So much for the day off


The first sign that things are awry with your Rangers: An unscheduled practice after last night’s humiliation against the Sabres.

Imagine what players are telling their wives right about now:

“I know we were supposed to go antiquing today, honey, but we sort of laid an egg last night in Buffalo….”

I’ll have more later…

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  1. Anthony (Abev) on

    Such a challenge for Renney and the coaches. I wouldnt know where the heck to begin? I hope they do.

  2. Anthony (Abev) on

    Hey Sam, Maybe we can find another interesting story line in this whole mess?

    I was looking up some info on tonights ST Louis Cardinal starter, Anthony Reyes. He is from Downey, CA. I wonder if he and Ryan Hollweg crossed paths? Reyes will be 25 tomorrow.

  3. Jonathan Probber on

    Good stuff, Sam. Wonder if any strategic re-alignments come out of today’s session?

    Speculation on XM HomeIce just now that Shanahan/Jagr integtration not going as smoothly as hoped; any evidence of that?

  4. Jonathan —
    That’s a natural conclusion to jump to seeing how the Rangers flourished without Shanahan last year and are now struggling with him. But I honestly don’t see any conflict.
    If anything, it’s a pretty good complement. The two are starting to click on the power play, and off ice, Shanahan has assumed the team spokesman role that Jagr didn’t really want in the first place.
    There is obviously something going on with the Rangers right now, if not several things. But I’m pretty sure that’s not one of them.

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