time. I’m glad I was able to see them win a cup but that seems like another life time.

  36. Some very good comments here, particularly Neil’s, which really struck a chord.
    As for the rest, there’s not many I’m in a position to disagree with. More in my next post…

  37. That horrific singing of the national anthem by Miss Universe or whoever the hell she was, set the tone for the Rangers.

  38. Wow, Neil Katcher, great post!! You said a lot there and hit the nail on the head!! Thanks!!

  39. I don’t think the game was that bad, finally Rangers started showing some physical play (Hollweg, Orr, A.Ward, even Kaspar had a few good hits) but that was not enough LA’s D is way too good. Rangers need to play great from start to finish and our D (Malik, Rozy and Rachunek gotta GO) We definitely need a 2nd line center I would prefer to see Dubinskiy instead of Immonen since he is hard nosed don’t take sh*t from anybody player who also is skilled and able to set up our scorers. There is a change needed Rags looked old there, I feel bad for Shanny and J.Ward because they did try to actualy win it. Note to Renney if Jagr is hurt DO NOT give him so much minutes you are running him into the ground!!!

  40. Kirill, I’m worried about the way Shanny is being used as well. He’s not gonna have anything left by December.

  41. goalbyPrucha!, Yeah but then again we do miss Ortmeyer who else can we put on PK I don’t know Shanny is the best all around guy but Renney does run into the ground :(( It is sad! Bring up Dubinsky!!! Do something because the situation is NOT going to fix itself and for some reason I get the feeling Renney and CO. thinks this is what is going to happen.

  42. Neil got it right. we have more pride in being rangers fans than it seems like this team (besides some) have in wearing the sweater and skating on the sacred ice at 33rd and 7th.

  43. Sam –

    Feel free to be unprofessional and slip that post I wrote to any of the 8 defenseman still on the roster…

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