And it’s not even November


It’s remarkable to me how quickly the Flyers went from a team that the Rangers were genuinely conncerned about — and “rightfully so”:, it turns out — to a team that is “in utter disarray”:

Without the benefit of any real insight into what’s going on with our friends to the south, I’d have to imagine the abrupt departures of both Ken Hitchcock and Bobby Clarke can be attributed to much more than a listless start. Because I’m still of the belief that at this early stage in the season, a team has plenty of time to find itself.

Rangers fans, keep this in mind. Your team is 4-4 and has so far played mostly mediocre hockey. To be sure, there is plenty of room for growth. But they’re still a lot better off than the Flyers.

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  1. What I want to know is if Bobby Clarke felt his time was up at the draft when he couldn’t remember his pick’s name, why didn’t he just resign then?

  2. there is still plenty of time to correct yourself and that is part of the logic behind philly making the moves now. they felt a change was needed and by making it now you have 70 games to recover and still get into the playoffs…if you kept saying ‘we have plenty of time, it’ll turn around’ and then find yourself in feb still saying ‘it’ll turn around’ then you suddenly find yourself running out of time…

  3. I suppose you’re right, Leetch3. Some guys at the rink just now said the same thing. And obviously something was awry enough where the Flyers felt they could clean house and still turn things around.

  4. Sam–Do you have any idea why Ozolinsh isnt playing on the first PP unit? That’s the only thing he was actually good at last year, and his main talent. Yet we still see Straka and Roszival there, neither of whom will ever be confused for a PP quarterback.

  5. I’d like to think that renny and sanis were just trying to prove something to everyone that ozo’s game is more defensively sound now…. point proven from the way I saw the game…. that and the fact that it was only his first game back to get back to speed… he didn’t even have a preseason…. so I think they’ll aclimate him back into the game before trying him on the power play too…. maybe against the panthers he’ll be up top?

  6. imo its time to trade some defensemen off and honestly sandis doesn’t neccesarily have to be one of them. rachunek, rozsival, malik all could and should be traded to make room for bozo (who can at least score from the point) baranka and pock.

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