“Whatever you do, don’t have the fish…”


Tough break for Rangers enforcer Colton Orr, who was likely to get a rare spot in the lineup tonight, but is instead face down in a toilet right about now with food poisoning. It only goes to show: a guy can have knuckles worn to the bone from fighting, but even he isn’t immune to an undercooked piece of meat.

In the interest of public service, I asked Tom Renney to disclose the offending restaurant where Orr ate last night, but the Rangers coach, decent to a fault, wouldn’t cooperate.

Of course, Orr’s night hovering over the porcelain means Nigel Dawes gets another chance to make an impression on the Rangers coaching staff and perhaps stave off a return trip to Hartford. Come to think of it, I smell a conspiracy. Remind me to ask Dawes where he was around dinner time last night….

  • In other news, it looks like the dawn of Sandis Ozolinsh’s 2006-07 season might be sooner than you think. Renney said the defenseman, who has been recovering from offseason knee surgery, might even be ready as soon as this weekend in Toronto. Now, before you all start ripping your hair out, bear in mind that Ozolinsh has looked fairly sharp in practice, and could be an improvement on the power play. Which, of course, is not saying much.

    “He’s a backside threat and a slot threat. He can move the puck and shoot the puck,” Renney said. “That’s certainly not out of the question to see him perform in that area when he gets back in the lineup.”

  • The more astute of you — which I’m pretty sure applies to everyone who visits this blog — may have noticed that the Flyers have put three players on waivers, most notably the former Ranger Peter Nedved. Is it time for Nedved to make a third go-round in Manhattan? I wouldn’t count on it. As much as Nedved might help in a third or fourth-line role, I can’t imagine his $2.356 million salary is something the Rangers can afford to squeeze in under the salary cap.

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    1. Apparently the 9 game losing streak, the 4-game sweep by the Devils, the Ranger fans booing his fanny off the ice, the vodka-soaked episodes, the inexcusable defensive lapses, and the failures of the similar porous blueliner Raccoon-neck, are not enough to keep Bozo from being allowed to put on his clown act once again. Sorry, Henrik you don’t deserve this kind of treatment.

      and the continued mgmt. and coaching support for soft and could-care-less Raccoon-neck, and the useless Hossa who should be sent back to the Ponderosa.

    2. Guys —
      I’m all for poking fun at guys, as you can probably already tell, but let’s steer clear of the sarcasm when it comes to Ozolinsh and alcoholism. You want to call him a lousy defenseman, have at it. But substance abuse is serious life-damaging stuff, and I’m not sure it should be lumped into the same category as turnovers in the neutral zone.

    3. Sam, I am not poking fun at it. It is a fact that cannot be denied, and it is a factor in his job. And it is ridiculous that young Ranger d-men like Baranka and Pock cannot play on the Rangers (I thought there was supposed to be a rebuild going on) but over-the-hill retreads like Ozolinsh can get right into the lineup no mater how piss-poor they played and hurt the team in the past.

    4. OK, fair enough, although I’d be more comfortable saying it has the POTENTIAL to be a factor in his job — especially since he has likely been through the requisite program.

    5. has there been ever a three-peat Ranger? Rucinsky was here twice, I believe, as were Nedved & Kovalev. But 3x?

    6. Sam, that’s a fair point about the Ozo joking. But, for me, it’s a reaction to the over-discretion that accompanies his situation. The very fact that it is a life-damaging problem is the point — it gets less honesty from the organization than a broken thumb would. Discretion is one thing; pretending it’s not a giant factor in a professional athlete’s ability to play, travel constantly and handle pressure is another.

    7. thanks, rangerfan. I forgot about tikannen, though his 3x as a nyr was more forgetable than not! I think you’re right too about rucinsky.

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