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We knew something was coming regarding the Rangers defense, and sure enough, Darius Kasparaitis has been sent down to Hartford for a 10-day conditioning assignment.

Bear in mind a conditioning assignment means Kasparaitis doesn’t have to go through waivers, so I’m not sure where that leaves the team in terms of bringing someone in to take his spot. Still, given what Kasparaitis has meant to this team as recently as last season, it’s significant nonetheless.

UPDATE: A couple of things from the Rangers to round this out: One, Kasparaitis still counts among the Rangers’ 23 players on the roster, so they can’t bring anyone in to replace him (unless they re-designate him), and his $2.98 million still counts toward the salary cap.

Furthermore, odds are he will play tomorrow for a home game against Portland.

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  1. I’d been lobbying for this exact move for some time. It’s the most unobtrusive move they could make and it gives poor Kaspar a chance to find himself, if there’s something to find. I hope they give Pock a game either tomorrow or thursday.

    Problem is… that leaves the Rangers last 4 d spots to be filled by
    Roszival, Malik, Rachunek, Pock, and Ozolinsh. One can argue that aside from Malik, the rest of these guys are variations on the same player. Pock does potentially add more grit than the rest as he is hungry enough to his body effectively.

  2. I hoipe Kasper gets his game back…he is one of teh only hitters on the team..Now Ward and Tyutin have ben using their bodies…but not like Kasper can when he is on his game…he can change the momentum of the game. This also could help the Pack…having Kasper for a few games may make their D better, and give them some confidence…also some of the younger bigg defenders may learn to hitt from him…not a bad thing…I mean to have a young defender start hitting more BEFORE tey come to the NHL.

  3. You know, the reason why this seasons Rangers adventures have been so frustrating is soley because we had gotten used to the workman like team we saw most of last year. This season the lunch pail/hard hat kids have become the SLOW,PASSIVE,MISTAKE PRONE, men. What created this transformation?
    I have watched the Rangers for 35 years. Last years team was the first one (including 1994) that reminded me of the Big Bad Bruins of old. The team that played in Boston Gardens and played in your face every saturday afternoon when the Rangers visited. The Rangers rarely beat that team. I envied those Bruin teams. I would wish that the Rangers could become work ethic players like the Bruins. It never happened.
    Yes , Messier restored the respect and helped us win the cup. But last years team looked like one of those Bruin teams. I would watch the Rangers last year and point out to my friends and family when a Ranger would chase a loose puck down in center ice or on an icing and explain how no other Rangers team ever did these sort of little things as they say. I had finally gotten my wish. A worman team. An honest effort every night. A Ranger team that would make you earn the space on the ice. Last year it was like that. Even in defeat.
    Not now.

  4. sam, this is devistating buddy. he is my favorite player. i hope he finds his game and gets back to the big show soon. he is a warrior.

  5. Based on his performance last night, this is a good move. He was trailing the play the entire game.

  6. great, now he can take away the roster spot from some prospect in Hartford. Why not just not play him till he is back in shape or sobers up or whatever is wrong with him?

  7. I’d lean this more towards proof Kaspar is here to stay.

    Which is good. We need him. We need him as the player he was last season. I think he will be.

  8. Now, if only Sather and Renney could be sent down on permanent conditioning assignments.

    Send Malik down on dental assignment. send Rozo-Ozo-Raccoon down on mental assignment.

  9. I hope he works out his issues and can come back to 100%, I find it odd that he is the ONLY guy sent down. Seems to me that Malik,Rachunek and Roszival need to join him or get traded off this team because they are absolutly useless. I would much rather see them run a 4 man defensive corp, then see these 3 playing in a Ranger uniform again. Harsh I know, but what can I say.

  10. Kaspar wasnt outright waived because IF and when he comes back up, he probably will be claimed, and the rangers are on the hook for half his salary. Why pay another team to take him off your hands. Come trade deadline im sure someone will panic and pony up for him.

  11. Def Inferno, no need to pay any of his salary if you can deal him for a pick or prospect later. Something defenitly has to happen with this defense, they are leaving henrik to be killed by the opposition, and it aint right, get henrik some support thats stable back there and he will regain his form, bank on that, we just need to improve the defense, henrik will get his game back!

  12. oops, sorry inferno. One of Malik or Roszival should be benched for a game as well for the game in anaheim. And if the team comes out flat again, then Renney better get somebody on that coaching staff who knows how to use a cow prod.

  13. Also, Renney’s over reliance on the first line, makes it hard for him to bench players on other lines because frankly, they don’t play enough to deserve blame.

  14. Hey Sam how is it going? I am an intern for the New York Islanders (I know the enemy) I work home games in the press box. Tonight I saw Don Maloney of all people at the game. I spoke with Stu Honig of Chicago TV and he said that Jassen Cullimore is what the Rangers are targeting. Have you heard anything in regards to this?

    I look foward to introducing myself when the Rangers play the Islanders at the Colesiuem.

  15. Wow, sounds great. Lets not only add anothedr slow, lumbering, non-physical defenseman, let’s hand over a great prospect like Prucha or Dawes for him. Since we’re out to turn this year into a complete disaster already.

    Really, could those in charge be any stupider?

  16. Larry Brooks (sorry to mention a competitor Sam!) is saying in his article this morning that the Hawks are after Prucha, and may be offering Brent Seabrook in return…

  17. I was personally shocked to learn that Kaspar was sent down. If I were the New York Rangers, I would have sent down Rachunek before Kaspar.

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