Tough week for Marek Malik


First Nashville exposed the defenseman for a highlight-reel goal on Wednesday night.

Then came emergency root canal surgery this afternoon.

No word yet on which was more painful….

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  1. Well that just give the Rangers staff one more reason to bench him for at LEAST one game. Maybe if he dosnt imrpve Sather can trade him for a bag of pucks or a draft pick or something…OK..hes worth more than a bag of pucks…

  2. Sam, what are you doing on a Friday night in Toronto ????

    If you are staying downtown you can stroll along Front Street or you going for dinner to Wayne Gretzky´s…It is just a couple of minutes away. Great Stuff..

    I recommend to stay in the Skydome hotel…good service and very close located to the Air Canada Centre…

    Rangers at Leafs tomorrow is HNIC….great stuff to witness..great hockey atmosphere, much better than in NY…

  3. I agree Dave, theres no place like New York City, especially when it comes to sports, nightlife, hotels

  4. Toronto > NYC simply for the fact people know what a puck is in Toronto…can’t say that for 75% of the people in NYC.

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