“Reg, what’d you say to the guy?”


It’s always my standard line when there seems to be an overly exuberant response to something. And that seems to be what we’re getting tonight from the Rangers, who are turning the diehard hockey fans in Phoenix — all four of them — on their ears.

You are correct, I don’t think anyone is going to confuse the Coyotes with the Soviet Red Army circa 1976. But given the Rangers’ wounded psyche of late, this seems to be just what the team needed. And the most encouraging sign is that Jaromir Jagr has discontinued his Peter Nedved imitation and is beginning to look like….Jaromir Jagr.

Enjoy this one, Ranger fans. There haven’t been many like it so far this year.

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  1. Sam, I’ll enjoy it if I see good games vs. the Ducks and Sharks. THEY are good teams, and if the Rangers can beat them, then they might be starting to gel a little.

    But I’m not going to get excited over victories over Phoenix or LA. the coyotes look like the little sisters of the poor. and the Kings aren’t much better.

  2. The most important thing is Jagr. This was the best he has looked in a while. Maybe 85% I would say. Lets hope he keeps building strength.

  3. I will enjoy this because the team didn’t panic after getting down 1-0 and the three goals came directly off poor defensive plays on their part, which thankfully didn’t happen often tonight … but Roszival was right there for one of them …. Kaspar seemed to be there for another …

    The team needs to get confident and hopefully with another effort like tonight’s vs the Kings we will be ready to face the Ducks and the Sharks which, on back-to-back games really scare me ….

  4. Dawes scratched in favor of Orr who is still a useless goon

    Prucha got less than 11 minutes of icetime on the 3rd line

    we beat one on the worst teams in NHL.

    Straka still can only score when the goalie is at least half way out of the position.

    Betts is still zero offensively

    Nice giveaway by Jagr

  5. Vinny Pooh is upbeat..

    Ozolish looked decent again.

    Rangers had 5 giveaways leading to at least one of the goals…

    Thye should not suit up Orr but play Dawes.. Can’t they give Pock a game he looked fine earlier in the season!!

    Kaspar just does not look right and he looks slow…

  6. Orr, in limited opportunities had good shifts, including a good shot on goal. It’s not his fault Renney plays him 3 minutes a game. God forbid there’s someone on the team with some balls and energy. Vinny you really are an ignorant slob. Orr isn’t a goon, he can fight, yes. Which is one more thing than Hossa offers.
    Rangers win big and you care about Orr’s 3 minutes of ice and where goalies are when Straka scores. You poor, tortured soul.

  7. Orr never showed me that he should be playing over Dawes or Hossa. I wouldn’t mind playing him play when there are injuries.

    Would be nice if benches were increased to 21 players, then every team could dress a goon or some semi useful player or give a trial to a rookie without having to scratch anyone.

  8. I guess they have to win by 15-0 to keep some people happy.

    Betts was 14-9 in faceoffs, and Nylander 9-4. Not too shabby.

    But there were downsides. Henrik again wasn’t sharp. The team only had eight hits all game, that won’t do against better teams. And Hossa must have set some kind of record, 50 regular season games in a row without an assist. I can’t remember any forward even coming close. If you add the playoffs that’s 54.

  9. who cares they won 1 game. But the big picture looks very bleak. The coach is a clueless moron. Hopefully the good teams expose him for a joke that he is.

    I bet Betts will own Hossa in the games without the assists department. As you can see nobody ever scores on Betts’ line. If Hossa was given the icetime and linemates that Betts gets he would have a lot more points.

  10. rangersreview.com for my take on the game (even period by period if you want, just scroll down), im too lazy to copy and paste ;-)

  11. Thats pretty easy to say about Hossa Vinny..

    What would you consider alot more pts ?

    Anything would be alot compared to the Zero pts

    he has now with a minus 7..

  12. Nice win, I agree, but I still think the line combos are purely ridiculous. No way is Betts a second line center. Tom, Brendan is a SNIPER. He needs someone who can FEED HIM. Betts is not that guy. Move Cullen back to center that line and stick Prucha on it with him. Better yet, bring up Immonen and let him center that line, then stick Cullen with Ward and Dawes on line #3. How many even strength goals does Shanny have since Betts has been his center? Exactly.

    I too thought Ozolinsh looked good. He is doing an excellent job of being defensively responsible, of getting the puck out of the zone along the boards and not up the middle. I think it would be nice to get him some PP time. And I also have doubts that he’ll be booed violently at MSG. Ranger fans aren’t stupid, they know who’s playing well and who’s not. Malik is on that list and if he doesnt stop giving away pucks, Rozsival will be hearing it like Poti by the end of the year. After all, let’s face it, Rozsival is Tom Poti without the burden of having to succeed Brian Leetch. Other than that they’re the same player, and Poti is likely better.

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