Look what they’ve become


Let’s see, sound in the defensive zone, cautious in the neutral zone, taking advantage of the opponent’s mistakes when they can.

Oh no, the Rangers have turned into the Devils!

OK, maybe not, but a pretty encouraging first period for the Rangers, who have at least resorted to some of the fundamental hockey that carried them for most of last season. It still didn’t amount to much — the game is tied at 0-0 after one — but it was at least evidence that the team can keep it simple if it needs to.

Of course there’s still the chance the Devils score on their power play to start the second period, the Rangers implode, and Kevin Weekes is in net after 10 minutes. But it’s a better showing than we’ve seen…

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  1. Sam quick question for you. What do you think of betts/what do you think renney sees in him? im not sure if i think he deserves a spot in the lineup over immonen or dubinsky. you thaughts on him or anyone else here’s thaughts on Betts?

  2. And there it is again. Betts man Gomez standing all alone at the net, getting 3 swipes at it to score, while Betts is in the slot covering no one, because he chased the puck near the boards when Hall was already there, and let his man Gomez roam free.

    The Rangers need a shutdown defensive center who can keep Forsberg, Crosby, Gomez, Briere, etc. off the scoreboard.

    Betts is NOT that guy.

  3. Rangers have to overcome the refs. what a joke. Lou’s little angels never commit a penalty, but if Hollweg throws a big check, he gets a penalty. Of course, when Jannsen does the same thing, no call. Lou’s influence at the league office is very evident in the breaks they get.

    Great job by Shanny, Cullen, and J Ward that period.

    Will it last in the 3rd? we’ll see.

  4. get rid of that friggin Rachunek. He watches Zajac score, then he can’t clear the puck and Gionta is wide open in front for 2 shots. He’s soft, lacks desire, and was already minus 4 coming into this game.

    Sather needs to get aggressive, big d men who can move players out of the crease, and punish them in the corners, not little wusses like Rachunek.

  5. Henrik got his game back, Rangers outworked the Devils at their own game, and the foot soldiers like Ward got back on track. Hollweg and Kasper gave them some hitting and enthusiasm, and Shanny played like he was on a mission.

    Let’s hope it carries over.

  6. While tonight was worlds above his previous performances this season, it still seems to me that Lundqvist’s confidence is not where it was last season. I see it mostly in his movements, they’re not quite as crisp and clean as they were, and the second goal against was a very unorthodox position in which to try to make a save.

    On the plus side, he seemed to get a better after looking shaky early and the goals didn’t seem to unhinge him. His rebound control was better…and at the other end his much more vaunted opponent looked shaky too.

    One of the things that was noticable though was the effort by the forwards in particular. They were playing much more uptempo than they have been this season. Nylander and Straka looked more like they did last year, and Shanahan easily had his best game on the defensive side tonight.

    They still have some work to do…particularly finding 3rd and 4th line combinations that can play regularly.

    In terms of the officiating…one of the problems with calling a lot of these technical penalties is that you’re also probably going to miss a lot more. There were a number of penalties the Rangers deserved tonight, but it seemed to many of us that the Devils could easily have been called for 3 or 4 more penalties, if not more, based on what the Rangers were getting called for.

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