I’m not sure that’s the period the Rangers were looking for after three days of we-need-to-protect-the-puck-better-in-our-end mantras. Look, I’m not an NHL coach, but I’m pretty sure being better in your own end does NOT include direct passes to the opposition.

But, you know, maybe it’s some sort of radical new breakout.

In other news:

  • Tough period for Jason Ward, who was hammered into the glass on one shift, then elbowed in the face the next. The only bad part is Ward never lost consciousness, since that might have spared him from having to watch his teammates.
  • Ditto for Marek Malik, who short of purchasing his own bus ticket, seems to be begging to be sent out of town. Just when you thought “We want Ozolinsh!” were three words you’d never hear at the Garden….

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    1. no, it should be “we want Baranka”.

      And how about that useless Raccoon-neck. Both goals are his fault. He takes a stupid hooking penalty on one, and then gives the puck away for the second. he’s now minus-8, does he have to get to minus-60 before they bench his azz?

    2. That a no brainer, Rachunek is the first to go but the rangers have alot more problems than just Rachunek. This team looks lost. The only game this year that looked simular to last year was the first game, the remainder look like the past seven years before the strike.

    3. Rangers have only won 13 of 36 games since Feb 11, so they have been a poor team since the Olympics ended.

    4. Sam –
      Here’s a telling stat that I wish someone could follow up on for the whole game…

      In the last 6 minutes of this period, every Ranger got ice time. The total number of hits made by the rangers… 4. 2 players account for those 4 hits. Dawes on the same shift. Then, Aaron Ward, also both on one shift.

      There are many reasons why this team cannot score on even strength… but basically giving up the entire ice rink physically, most likely has something to do with it. What’s the point of having size… see Malik, Betts, J Ward, Hossa, Hall, etc… if they don’t hit? Betts and Hall more specifically really puzzle me. What is their purpose if they can’t hit and check and do the small things? And Hollweg at center negates his physical presence out there. He needs to be first in. He needs to go back to the wing, please!!!!!!!!!!!

      Heck, and i’m not even talking about the need to retaliate for the hits on J. Ward. The team seems reduced to a perimeter team. It’s as if Nedved never left.

    5. Roszival gives a goal away. get rid of Jagr’s czech buddies on defense. They are as soft as can be.

    6. how about a Philly-style falling on the sword. the coach is fired and the GM resigns. Of course, that won’t happen here, because Sather is Dolan’s buddy, and Renney is Sather’s puppet.

    7. All comments are true. Last year was a smoke screen. This is the same crap I have seen for seven years before the strike. I thought the olympics had to do with the rangers failures. The fact of the matter is the rangers are the same team they have been since the strike, old, slow. I rather see there prospects come up with young energy and loose, at least we will get top draft picks like the penguins. I had enough of this crap. i guess the only way this will ever get fixed is if dolan sells the Rangers and knicks. probably not in my life time.

      Ranger/knick fan since the 60’s.

    8. Okay…

      Out of Frustration I have divided the rangers roster into 4 categories…
      1- Players that are safe or deserve to stay,
      2- Players that have been underwhelming
      3- Players who are making themselves totally expendable
      4- Players that could be called up

      I will refrain from making mock lineups, but I believe this is a fairly accurate picture of roster flexibility. I am omitting Ortmeyer for the time being.

      List 1
      Jagr, Straka, Dawes, Hollweg, A. Ward, J. Ward, Shanahan, Prucha, Tyutin, Pock

      List 2
      Nylander, Cullen, Lundquist, Weekes

      List 3
      Hall, Betts, Kaspar, Malik, Roszival, Rachunek, Orr, Ozolinsh, Hossa

      List 4
      Korpikoski, G. Moore, Dubinsky, Immonen, Baranka, Montoya, Lampman

      make your own judgments. What does this all mean? there is some flexibility here. Plenty of room to send a message. Get some passion into the lineup.

    9. Lampman? Please. Also Dawes isn’t safe, he doesn’t know how to play defense. Jason Ward shouldn’t be safe, he’s useless. He can’t score, he can’t hit, he’s dead weight. Orr isn’t making himself expendable, he doesn’t play. He’s the closest thing to a pair of testicles this team has. That’s alright, he can sit in the box every night while Jagr gets run, or Ward takes elbows to the head and almost gets knocked out unconcious shortly before said incident. The Rangers don’t only lose to teams, they let teams come into their building, slamming around star players, scoring unlimited quantities of goals, beating this team like they are playing a sub standard group of woman’s olympic hockey castoffs.

    10. before all that, how about a list of those who have been underwhelming, to say the least, for many years.

