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Sort of.

At minus-9 for the year, Karel Rachunek will sit his first game of the season against the ‘Yotes. To those of you who had been criticial of the defenseman, I’m assuming this is welcome news.

Problem is, many of you have also been calling for youngsters Nigel Dawes and Thomas Pock to get more ice time, and they’ll be sitting as well. In their place, both Colton Orr and Sandis Ozolinsh will return to the lineup.

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  1. Dawes plays his 3 best consecutive games as a Rangers and he gets sat? Sometimes you really have to wonder what Renney is thinking.

  2. OldTymeHockey14 on

    Huh? Sit Hossa. He hasn’t done crap except for that shootout goal. Dawes should definitely be playing. The game is now about speed. And he actually shoots the puck!

  3. Yeah, we are rebuilding. Its a complete and total remake. Gone are all those guys who were Rangers in 2003. They’ve all been replaced by a bunch of different washed-up veterans. Lets face it: last year, youth was infused into the lineup out of necessity. Most free agents wanted nothing to do with the Rangers.

    Glen Sather is operating in the same ridiculous way he always has. He wants absolutely no part of developing a hockey team from the ground up, none. This year would have been the perfect opportunity to give a young, budding sniper a shot on a top line (Dawes), and instead the kid gets buried while we re-sign Martin Straka. It was the perfect opportunity to give Pock and Baranka a legitimate shot, but instead, he ran out and signed Rachunek and Rozsival, both of whom have looked far worse than Pock or Baranka ever would have. So now we’ll be stuck not getting anywhere close to the Stanley Cup this year, and next year, we won’t be able to say we’ve got a bunch of young guys who have a year’s experience under their belt and in 2 years or so we’ll really compete. Maloney, Renney and Sather can talk until they’re blue in the face about having a long-term plan and developing young players, but their actions speak much louder and always have. We’re still the New York Rotisserie Strangers.



    I swear, sometimes I just don’t get the guy.

    You DONT sit Dawes!!!! You sit Hossa!


  5. Hossa will play a lot out west, as will Rossival and Malik and ANYONE else the Rangers feel the scouts need a long look at…

    Betts on the 2nd line?

    I like Betts too, but these strange moves are likely to showcase their talent to the Western teams

  6. Peter-

    You have a point, but I have to disagree with some as well.

    When you looked at pre-season, you can note that guys like Moore, Baranka, Immonen, Dubinsky, Korpi made a really strong showing and most of those guys showed they could play in the NHL.

    At the same time, we mainly have openings on the bottom two lines. What is better for some of these kids? 20 mins in HF or 5-10 in the NHL? As far as defense goes, Baranka should be here, bar none. But more specifically as the forwards, it could have gone either way after watching pre-season. All the guys I list up there have some kind of flaw which needs attention. The one who might fit in the most in terms of the mins he would get is G. Moore.

    I am no huge fan of Sather, but even a biased eye can see that he (or Renney/ Maloney)are really stockpiling prospects for us. Yet we still don’t have that real bluechipper forward or D-man that can really force the Rangers to play them right now.

    You want to complain about Baranka and Pock and that is legit. But some of the others, you don’t want to throw kids in when they aren’t ready either…

  7. Fire Renney, I cannot take it anymore. Rachunek and Pock sit while Rozsival and Malik play after having an absolutely brutal game? Dawes sits in favor of a goon that cannot even fight?

    Lets hope the losing continues so that moron Renney gets fired.

  8. I think the reason for sitting Dawes and playing Hossa is the size card here. Out west the teams are more physical. Just a thought…

  9. I’m not happy about sitting Pock, either. Let’s hope they are showcasing Malik/Rozsival. Although I can’t see how that would enhance what little value they would have at this point. :(

  10. Bauer –

    I’ve actually always felt it was wrong to throw guys out there before they’re ready, and agree with much of what you’ve said. But I have to say that at this stage I’m not really sure what is to be gained by Immonen and Dawes playing in Hartford again this year. Immonen was the Pack’s leading scorer – the Rangers need to give him a good long look getting top line minutes and see if this is someone who could be a second-line center. He had some time there last year and did reasonably well. Frankly, I can’t imagine how he wouldn’t – at least offensively – be an upgrade over Blair Betts at that slot. And again, Dawes should be on Jagr’s line. I agree these kids shouldn’t be sent out there to play 4 minutes a night. But the truth is, the openings are there on EVERY line, not just 3rd and 4th. And further complicating matters is the fact that Renney is completely unable to manage ice time. Not only does he not roll four lines consistently, he doesn’t even roll three. In my opinion, which is worth about as little as anyone’s, I know, we should be looking like this:


    Straka is no longer a major point scorer but hustles and plays both ends well enough so that you would then have a third line that can score and be responsible defensively. All four lines have reasonable speed and size. The idea is to play it a la Buffalo – roll all four lines, mix youth with experience(and hope that youthful exuberance is enough to overcome rookie mistakes), and skate ’em into the ground.

