John Amirante is warming up in the bathroom.


Not sure if there’s news value in that, but I figured I’d share nonetheless.

The strange part is that the longtime national anthem crooner was singing “I Want to Rock and Roll All Night (and Party Every Day)” by KISS….

I’m kidding, of course…..

He only sings that post-game….

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  1. Great. I can’t help but imagine you were most likely writing this on your laptop, multitasking in one of the stalls. Thanks for the imagery. In related news, dancin’ larry was last seen at the midtown Curves, stretching in preperation for his strippercizing class.

  2. I’m tellin ya, when I go more than three days I have an unnecessarily-heightened level of anticipation for a regular season game.

    Let’s hope we can continue the trend of dominance over the Panthers at the Garden.

  3. I never understood the point on national anthem before every game, and likely never will.

  4. They started singing the national anthem in WWI when patriotism needed to be streamed through out the nation like propaganda… after that it just kinda stuck after years of being at war…. not to mension WWII not too far following…. whatever, I like it and the tradition of Amirante at the garden…. and idk about anyone else, but when I’m playing in a game and you’re standin there while the anthem is goin on… it gets me a little pumped up

  5. Sam-

    My favorite thing about this blog is what sets you apart from the other beat writers – excitement. Actual excitement and appreciation for what you do. And it’s little posts like this that illustrate that. Thanks.

    In any case, think about this… after a good bm, who doesn’t have the urge to sing god bless america?

  6. Jonathan Probber on

    I believe that hed is a first for the Journal-News, the Gannett Corp. and all of American journalism. Yet another reason I love this blog.

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