      1–Dolan, Sather, Renney

    11. I don’t know what they talked about as far as improving defense goes on these days off, but I doubt the words “look for the pass up the middle in our own zone” ever came out of Rennys mouth…

      I don’t know what’s going on, but all I know is, I’d take Ozolinch and Pock over Malik, Roszival and/or Rachunek any game. For the love of all that is good left in this sport Sather, have the ability to talk another GM in to signing 2 or all 3 of those guys…. malik and roszival were both +30 somethings last season after all (what a joke)

      They better get their $hit together before I ever get the opprotunity to watch one of these games at the garden, or I’ll start throwin things haha… won’t be pretty

    12. Montoya isn’t ready yet, Lampman is nothing, but it would be great to see the other 5 mentioned up. At least the team would be fun to watch. Nylander, Straka, Ward, Cullen, Hall, Rachunek, Roszival, Ozolinsh, Malik: 1990’s Ranger hockey. Bunch of old crap or dead weight wasting roster spots while younger, cheaper, hungrier players are buried, despite the big club being mired in mediocrity. The lesson will never be learned by any team that plays in Madison Square Garden. Keep taking the public for the idiots you think they are, management.

    13. And oh yeah, ditch the 3rd jersey already. Great, another marketing ploy, more money, wonderful. It’s a retarded, ugly jersey. Makes the team seem even more like a junior team out there.

    14. no, but he doesn’t bench their azz after they do it. what kind of message does that send?

      Raccoon-neck and rose-a-thorn never missed a shift after their gaffes led to goals.

    15. At the post-game press conference, Tom Renney was asked by a journalist about hitting. His answer boiled down to “that’s not the new NHL.”

      I’m sorry, but Tom Renney is flat out wrong here. Watch BUFFALO!!! The only wiggle room he has here, is that maybe instead of hitting the reporter should have used the word GRINDING. This team had two GRIDING lines last year. At times 3 GRINDING lines. Grinding wears down the opposing team. It gets the other team out of position, helps transition, opens up the ice, etc, etc, etc… i can go on and on and on and on about this… point is, it’s MIA this year!

      And this team cannot ask two or three players to do all the checking. There are plenty of potential grinders on this team that haven’t grinded and frankly it’s really hard to watch not-so-skilled players avoiding checking opportunities, throwing the puck in front of the net instead of cycling, etc… this team is either horribly mismanaged or the players are too stupid to understand their own strengths.

      It’s just horrible to watch. Horrible. And Renney better correct his answer at some point. Because he was WRONG! I sound very bitter, and I don’t mean to. Renney hit a nerve and did so in a condiscending fashion. Sam, if that was you asking, good question, and if it wasn’t, thank that reporter for me.

    16. grinding ain’t the Renney system. the Renney system, under Sather’s direction, as long as Jagr is his bigshot, is the Euro-soft, east-west, no-hit, fancy puck-possession, dmen-are-puckhandlers, don’t-suit-up-your-tough guy, disorganized shinny.

      the only grinding under Renney-Sather is the fans grinding their teeth in frustration.

    17. Malik
      100 games
      Shots – 4
      Giveaways- 1000+

      One highlight real carnival goal: cemented spot in line up for eternity.

      Renney is a clown.

    18. Guys,

      Hollweg who most of you love and Hossa have no points.Hollweg also makes mistakes with the puck.

      The goals were on 2 bonehead giveaways, a power play, and the last one call it what you like.

      The Panthers tonight played like the Rangers of last yr., steady in there zone, etc..

      They are playing lousy. Kasparitas looked really slow tonight, Rachunek just stinks,….

      they are not doing the little things at all…..

    19. Watching the game from the bar, it was great – I had a beer in my hand.

      On pley really caught me — Hossa had a dude lined up as he turned from behind the bench – NADA — he skated past him — that would have been stormy!

    20. Hollweg’s contributions are not measured in points. He hits. and almost no one else on the team does. If everyone of the Rangers played with his aggressiveness and desire, there wouldn’t be a problem. besides, that idiot Renney is playing him at center, when LW is his best position, where he can bang in the corners. And how can anyone rack up points when they are playing with that useless Hossa.

    21. I know Hollweg is not there to score, but he needs to be smart in his zone with the puck and he had turnovers like most of the clowns.

      they are losing becuase of turnovers many are unforced…

      Hockey is a simple game, don’t give the puck up in the defensive zone up the middle etc., why can they not figure this out???

      Roszival’s turnover tonight was terrible but be real he and Tyutin are our only skilled defenseman and they are the 2 best on the team.. Kasparitas looks SLOOOOOOOW….

      IS it really that complicated.

    22. If Hossa’s last name was Stink or Bert or anything else he wouldn’t be on this team. He should be in the UHL.

    23. I think they need to put Rachunek out there if no onw picks him up(which will happen) they can send him down.

      If someone god willing picked him up they would save over $1 mill.

      Pock deserves a chance to play.. Again Kaspar looks bad, I wonder what the scoop there is.. Hossa is running out of time, I would do the same to him, after those 2 I am looking at Malik and Kaspar if things do not turnaround fast.

      They outshot Florida by a bunch. Florida had a few scoring chances all on giveaways………….

    24. Rose-a-thorn is skilled at what? avoiding throwing any bodychecks? treating opponents with kid gloves in front of the net? refusing to shoot the puck from the PP point?

      He’s mobile, but so is a town in Alabama.

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