No, I’m not talking about the Nashville lead. I’m talking about the tomato sauce I spilled on my shirt during dinner. First beer on Monday, now this. I’m not quite at the point where I need to wear a full-body smock. But I’m getting closer.

Meanwhile, hardly an inspired start for the Rangers, who are down a goal and face yet another penalty to start the second. On a positive note, I’m pretty sure Tom Renney’s clothes are free of any tomato sauce.

A few thoughts:

  • Nigel Dawes had the best period of his long, distinguished NHL career — five games — with three shots on goal and plenty of jump in his skates.
  • As good as Dawes was, that’s how bad Marek Malik was. The big fella got called for two penalties, both of which were about as subtle as, well, as subtle as what you’d expect from a 7-foot defenseman.
  • Apparently the Henrik Lundqvist slump watch is still on. After a rousing effort on Monday against the Devils, the goalie let in another soft shot from outside the face-off dot against Jason Arnott.
  • Meanwhile, I love watching Paul Kariya, even though during his season at Maine he gave my beloved New Hampshire Wildcats fits. It’s not personal, although maybe I shouldn’t have written “Maine Stinks” on his sticks in the hallway.

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    1. Malik looks awful. he doesn’t use his size to hit anyone, so they are fresh as a daisy to run around the Ranger zone because they get no punishment from him or roszival.

      I am tired of Ranger defensemen being the soft, non-aggressive, passive types. And, other than Ward and Kasper, there is little hitting of any kind being done by Ranger d-men.

      It is now beyond hope to expect Rachunek, Malik, or Roszival to throw any body-Czechs.

    2. Rangers are pathetic on the 5-on-3 , mainly because no one stands in front of the goalie to screen his vision. Instead, Renney uses a bunch of Euros who stand off to the side of the net, giving Vokoun clear sight of shots from the point.

      Hall should be the guy to screen the goalie, but 5-on-3 he never gets to play. Renney is not the tactician he should be.

      Rangers seem to be flat, uninspired, listless, lifeless, and disorganized. Let the changes begin.

    3. Sam, any idea on why Prucha was benched for most of the third period? Also Cullen has great speed and a good shot, but NEVER passes the puck. This seems to be a bad fit with Prucha. Any thoughts on moving Cullen to wing and calling up Dubinsky or Immonen?

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