Post-game musings

  • Turns out Colton Orr wasn’t sick with food poisoning. He had just been watching the Rangers practice the power play.
  • A discouraging effort on many levels. I ended up with tomato sauce on my shirt. Marek Malik, meanwhile, had to settle for egg on his face.
  • Seriously, the question was posed to Tom Renney about Malik’s shortcomings tonight, and the coach wouldn’t say much more than “Marek’s reach is his asset, not his footspeed.” Evidently. As much as I’d love a juicier answer, I’m not sure what is gained by calling out a player to the media.
  • The theme in the locker room was that the Rangers outplayed Nashville in the first period but were deflated when they had nothing to show for it. Maybe that’s not far off. But I’d have to think plenty of better teams find themselves in the same scenario and still manage to win games. Right now that’s the difference.
  • The boos were fairly loud tonight, and here’s the good news: The Rangers play 10 of their next 13 games on the road. What a relief for the Rangers. You can go seven 5-on-3s without a goal in San Jose and no one is going to care.
  • Closing question: Is this a good team that is playing poorly, or a deficient team playing to par?

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    1. You know it’s a bad sign when public address announcer Joe Tolleson says, “Last minute of play in the period,” and people heartily applaud. That happened a lot during the seasons the Rangers were out of the playoffs.

    2. It is a deficient team playing to par, and it has been ever since the Olympic break in Feb.

      Just look at the record since the games in Torino ended.

      And don’t knock San Jose. They care big-time. The Sharks are one of the best teams in the league, have the MVP, top scorer, top goal scorer, and a great YOUNG team, with plenty of their OWN draft picks playing for them. Unlike the Rangers, they aren’t afraid to let the young players in their system develop at the NHL level. And they will be in the hunt for the Cup this season for sure.

    3. what are we going to do with Ozolish??

      He is coming back, why?

      He was pathetic last yr. another soft european defenseman…

      Why is Rakunek playing over Pock???

    4. Renney did a terrible job coaching the team if you ask me. from line management (the power play goal was a direct result of him placing his regular players on the ice for the faceoff assuming the power play would be killed rather than putting penalty killers on and making sure the penalty was killed off), to benching of players (how on earth do you bench prucha?!)

      Renney needs to take a long hard look in the mirror. Hes as much to blame for this loss as any player on the ice.

    5. Sather and Renney act like the Rangers are the Czech national team. They are more interested in placating Jagr than making tough decisions. It is sickening to see Roszival and Straka at the PP points over and over again when neither of them can break a paper bag with their limp-wristed shots. The opponents are laying off the points and covering the Ranger forwards because they know that Straka won’t shoot, and that Roszival will only shoot reluctantly and softly.

      But Renney won’t use Cullen at the PP point because he was not born in Prague, and he won’t spend 2 minutes playing patty-cake to Jagr on the side boards, and that might ruffle Jagr. Renney has let it become more about Jagr’s ego than power play success.

    6. It’s a good point that the Rangers have been mediocre at best since Turin and there can be no doubt that is when Renney stopped exercising the strict control he used to get the players’ attention at the very start of last season.

      He must bench players who stink, regardless of their name(or nationality, though I suspect that angle is overdone). Benchings tend to focus young players and I think benching Prucha is a good thing, not bad. It’s less drastic than sending him down to the minors which is what it took to motivate him last year.

      Once again, can’t the Rangers hire an assistant coach that has some experience rejuventaing a power play — there’s no cap on coaches, right?

    7. Sam, just going to address your last few posts in this one…

      A lot of people have been questioning Renney’s ability to coach a team lately, which I think is ridiculous. However, to bench Pock and not send a message to someone like Malik, a la what I think happened with Nylander last season, is questionable in my opinion. Just because Pock is the obvious choice based on experience doesn’t make him the obvious choice. Also, you think anyone in the Rangers organization is second-guessing sending Staal back as early as they did? At least give the kid a look for a few games.

      If I’m at the game and see someone in the press area wearing a spacesuit, I’ll know why…

      As for Nedved…no, just no. Might as well just save Sam and Joe the trouble and loop a track of them saying “…pass to Nedved, wrist shot…wide” every few minutes instead.

      If I’m Jarkko Immonen and the Rangers claim Nedved, I:

      A) Still have a cool name, but…
      B) Join Orr in hovering over the porcelain palace, but for an entirely different reason.

    8. Ha, Tom Renney is boob who has no idea as how to shake up the team when it needs to be done. And Malik all his long reach is bringing to the table are more hooking penalties. I love what Hitchkock did but Renney will never do something like that and that is why Rangers will not even reach the playoffs this year. But then again it is too early in the season to tell…. :)

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