Just what the doctor ordered?


“Let’s go, let’s make this quick,” Darius Kasparaitis said to me as he untied his skates this afternoon. “Time is money. Money is time.” The defenseman was joking around, and he at least had reason to. After five games watching the Rangers from afar — including the last three horrific losses — the defenseman received word from Tom Renney that he’ll be back in the lineup tomorrow night against the Devils.

The timing would seem to ideal for the Rangers. For a team that appears defensively inept and often devoid of any energy, a player like Kasparaitis is likely to provide some energy as well as some levity both on the ice and in the dressing room tomorrow. Whether it’s enough to propel the fragile Rangers past the Devils is another matter. But it should be a start. As for who’s place he’s taking in the lineup, that remains to be seen.

Anyway, a fairly brisk skate for the team today, as you might expect after such a demoralizing loss the night before. I haven’t been around enough losing locker rooms to tell if the team is just putting on a happy face, but there doesn’t seem to be too much panic around the 2-3 Rangers yet.

Of course, “yet” is the key word here, and it’s worth noting that Glen Sather was watching the team practice for most of the morning — something I haven’t seen the GM do since training camp. You could say that’s not worth reading into, but seeing how the team was supposed to be off altogether today, maybe it is.

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  1. DepressedRangerfan on

    Good news! Let’s hope Kaspar can bring some defense to this team that seems to have forgotten the concept.

  2. DepressedRangerfan on

    Frank, not only Rozsival. Malik, also. The man plays like he’s allergic to body contact.

  3. Either Rozsival or Malik, yeah. Malik’s a big oaf, the love affair with him that started after his shootout goal against the Crapitals last season has long been over.

    And Rozsival…looks like he’s coming off knee surgery again, he’s just been very lackadaisical.

  4. Frankly, if I were Renney, I’d demote the entire defense to skate the week in Hartford. Whoever would replace them couldn’t possibly do a worse job. On a side note, Sam, I must say, keep up the good work. Great blog and better coverage than perhaps the Rangers have ever had.

  5. Thank heavens! Now maybe we’ll be a little bit meaner and have somewhat of an “edge” on the blueline…

    I wish we still had Jason Strudwick too (I know, he’s playing in Europe now)… He wasn’t the fastest guy, but he was big, he hit and he would always stick up for his teammates, not to mention he could clear the front of the net as well… We are so much softer without him, and it makes me sick…

    I’d much rather have Strudwick playing than Rachunek… What the heck does Karel Rachunek DO, anyway??? At least Roszival is a plus-1, and on the positive side of the plus/minus scale (although he IS definitely soft)…

    Can we maybe make a trade for a tough, physical D-Man, Sather??? Or are our opponents supposed to have their way with us (physically) in our own zone, for the entire season???

  6. Sam-

    Great job with this blog. I have a question that I’d love for you to ask Renney (besides why not POCK as opposed to the ineffective Roszival (or Straka) on the point): Why does it seem that no Rangers take exception to Jagr getting targeted every game. We know this is the new NHL, but why the heck doesn’t anyone stick up for him? Especially after his surgery, you’d think he was a valuable commodity. It would be worth an instigator penalty just to send a message that this crap is going to be dealt with. Instead we get Orr fighting (ineffectively and too late) against their goon. What gives?

    Or am I seeingthings?

  7. I second that question.

    PLEASE….teams MUST be made aware that hitting Jagr will not be tolerated. The Rangers must send this message NOW

  8. Though Renney-bashing has been taboo for quite a while, I am starting to question his judgment and ability to discipline this team. Many of them, most notably Jagr, continue to take terrible, lazy penalties. The Power Play, though showing slight improvement, continues to operate in the same manner, with Jagr running it from the right side. Renney had failed to give Pöck any time on the PP point (and will likely sit him tonight in favor of Kaspar, despite the fact that he has been light years better than Rozy, Malik, Tyutin, and Rachunek).

    Take the collapse this team had last spring, and their utter inability to play any kind of defense so far this season, and I question what “system” Renney is trying to play, and how exactly he is motivating his players to play it.

    I also cannot understand dressing Colton Orr when he will play usually less than 5 minutes. Is Dawes, once a heralded prospect in the organization, now just a part time role player? If so, why not have kept some of the players that showed toughness, defensive responsibility, and more potential upside than Marcel Hossa, such as Korpikoski, Dubinsky, or Greg Moore??

    Also, (this doesn’t go on Renney), but how awful of a decision was it to trade Dominic Moore away. I know the season is young, but the Rangers and Penguins have flip flopped in their PK rankings so far. This especially knowing Adam Hall could have been acquired for merely a draft pick.

    I’m worried.

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