Second chance?


As a reporter, I don’t have a vested interest one way or another in “whether Sandis Ozolinsh succeeds in his second go-round with the Rangers”: From a purely cynical perspective, you might say some of his missteps last year made for a better story.

But personally, I’m a sucker for seeing people dig themselves out of precarious spots, and I’d like to see Ozolinsh win over the same fans who were booing him at length last season.


At separate points yesterday, the question was posed to both Ozolinsh and Rangers coach Tom Renney if they ever thought Ozolinsh would be unable to play in New York. In Ozolinsh’s case, he said he wasn’t sure if he could play anywhere again. Then he decided he couldn’t afford to feel sorry for himself any longer.

Who knows? Maybe tonight is just a continuation of where Ozolinsh left off last season. Given that he’s only four months removed from reconstructives surgery it’s not out of the question. Or maybe Ozolinsh surprises some people this time, both on the ice and off.

That wouldn’t be such a bad story, either.


The lines that Renney experimented with yesterday were intact today at the morning skate. Apparently the coach doesn’t want to risk dropping another game, because he’s opting for Henrik Lundqvist in net instead of a potentially shaky Kevin Weekes.

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  1. I’m rooting for Ozo and most Ranger fans are. However, we have to be prepared for the worst. Good luck, Ozo!!

  2. I think Ozolinsh is a major addition to the PP… major liability at even strength. So dress him as a 7th dman and only use him on PP’s and spot duty at even strength and not during the final few minutes of any period, when a goal against could really hurt.

    I’d pair him with one of Cullen, Tyutin or Rachunek on the points for the 1st PP unit, and let the slap shots fly. Straka and Rozsival are useless back there.

    Only problem is I dont think the fans at the Garden are ever going to give Ozolinsh a chance to redeem himself.

  3. If Hossa plays, Renney is going with 11 forwards as he did much of last year and it caught up with him. He doesn’t have that luxury this year. If he doesn’t want Orr, then bring up someone else. Hossa is not an NHL player. Maybe he could be if he had some more seasoning.

  4. That’s the thing with NY-area fans in general. If you’re an overhyped underachiever or are just hurting the team with either bonehead plays during the game or outside the game, you’re gonna hear it from us to no end. But we also leave the door open for you to make yourself a better player/person and are always willing to see a comeback story. You make good on a second chance, you’re gonna be cheered just as if you never fell down to begin with.

    I’m rooting for Ozo, but like goalbyPrucha! said, I’m also prepared for the worst. With the way our D has been playing, I can’t imagine him hurting it much more, and with him taking Maliks spot, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. If he brings his usual point shot on the PP and minimizes the defensive zone gaffs, I’ll be right behind the guy.

    And I’m happy with the news of Lundy starting, I think we need to establish ourselves and get out of this hole before we start putting more faith in Weekes. I believe he can be a competant backup, but this is the worst time for our goaltending situation to get worse.

  5. idov: Hossa not an NHL player??? He seems to be doing really well in a defisive role that he has NEVER really played untill this year. Even in a defensive position the last couple of years he was trying to creat offense. I think you attribute lack of numbers to lack of NHL ability. Hossa has shown that as a defensive player on a 3rd/4th line that he fits in the NHL…and maybe someday he will elarn how to create some offense when he gets the puck down low in the other teams zone, which I might add he dose very often.

  6. people are so willing to forget.

    ozo was an absolute nightmare out there. for every goal he set up or scored his defensive mistakes led to 2-3 back.

    for a team struggling to keep goals OUT of their net, putting a defensively inept person back there is NOT the answer.

    you know, sometimes people say stuff like, the best defense is a good offense.

    how about for once, the best defense…IS A GOOD DEFENSE!

  7. Hi Sam !

    Babykoala have asked me for a quite a while now, why the Rangers have so few afternoon games !!!!

    Is there a reason for it, I suppose it depends on MSG ???


  8. Wildcard. When Hossa is on a line you have no line. He can’t make a pass and he can’t handle a pass. He’s got a shot, but where are the goals? He’s big but his hits are few and far between. At least on the fourth line, he’s only wasting the minimum. But a guy like Hall can score if he had someone to play with. Not Hossa. His place is at Hartford.

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