The dreaded third jersey


I can’t say I’ve ever been a big fan, mostly because the Rangers’ liberty logo seemed to symbolize this proud organization’s years as a laughingstock.


Nonetheless, the Rangers will be making the debut of their third jerseys tonight against the Panthers, and maybe that’s fitting. If you’re looking to harken back to the days of old-time, Original Six hockey, maybe a game against a team from South Florida isn’t the way to go.

“Oh yeah, that’s my decision,” Tom Renney said with a smile when asked if the team’s jersey tonight was his choice. “Unless we lose and then it’s somebody else’s.”

The coach went on to say that he likes “anything with Rangers on it.” I didn’t have the heart to tell him the team will be introducing a fourth jersey next week of teal and gold with ruffles around the shoulders.


On to more pressing subjects, it’s worth noting that Petr Prucha, last year’s rookie surprise with 30 goals, is still looking for his first in his sophomore season. Put that in the context of the past week, when Prucha was benched for most of the third period in a loss to Nashville, and continued to struggle in Saturday’s win over Toronto.

Renney acknowledged that maybe Prucha was struggling a bit in recent games, but he said the player’s scoring totals are far less important than other parts of his game. And bear in mind, the coach is again playing Prucha tonight alongside Martin Straka and Jaromir Jagr on the first line.

“Being that he’s a second year player he’s got to be patient,” Renney said. “If his goal total was cut in half and he was plus-15 and we went deep in the playoffs, you could appreciate how happy I’d be about that. So Petr needs to know that, too.”

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  1. panthers 0-4-1 on the road. 6 goals for. 20 against. no Bertuzzi.

    Rangers should be ashamed if they can’t beat these slugs tonight.

  2. I remember when I first showed up to school wearing the third jersey. I felt like I was a representative for the team, because everyone who had two cents gave me theirs. They either liked it, or hated it, there was no middle ground.

    I personally like the third jerseys, I’m all about tradition, but since every NHL team basically has one now, what better way to symbolize NY than with Lady Liberty herself. By the way, weren’t we wearing our third jerseys in Game 5 of the 97 Conference Semifinals vs. NJ? I guess you could say that would be our crowning moment with them so far.

  3. Joe,
    I know this has nothing to do with this particular blog about the third jersey but i have to say that i have watch every ranger game this year and the rangers remind me of the same crap I had watched for the past seven years before the strike. This team is in trouble. The only good player they have is shanahan. Teams skate the rangers in circles and they look slow. What happened to yagr, he looks lost. I myself before the season thought shanahan should have been the captain because he is captain material. This team is not going to make the playoffs. I hate to say this because this hurst the the islanders look better than the rangers and that isn’t saying much. I hope i am wrong.

  4. we are in trouble

    and that beiong said, the third jerseys are gross. not that the statue of liberty is a bad idea, but the colors and the whole thing looks like crap on ice

  5. Sam,

    Thanks for bringing up the third jersey. I’ve hated it with a passion ever since its introduction. In my mind, the debut of that jersey coincides with and symbolizes the team’s final descent into absolute mediocrity post-94.

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