    The young guys HAVE to be given the opportunity to play. They want jobs, they want to be the future of this team, they’ll push the vets harder or push them out.

    Either one of two things will happen this year: either Henrik and Jagr will suddenly become their old selves again (and in the case of Jagr I firmly believe he will) and carry the team despite Renney’s mismanagement, or they won’t, and if they don’t, unless Renney stops playing two lines of 35 + year-olds 25 minutes each, this team is going nowhere.

  11. Guys —

    Let me chime in with a couple of things. First, I don’t like sitting Dawes, either. The kid needs to play, and I thought he has played well.

    Apparently Renney would go with Orr to deal with both Georges Laraque and Josh Gratton on the Coyotes. Is that necessary? I don’t know. But some of you think that’s needed in order to protect the likes of Jagr.

    As for Pock, I don’t know this for sure, but I’m assuming the reason is this: the kid isn’t going anywhere. And while the Rangers look into either waiving or trying to trade some of their underperforming defenseman, they need to have them play to either a) figure out who is most expendable, or to b) build them up to other teams. As in, “Look, Malik isn’t that slow. See?”

    That said, I’d still like to see Pock in the lineup. But I’m going to reserve judgment until the defensive situation is sorted out more.

  12. “As for Pock, I don’t know this for sure, but I’m assuming the reason is this: the kid isn’t going anywhere.”

    well then lets not play Lundqvist, Prucha, Jagr, Tyuting, Hollweg because they aren’t going anywhere. Or perhaps tell Renney to take few weeks off because he is definitely not going anywhere.

  13. Is there anything to all the papers making it seem as if Kaspar is in trouble? I’d hate to see one of the few potential hard hitting players we have go.
    I know he’s paid a lot, but at least we know once he’s back to form, he’s gonna be throwing his body around.

  14. Sam –

    Right. But I just saw the actual line combos for tonight and I’m concerned. J.Ward and Hollweg are centering the 3rd and 4th lines respectively. Aren’t they the only two forwards on those lines with enough speed and physicality to be gritty. Keeping them at center nullifies their effectiveness on the forecheck. If the reason behind this move is because they’re the most responsible defensively, then this team is in a lot of trouble.

    My line combos:

    1st line: jagr-nylander-straka or dawes
    2nd line: prucha-immonen-shanahan
    3rd line: ward-cullen or straka-hollweg
    4th line: Hossa-Betts-Hall or Orr

    A couple of explanations for these lines:
    1) Dawes makes more sense than Straka on the first line until Jagr gets his shot back. 2) Immonen is a strong set up man, putting him between Prucha and Shanny makes a lot of sense.
    3) Straka and Cullen could be interchangeable as 3rd line center. The other drops down to 4th line with Dawes in the lineup.
    4) 4th line is big and hard to play against if they use their bodies. Put in a straka or cullen and remove Hall and suddenly there’s more speed on that line as well.

    When Ortmeyer returns, then one of Hall, Orr, Hossa goes bye bye.

  15. typical Renney. Instead of sitting Hossa for Orr, he sits Dawes. Instead of playing Pock, he goes with the old slow foots again. youth rebuild, my fanny.

  16. “Dawes sits in favor of a goon that cannot even fight?

    Lets hope the losing continues so that moron Renney gets fired.”

    Obviously you didn’t see much of Orr last year or in the minors. Try not to make ignorant statements. The fact Orr offers some size, which this team is in need of, makes him offer more than Hossa can bring to the table.

  17. nothing is more instructive than what happened in Pittsburgh last year. Craig Patrick signed a bunch of overpaid, over-the-hill vets. Instead of playing the kids in the system, he and Eddie O. decided to bank on experience. It cost all of them their jobs, and the kids in Pitt., thrown in before they’re supposedly ready, are now doing quite well.

    Or how about Philly? Clarke last year signed a bunch of old, slow-footed Dmen, and guess what. By the first few weeks this season, both he and the coach are unemployed.

    If Sather and Renney can’t see the parallels here, then they are as clueless as many of us think.

  18. Hey Neil, I love those line combos. Wish I’d thought of them first. Oh yeah, I did a few posts earlier. (Sorry I couldn’t resist – you know what they say – great minds think alike).

    What i find mind boggling is that the two of us can come up with what seem to be readily apparent and very workable line combos and an approach to their use that makes far more sense than playing the six oldest guys in the lineup to death. While the team continues to lose.

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