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You may now step back from the ledge.

— Seriously, I’d like to think I was a calming voice of reason during what must have been a difficult week for many of you. If you’re interested, I also do private therapy sessions at $300 an hour. If you want to talk about Rozsival or Malik, though, that’s an extra $50.

— Yes, a big night for Rangers fans: 7-for-7 on the penalty kill, a few timely goals, even a drunk Devils fan being escorted out by security. What more can you ask for?

— On a sour note, a scuffle broke out in the stands after the game and I got some beer spilled on me while walking down to the locker room. Please. At least wait until I write a bad story…

— Oh, so you’re saying that WAS the reason…

— Tom Renney was livid about the officiating after the game, and not without reason. The Devils got seven power plays, the Rangers one. The coach has got it all backward, of course. You’re supposed to complain about the refs when you lose, not when you win…

— A lot of flaws to discuss as well. After a solid first period, the Rangers were again scrambling around at times. The difference was Henrik Lundqvist, who on Thursday against the Penguins looked like he was afraid of the puck, but tonight was back to his stellar self. I suppose I’ll erase that “Trade Lundqvist Now” column I had been working on…

— I’m kidding, of course. I may strike you as a fool, but I would imagine it’s for completely different reasons…

OK, plenty more to discuss. Back with more tomorrow…

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  1. The team did get caught being sloppy here and there but overall the most complete effort that they have given so far, and this being only the 6th game of the season I still refuse to get overly upset over anything …

    I was most happy for Henrik because he hadn’t looked at all like himself in his last two starts … I was happy that for the most part the team played good team defense, I was happy that the team seemed to be finishing their checks, Hollweg seem to get more ice time which is always good, great to see Kaspar back, cannot wait until JJ is 100%, but love how Shanny’s season is going so far … he is doing it all … Prucha is just awesome, even though he’s yet to score …

    I specially loved that while far from perfect, they won a close game vs a tough team, and that was great ..

  2. Hollwegs interference call on #5 was a joke…

    they still left guys open in there zone.

    why play Rakunek over Pock, I thought Pock was playing better. I am not impress with Rakunek…

  3. Fans at MSG treats the refs far too good. A home stand is supposed to be “blind”, at MSG they are objective, some boos when we are beeing raped by the refs.

    First of all they should start booing like that the first penalty we get, no matter if its a correct one or not.

    If the refs treat us as bad as they did last night, and have several time the last couple of seasons, the game should be seriously disturbed by the fans.

  4. Were you at the game? The fans were all over the refs for some terrible calls. What do you want them to do to “disturb” the game other than boo loudly? Throw stuff on the ice?

  5. booing the refs for making a call that is the right call is flatout stupid. boo the player for being stupid enough to take the penalty. imo if you boo the refs every call they make even when they are right then the booing is meaningless and just makes the crowd look like a bunch of cry babies. if you save the booing and ahole chants for when they are deserved then it makes a much bigger point.

  6. It’s about time Renney got fired-up about the terrible officiating!!! Tom needs to show it during the games though, as good coaches KNOW how to work the refs…

    Big win last night, and seeing the Rangers fight through the terrible officiating was awesome!!!

  7. I’m happy the Rangers got a much need confidence boost, particularly because it simulatenously hurts the Devils, but I too was not overally impressed with the Ranger play last night. What is comforting is that they have scoring options, and plenty of it. And Shanahan is doing an AMAZING job at both ends of the ice. But there were some bad mistakes made, sloppy passes, and a lack in speed, intestity, and Hitz. I admit, I got caught in the hype, particularly the predictions that the Rangers could actually take home a cup, but from what I see, they are still awhiles away from contending with some of the elite teams in the league. Oh and don’t get me started on Hossa (-4) and Rachunek (-5).

  8. Agreed… We have a LOT of work to do, before we can be considered a Cup Contender, but I have a lot of confidence in our guys…

    Also agreed, Rachunek and Hossa need to sit… Rachunek is terrible, and has a -5 rating and 1 point in 6 games… He’s a softy too…

    As to why Hossa is in the lineup every single night, is one of the great mysteries of our time!

  9. Sam-
    This blog is completely awesome. This is an amazing way to keep us informed on everything thats going on as up to the minute as possible. And its also an excellent way for college students to waste time. So thanks.

    The real concern I have is about Jagr. Have you talked to him at all about his sholder? I remember a time last season, that he was skating around in the corner with the puck, and his moves were so incredible that the two Flyers D-men convering him just fell over. Fell over!

    This is not the same Jags; well at least its not the same shodler. How can he continue to heal his sholder if he is continually subjected to the hits and other contact during the games?

  10. Michael —

    It’s a good question. The concern around the Rangers is not that Jagr’s shoulder hasn’t healed, but that it’s just not as strong as it needs to be. He can’t push off guys or get a shot off in traffic as well as he could. But that’s more a reflection of not being able to do anything with that shoulder for months during the off-season.
    Structurally, the shoulder is fine so there’s no concern about him suffering more damage. But it still needs time to get stronger.

  11. Leetch3- I didn’t mean that the crowd should boo a obvious penalty.

    Though a good crowd are always “blind”. Especially when it comes to non-calls ect.

    Lets say Jagr’s challenge a collected defense, everytime someone touches him the crowd should erupt. Even if the refs knows there wasn’t a penalty commited that time, they will remember it and pay extra attention next time.

    Thats just the way it works. In MSG, the crowd will boo bad calls, and bad non-calls. But like last night, when NJD had a 1-7 advantage in PIMS on our home ice, with some very questionable calls, the crowed should have stept in.

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