No morning skate…


…for Rangers today since they traveled this morning to Buffalo.

What this means is I might not have an update on the defensive situation or who’s starting in goal until later.

I’ll let you all know when I have something.

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  1. Hi Sam !

    Can you remember me ? I was the one asking for you a zamboni ride at Madison Square Garden…

    I am Koala. I am a huge fan of the New York Rangers even more fanatic than the most fanatic fan from New York City…and I like Koalas. I love Koalas. I am not from Australia but I would wish, I would be..but the problem is that Koalas don´t like ice hockey, they are so peaceful, quiet mannered, jovial as in contrast of hockey players, like to bang, to hit to move very quickly, to shout and to fight, complety different characters….( I have put a big Koala next to Jaromir Jagr on my desktop !!!!!)

    But I like the diversity at all :)

    As I am a huge fan of the Rangers, I mentioned before, I read your blog almost daily. As I admit that you are doing a good job of covering the Rangers it´s seems to be that you are once in a while overwhelmed. Sometimes you don´t realize that some players didn´t practice, you forget about asking the coach of specific players, readers of this board asking you to do or you are not able to respond to comments during live games or even you can´t deal with those kind of difficult characters like that guy from Germany ( send him to Australia and my “friends� will take care of him !!!)

    So I have very good idea !

    So what do you think about hiring an assistant to help you out once in a while, writing the notes for you, responding to comments during live games, requesting guys like Maloney and Crispino for an interview during intermissions or even making travel arrangements on the team charter of the Rangers on road games and stuff like that. Don´t you thing that it would make life for you much more comfortably ????

    I am almost sure you are agreeing with me hundred percent ! And I think I know the perfect person for this job.

    Just ask me…!!!!!:)

  2. Hey, I know what Sam needs! A crazy fan with an obsession for Koala bears to “assist” him.

  3. Koala —

    It’s a tempting offer, and I think you might be right that I’m at times overwhelmed. But that’s just me. And that’s the beauty of the blog. Forget something one second, write it the next.

    I’ll keep plugging away — and keep messing up on occasion for that matter — but it will still fall to me either way. I appreciate the offer, though.

  4. Well, it is to difficult to read between the lines but I assume he is probably prefering a kangaroo as his assistant.:) Shame on him…

    Either way I see Kaspar back in the lineup after his impression in those specific skating tests and not because of his new cut hair style and Rachunek will be dumped…

    And exspect to see the debut of Kevin Weekes in goal…
    Henrik Lundqvist seems to need a break after his sub par performances…!!!

    Yesterday night I checked the website of the International Airport of Niagara Falls and I couldn´t find too many flights delayed to arrive in Buffalo. So it was probably a mini snow storm or the Rangers seemed to be afraid to get trumped by the Sabres :):)

  5. Koala—
    That was the weirdest post I have ever seen on a new york rangers board. Ever.
    Koala bears? and Jagr? together? On a picture?

    Way to much information…

    Don’t creep Sam out, he does awesome work.

  6. One final word from me in this case…

    I now have watched two full games via Internet and it is amazing to see how much better the quality of picture is out of China in contrast to the few seconds of Highlights from the NHL from….

    I know you guys don´t care but I strongly recommend the NHL to fix those problems in order to have a higher income as in their national TV contract with a tv channel formerly more known for its coverage of fishing…

    Koala- you are obviously a visionary. Today I got my tickets for the Australian Open 2007 (great seats ) and I will go down for a couple of weeks to mingle with your “friends” in Janaury 2007:)

    See ya down there, folks…!!!!

  7. No I am not visionary but you mentioned it a couple days ago here on the blog !!!!

    I wish you a nice trip !

    Sam, something new from the Rangers ????
    Lundqvist/Weekes ?????
    Kaspar / Rachunek ????
    Dawes back in the lineup for Colton Orr ???

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