Skate at your own risk


Some odds-and-ends from the morning skate:

  • The morning skate was optional, but all but four players were in attendance. As for Jaromir Jagr, Michal Rozsival, Michael Nylander, and Colton Orr, they were last seen trying to scalp tickets for Game 6 tonight at Shea.

    I’m kidding of course….

    I’m sure they were Game 7 tickets…

  • The fourth line carousel continues, with Orr likely to play in place of Nigel Dawes if he can overcome a slight case of the flu (he’ll be a game time decision). According to Rangers coach Tom Renney, he still isn’t sure what he wants out of that spot in the lineup, and the only way to decide is to give both players some time in games.

    Naturally the follow-up question was if Dawes was at risk of being sent down to Hartford, but the coach would only say that’s a risk for everyone (which is misleading of course: I’m pretty sure the next time Jagr steps foot in Hartford is when he gets lost on the way to Boston).

  • It’s time for yours truly to make an impassioned plea to the wife that we need TiVo. Since the Rangers are playing tonight, I won’t be able to see Penguins rookie Evgeni Malkin make his highly anticipated debut against the Devils. Anyone at home who wants to provide details, feel free. Also, can you fill me in on the last 12 episodes of “Entourage”?
  • It looks like Thomas Pock is again the other scratch since he was working out with Sandis Ozolinsh after everyone else left the ice. For the time being, skating alongside Ozolinsh in practice is never an encouraging sign. It’s the next best thing to them taking away your skates altogether.
  • Big day for Adam Hall, who skates against the team he spent three seasons with prior to this one. Hall is a good guy — polite, thoughtful, and someone who I think has the potential to put up some decent numbers this year. But the right wing wouldn’t say much more than “it’s part of the business” when asked about being traded. That’s probably smart. I’m not sure, “Those bastards are going to pay!” is the right message you want to send pre-game.
  • Henrik Lundqvist is not surprisingly in net again tonight. But I’d look for Kevin Weekes to get another start on Saturday in his hometown of Toronto, which he did both times last season.
  • Already players are looking ahead to a Tuesday night in L.A. which falls on Halloween. The team has the day off, and as far as costume possibilities, I only heard that Weekes is planning on going as Dennis Rodman. Lundqvist asked the requisite question if the team had a game the next day — thus dictating how out-of-control things can get. Sadly, the Rangers play in Anaheim the next night.

    Oh, the hardships of professional athletics…

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    1. lol good stuff buddy. as far as dawes goes he’s not ready to be in the nhl thats as plain as day. he needs to head back to hartford as soon as possible. greg moore would be a perfect candidate for the fourth line job i’d like to see him replace nigel who really is out of his element on anything but a top two line role.

    2. Yes send sniper boy down to play and hive us someone for the 4th line who can learn to be a SHUTDOWN GRINDING D CONSCIOUS MOFO

    3. Great blog you have here, Sam. Thanks for this. Adding this to more of my NY Ranger addictions.
      Do you think the Rangers will actually use Ozo once he’s healthy or put him on waivers? I’m surprised to see him still on the roster and not in rehab for alcoholism.

    4. I can’t speak to Ozolinsh’s substance abuse problems beyond the fact that he’s been through whatever requisite program that may have been required from him after the last incident.

      And yes, after originally thinking the Rangers were going to move him as soon as he was healthy, it now looks like Ozolinsh is someone who’s going to see some time eventually.

      Now, that’s not to say it might be just to make him more marketable to other teams. But he has seemed to impress the coaching staff in workouts. And at this point, few jobs on the defense seem safe.

    5. this whole d situation is confusing. i think that currently malik, rozsival, kasparaitis, tyutin, a. ward all are locks for a spot every night. that will leave pock, rachunek, and ozolinsh for the last spot. i can see someone getting trade, and i have a feeling it is going to be kasparaitis, which would be unfortunate because he is my favorite player.

    6. Anthony (Abev) on

      Hey Sam, Do you go on the West coast trip? If so, maybe we can convince some of the Rangers to spend halloween in Las Vegas :) Its only a 40 minute flight.

      I expect Hollweg to be really excited about playing in front of the home town fans. I expect that a Hollweg-Sean Avery encounter might be interesting.

    7. I think it’s time to make an impassioned pleaa to the editor!! You neede Tivo & the package!! On the journal’s bill! LOL!

      but wait – -then they may not need to send you to away games, so scratch that!

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